New Car Damaged In Transit. Advice Please…

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    I won’t bore you with the detail but basically my dealer has deliberately (IMHO) not returned my calls for days but finally when he did phone about my car he admitted that a door had been damaged in transit and  a brand new door (not repair) is being put on.

    Should I be concerned about the damage or is this a common problem dealers face with new car deliveries and sometimes they don’t tell customers?

    Any advice is welcomed.


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    It’s more common than you think, although I highly doubt they will fit a whole new door.

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    I used to work in a bodyshop and probably a quarter of the work through the place were brand-new cars damaged in transit.  Depends on the amount of damage but I’m with Jack, it’s unlikely to be a complete new door – a door skin or a repair is more likely unless it was severely damaged in which case I’d be paying close attenti0n to the hinges and locking pins etc, basically anywhere the door physically attaches to the car when closed.

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    Thanks for the response. I was told that the damage to the rear sliding door was only a dent but because it is a brand new car and happened in transit VW are replacing the whole door under their manufacturers warranty and not the dealers warranty. I am sceptical of any excuse of damage and understand this sort of things happen often without the new owner even knowing. To set my mind at rest I will ask to see the order form sheet for a new door which they should have. The dealers have knocked £300 off AP as a goodwill gesture.

    Should I let Motability know or do the dealers have to inform Motability of the damage?


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    BionicRusty (Wayne)

    Mary, regardless of whether it is a new door or a re-skinned door, I would advise that, when you see the car, that you check and are completely happy with the colour match. If you have someone with you when viewing, then have them give opinion as well.
    I would certainly not be overly concerned about the fact that is has happened, but the last thing you want is to suddenly notice a difference some time later. Also, please make sure that the repair is fully noted on the dealers notes as it will make it easier when dealing with any issues under warranty.
    Good luck.

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    Sounds strange to replace a door for a dent, it could be the door has extensive damage and can’t be repaired but they don’t want you to know as you might refuse the car, I would ask for pictures of the damage before I even considered accepting the car as it could have all sorts of problems down the line, don’t let them fob you off as they would have had to take pictures to get the repair authorised and if they say you can’t look at them or haven’t got any then I would be asking for a report on the exact damage that has been done as you could end up with a lemon for 3 years.

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    Unless they have a car of the same colour in stock and doing a door swap from that.

    I’d be seriously checking colour match etc

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    There are two sides to this problem….one yourself in not wanting a damaged new car and two….Motability not to concerned as long as you sign for it and accept it and in 3 years time they can sell it at auction and make a profit .

    At the end of the day if you are not happy with the repair then don’t sign for it …then it’s down to them to sort out a replacement , they will be hoping you are desperate to get you new car so you are mobile again and may push you into signing saying the old car has to go back if you have one .

    As others have said it’s more common than you think getting anew car bodywork repairs , as long as the colour match is good then except it but also check it shuts correctly and the electric window works as does the central locking .

    Good luck .


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    When my Seat Alhambra was apparently crashed by the dealer prior to delivery I was told that Seat did not allow for damaged new cars to be sold and that it would be returned to Portugal, where they are made. As I didn’t get to see the car I had my suspicions that this may or may not be true, it may have been sold to someone by another branch undamaged, but anyway I was left waiting for another, which I knew, from already having one, was worth doing. I have now taken delivery and am delighted with it.

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    If repaired correctly it should be fine, I would ask to inspect the repair thoroughly, paint colour match and finish.
    Then test drive it so nothing else was damaged? It could have fallen off a transport truck or anything, listen for any rattling trim or wind noise around the door rubbers.
    You’re still covered under warranty if anything goes wrong but do you need the hassle.

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