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      Well I have just received my letter from Adult Disability Payment Scotland. My DWP award had no end date on it. My claim was handled by Macmillan. The the award came through with no end date. Macmillan told me because of your condition you have a lifetime award. I have since become a pensioner.

      What a shock I got my letter from these clowns and it has a review date on it. I said when they got there hands it would change. SNP worse for Scotland.

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        I have just looked at all my dwp letters and they only have a start date. I can’t see anything in them that says this award is only for ten years. It was Macmillan that looked at the award and said because of your condition there is no end date. It was they that said this is called a life time award as there was no end date on it. This letter from ADP is the first letter I have received with an end date.




          No lifetime awards in PIP. They are now called indefinite award and all have a 10 year review. Most will be a soft touch review and nothing will change.



            Yes. My wife just confirmed it is an indefinite award I was given. My mistake.


              Just had my daughters review through since she switched over to the Scottish system. Light touch didn’t cover it; it was literally “any changes”, tick “no”, sign and send back. Seems a lot.less hassle than the old DLA/PIP systems/interrogations


                @shaun that sounds promising ?

                The only person who got all his work done by Friday was Robinson Crusoe.
                Anything i post over three lines long please assume it is an article lol.


                  Speaking as one with experience of both Scottish and English systems.  The Scottish system (and the NHS generally) is far superior to that south of the border.  They focus on the reports from the professionals rather than poor trained civil servants.

                  My daughter has no end of problems in England.   I dreaded going through the process up here but found it entirely different.

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