New BMW i4 owners

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    Which Mobility Car

      As requested, this is the new thread for Motability customers who have received their BMW i4 and want to chat about it.


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        I am not an owner yet – however I believe this would be the most suitable place to post pictures of motability spec I4? Please accept my apologies admins if this is wrong and direct me where to post!

        For everyone else come here to see pictures of the I4, enjoy pictures of one in the streets of London!


          The Mini looks nice to 🙂


            Is that a street light it is plugged into? Is this something that is available in London charging from chargers built into street lighting.


              Yes these are some great pictures so we can see all different specs even if they’re not ours, until we all do get it. Also what did you think of the alloys, they have the 18s on there wondering if they look small or not.


                <p style=”text-align: left;”>@AKX Yes, they do have the 18s on which is what I opted for, I’m pleased with how they looked in real life! I would say slightly better than online. Of course alloys are a personal preference, the msport alloys are absolutely beautiful and obviously far better (subjective) but these were good looking! Did not look too small or silly, I would be excited if I opted for them so don’t fret. I am glad you liked the pictures.</p>

                Yes, central London is scattered with chargers all around the streets coming from lampposts and small charging units near the pavement. They are quite frequent, I believe they deliver 5-6kw.

                , a very nice mini lol



                  @AKX, here is a better picture of the alloys as you seem interested


                    Yes its free but £45 to park

                    Just kidding as havent a clue lol


                      @belfast4 Dublin has lots of the street light chargers. Also just read this morning that Portsmouth has disconnected all their street light chargers due to a problem, didn’t say why though.


                        I don’t have an electric car but do have a street light outside my house.


                          Portsmouth on-street electric vehicle charging points turned off after safety concerns
                          Nearly 100 on-street charging points for electric vehicles in Portsmouth have been disconnected after safety concerns were raised by Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks.



                          Glos Guy

                            If that’s the standard Sport spec then I think it looks very nice, especially in the grey. The standard alloys look good to me and in fact significantly better than the 19 inch option that I think are downright ugly. I also think that the car looks much better without the blue flashes. Sadly this car wouldn’t have been practical for us, but I can understand the excitement of those who ordered one. I’m sure that it will be worth the wait. However, apart from looking awful, that charging arrangement surely can’t be safe when the lamppost is so far out into the pavement?


                              Training for Limbo Dancers? 😁


                                @Ryan I appreciate the extra pic, the alloys do look a lot more appealing than the shiny 19s, would be even better in gloss black (as long as you return it the way you pick it up).

                                Members that have already got their i4 can you please tell us how the range is after having the car now and how it’s been charging from home or public – any issues?


                                  On a previous thread, there was talk of a £750 credit via the BMW Chargecard, something we believed was unavailable to motability customers – so I’m wondering if anyone who has collected their cars have been able to get this or have any specific feedback they can share?

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