New car day Again

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    Well today we collected our new car strange in a time when you rarely see a new 71 plate we collected our second one.
    well what a difference I put up both photos and as you can see there isn’t a huge difference. But today we realised how bad the Peugeot really was, 50 metres was far enough to realise this was the car advertised in the brochure.
    I also believe I am much more aware of the real issues and faults but to be fair no one cares so I’ll let them collect it and do their stuff and eventually someone will buy this car used and will have a lifetime of issues. But for us it is all over I can highly recommend the vehicle, we always knew it should be good it just wasn’t, interesting today we realise we should have had a cable with it and even the radio which as a musician is more important to me than wheels even that has a quality sound the Peugeot sounded like a cheap van. Thing is these two vehicles should be near identical and they could not have been less similar.

    As for the dealer that too was a revelation, I am not going to name the Peugeot dealer as even if they were bad, they didn’t make the vehicle any worse although I am fairly sure that had the Peugeot gone through the strict PDI that the second dealer Arnold Clark performed it would not have been released to us, certainly I am a convert to Arnold Clark particularly as they sold this vehicle To us on a chance phone-call last week they were extremely fair and professional with every aspect of the purchase.

    This is a great start on our new adventure I don’t name our cars as it’s a ridiculous pursuit but on this occasion we are going to affectionately name her “Bumpy” obviously not after the the Peugeot but the late Bumpy Johnson mmmm maybe

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    Looks magic 👌🏻 I’ve watched some you tube videos of the interior eh but it would be great if you could post some interior pics up ( when you can be arsed ) and give us the lowdown 🙂👍🏻

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    Beautiful car. We love our vivaro only thing that lets it down for us is the mile range but hey ho 😁 enjoy x

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    How you getting on with it?

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    Hi Ted

    very well it’s incredibly cheap to run and as yet no range issues. Make no mistake it’s a large vehicle and to be able to run it so cheaply is brilliant obviously I am sure that will change. When we ordered an EV we increased our monthly electric payment and now are trying slowly to recoup all the £300 overpayment so for the next 5 months running car and house will be £50 per month then we will increase to around £95 but initially I thought £130 would cover it and that just added too much.

    the major thing is that we have a large vehicle suitable for needs that we can use

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