New Adblue technology will cut diesel NOx by 80%, says Volkswagen

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    Volkswagen has developed a new Adblue system which will cut diesel NOx emissions by “around 80%” compared to current engines.

    The technology is already used in the Passat 2.0 TDI Evo with 150PS, and the manufacturer will gradually introduce it to all models with 2.0 TDI Evo engines, including the next generation Golf which will soon see its world premiere.

    The system involves a ‘twin dosing’ process where Adblue is injected selectively upstream of two SCR (selective catalytic reduction) catalytic converters.

    The twin dosing process is designed to compensate for a system-based disadvantage of diesel engines.

    Modern diesel engines emit less CO2 than petrol engines because diesel fuel has a higher energy density and the combustion process is more efficient.

    Diesel engines are also subject to special requirements, however, since fuel combustion takes place with excess air.

    The main constituent of air is nitrogen and this reacts with oxygen during combustion, thereby forming nitrogen oxides.

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    Trouble is the word on the street is diesel is the devil and must be exiled from our streets even if St Peter himself is driving one. ?

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    Why is VW bothering I thought they were going 100% electric?

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    its vw do you really beleive them lol

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    As i mentioned in anther post Mercedes are continuing to develop the diesel engine way into the future with the current engine in the new B class already meeting government figures into 2021. Will be at least 10 years yet before electric cars replace combustion engines, the range and charging infrastructure just isn’t good enough to tempt everyone across regardless of what the media say. My next car will be a diesel as will be the one after that.

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    On the VW motability price list all Tiguan and Tiguan Allspace diesel are listed as “SCR” so wonder if they have it.

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    My understanding is SCR or Selective Catalytic Reduction is just an exhaust system that uses AdBlue, correct me if I’m wrong as I’m no expert. ?‍♂️

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