neighbour complained about dog barking in garden this afternoon

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    Lady from next door across a shared driveway came to the door tonight about 5 asked me to take my dog Alfie in because he was in the garden barking i said OK cause i was shocked she came to the door.

    I was gutted I went to their door 10 min later spoke to the husband and wife about wife coming to the door about the dog barking , He said yes he barks all the time

    He said I put him out in the garden in the morning and I leave him out all day which is not true at all

    He said you get takeaway delivers at 10/11pm ish and the dog barks when they delivery  driver pulls up

    He said his wife is up at 5:30am

    I asked him if he went to the other neighbors house to complain about their dogs barking , he said no . The other house have two dogs .

    I said that they also bark at the side of my house he said that the other neighbours s dogs are put out in the morning before he goes to work and the dogs only bark when my dog barks

    He said I don’t walk the dog cause he doesnt see me walking him.

    If I don’t stop the dog barking he’s going to record every time he barks and he’s going to report me to the RSPCA


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    JS yes i always say its nice to be nice

    but just because your nice and helpful polite,  know a days people take advantage of that a lot

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    We had a complaint about ours, police made us put more fencing up etc & visited us over & over. Quite how we were supposed to get extra fencing during lockdown is beyond me.

    In the end I had a few angry words with the officers concerned. My son was assaulted when he was 11 & police  didn’t care, he was beaten at school & needed hospital treatment & police don’t care BUT neighbour complains & then come round spying in our garden multiple times a day & updates the police they then come out & harass us during a national emergency, what a joke.

    Fed up with police & neighbours right now they can all sod off

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    Just tell the police to sod off and stop harassing you.

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    I would rather have dogs  barking than listen to my polish neighbours who have party after  party in there garden totally disrespecting lock down the last 3 months and there so loud the more they  drink.they have a dog he is always out side the only thing he does is Joel when it rains.

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    Totally agree Jane.

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    Thing is my kids have to listen to it and they have not seen there grandparents sins lockdown

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    BionicRusty (Wayne)

    Richard, I really feel it for you.
    How the police can enforce a building upgrade (fencing) is absolutely beyond me.
    Should have said, ‘You pay and I’ll get it done’. Easy for me to say I know but that’s ridiculous on another level.
    I can absolutely understand your feeling there. Keep your chin up big man.

    🏎 I will be remembered for nothing but had great fun doing it 🏎

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    They can’t enforce it without taking it to court.

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    why are people horrible why cant they just be nice and kind to each other , treat and talk to people the way you would like to be treated and spoke too . then maybe things  would be better .


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    BionicRusty (Wayne)

    Well said @martino.
    If only everyone had the same view.

    🏎 I will be remembered for nothing but had great fun doing it 🏎

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    I can’t believe people just leave their dogs in the garden to bark, my neighbours do it and it’s awful.

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    We have two dogs. The wee 12 yr old terrier has always barked when let out, mostly as we have neighbours cats in our hedge (under the hedge seems to be a fav. pooping spot) so he runs in, barking away hoping to scare them off. If the cat(s) stay then a big hedge shaking barney goes on in there, sometimes he wins, sometimes not, but he is a determined wee lad & will come out yelping & bleeding only to race back in again. Either way, whenever he is barking, we tell him to be quiet, thankfully it only lasts a few seconds as he usually stops when told.

    The guide dog, however, will bark at anything visible she perceives is worth guarding against, yesterday that included a suspicious crisp packet by the gate and a dodgy looking pigeon on the wall. She really goes for it too, full Mohican fur and very loud deep rolling barks.

    We always bring them back inside if they kick off, and they are never left outside, its out to do yer business, have a sniff/jog around the garden then back in, unless we are sitting out, then they can stay out with us.

    Of course, if one barks for security reasons, the other joins in, in fact, they are both going nuts as I type as the cleaner just arrived…the terrier loves her really, but he attacks the broom/mop/hoover with all he’s got!

    In life, it's not who you know that's important, it's how your wife found out.

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