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      Before the Scottish government were given the power to control benefits they constantly said when they got the powers they would do things better than the terrible Tories. Now they have the power we read in the papers this morning that McMillan cancer are saying people in Scotland are waiting more than 7 months for any payments. I said in a previous post that I was being transferred to the adult disability payment and was just waiting for it to go t_ts up. A Scottish government spokesman says they are doing there best. Now they cannot blame the terrible Tories.

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        Those of us who submitted change of circumstance forms were put to the back of the queue. They appear to be overwhelmed with new applicants and all the promises made re a fairer process have come to nothing. Successful award stats now equal or less than DWP at best. My CoC renewal was submitted in July last year. Not heard a thing. A joke.


          Doing things better?  What an absolute joke!

          The PIP application form is 20 pages, which for some applicants is bad enough!

          The Adult Disability Payment form is 100 pages! Madness 🙁

          Please excuse spelling/typos. Apart from being a clot it turns out I had one on my cerebellum that's now causing various problems!


            When I was diagnosed with stage four blood cancer, my claim was processed by the the terrible Tories in 10 weeks and that included a home visit asscesment. Not so terrible we who have to live in Scotland know who is terrible and do not listen to SNP propaganda. Also I should have said the news article is also about people with terminal cancer are having to use food banks while waiting for ther claim to be processed.


              The SNP.

              all talk no action.

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                you wont have to worry about snp much longer….. but next wolf may be worse


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                  It cannot get any worse. We are already in the gutter you can’t go any lower.

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