New BMW 1 series

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      Hi all, the all new 1 series has been in the press this week with UK launch in October. Do we think we will see the new model on the scheme – next quarter.

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        @Adam90 I have been on the scheme since 2018 and I’ve seen the 1 series stay on for the longest, when the facelift came out in 2019 they removed the old one and added the current one a couple months later, so it is very likely that the new 2025 model will be on there as it is the cheapest BMW with practicality, convenience and it’s very popular.

        I also believe the 2025 2 series gran coupe (based on the new 1 series) will also be refreshed on the scheme, these particular cars usually never get removed.



          Only seen videos of the outside and it’s a very ugly and unassuming design. Even with the M-Sport Pro pack added, it does very little for its looks.

          Whoever designed it want sacking.


            Agree. It doesn’t look good. There’s a hint of old Ford Focus about it from the front.


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