New car day

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    Picked up the car today.

    Timeline, ordered end of May, last few weeks has been waiting for the adaptation people to be able to fit our people hoist.

    Volvo Stockton were excellent, rang every 2 weeks to keep me informed of progress of order.

    Handover went well, in that it was thorough enough, but asked if I wanted more time being showed everything.

    Only real downside was car wasn’t fully charged, but the flip side had considerably more fuel than I expected which I guess is better value for me 🙂

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    Congratulations, Gary. I treat petrol in the XC40 as an investment for the future.  I try hard not to use any.

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    Wonderful! It’s a wee coincidence if you’ve picked yours up the same day the XC40 has been withdrawn from the scheme. I’m just glad mine was ordered 10 weeks ago. No idea what on earth I’d select if I had to choose today!

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