neighbour complained about dog barking in garden this afternoon

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    Lady from next door across a shared driveway came to the door tonight about 5 asked me to take my dog Alfie in because he was in the garden barking i said OK cause i was shocked she came to the door.

    I was gutted I went to their door 10 min later spoke to the husband and wife about wife coming to the door about the dog barking , He said yes he barks all the time

    He said I put him out in the garden in the morning and I leave him out all day which is not true at all

    He said you get takeaway delivers at 10/11pm ish and the dog barks when they delivery  driver pulls up

    He said his wife is up at 5:30am

    I asked him if he went to the other neighbors house to complain about their dogs barking , he said no . The other house have two dogs .

    I said that they also bark at the side of my house he said that the other neighbours s dogs are put out in the morning before he goes to work and the dogs only bark when my dog barks

    He said I don’t walk the dog cause he doesnt see me walking him.

    If I don’t stop the dog barking he’s going to record every time he barks and he’s going to report me to the RSPCA


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    Hi Martino,


    Whilst I appreciate your opinion, here’s my 2 cents on this matter…


    Until you live next door to someone that has a dog but you don’t, you won’t experience first hand the anger and frustration caused by a repetitive dog bark.


    This is made worse when you take into consideration working people’s  lifestyle and jobs and starting times.


    I had a dog when I was a teenager. I’m now in my 40s…I never really understood the pain I put my family and neighbours  through by failing to stop my dog constantly barking.


    As for them informing the RSPCA, I do agree that was a bit out of order.


    A simple request asking to control the dog better in the future would suffice.


    However, most people don’t patience anymore and will snap at the smallest things.


    Don’t take it to heart, as it was more than likely frustration amd anger at the heat of the moment.

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    The RSPCA will have no interest in a dog barking and will tell them this. They are only worried about the Welfare concerns. They will advise them too report too local council. This lists the steps a local council may take.


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    It’s very quiet at the moment so people are noticing barking dogs a lot more than usual.

    Peoples tempers are short too.






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    All dogs bark so I wouldn’t worry, if your dog was suffering or in an unsafe environment with no access to clean water, the rspca would visit. If not they wouldn’t be interested.

    Your neighbour could try telling them you neglect the dog but they would be able to tell immediately if it’s the case by a quick home visit.

    Don’t worry it’s a crazy time and people are stressed.



    Tiguan fan boy

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    Do you have take away delivery’s at 11pm at night ? I’m in bed then

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    Where I live a man who drives for a delivery company leaves his house every morning at 5.00am he lives with his elderly father. He lets there dog out every morning except Sunday and it barks non stop until his father brings it back in about 11.00am.

    this barking is driving everyone insane it is non stop, but if you said anything to them they would fall out with you we have all lived here around 30/40 years. It has been reported recently but because of the lockdown the dog warden will not come out to speak to them. So at present we are all just getting up a bit earlier in the mornings.

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    @mike one word Teenagers

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    Oh the joy of living in the countryside.

    Other than my brother and brother-in-law/sister who live on the other side of our family’s farm, my nearest neighbour is 5.3 miles away in the next dale according to Google earth maps (I thought it was actually a bit further).

    I never hear any noise from them whatsoever.

    Mind you, getting a pizza or take-away delivered is be a problem!

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    BigDave sounds lovely location I love the countryside and peace and quiet

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    Pro’s and Con’s, BigDave.  I haven’t had a Take Away in years!  On the other hand, I do get squirrels, foxes, and badgers in the garden, especially during the various dispersal phases.  Neighbour often gets roe deer, too, and they’re a nuisance.

    As I write there’s a squirrel siting on the Bird Table pinching all the Sunflower hearts.  There woods around here are not commercial, so feeding the squirrels is not a problem.

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    Our last dog barked once in his 14 years. I was putting a mirror up in the lounge, it was on the floor when the dog came running in. He saw his reflection and gave the loudest bark I’ve ever heard, he terrified himself and ran out the lounge. He never barked at all after that.


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    Right now I’d take a barking Dog over the poxy Cat that’s on it’s third Mouse of the day Already, I’m knackered from chasing them around the house.

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    Jeff Schofield

    Hi yes we had a recent complaint about our dogs barking when we were out. We already had a anti bark device where the dogs were. We felt quite unsettled about it so I understand how you feel. But we also tried to understand her feelings about it as hard as it was. So I bought 3 bark collars, they beep for the first bark then louder, then on the third bark it beeps and vibrates (make sure it’s quite tight around them) It has stopped them completely 🙂 I sometimes feel a bit mean putting it on them but as much as we love them dogs are stupid haha. It doesn’t hurt them and we feel so much more relaxed. Much love Jeff

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    Jeff Schofield

    Oh and the dogs actually seem more relaxed once they get used to it.

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    <p style=”text-align: left;”>All I can say at least they came to you to complain instead of going strait to council complaints.</p>

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    Constantly barking dogs can cause a world of misery.  I’ve a familf of idiots 2 doors away with lots of dogs that live outside.  They bark at all hours of the day and night.  Everyone around is sick to the back teeth of them. Nobody will confront the family though because they’re really nasty thugs.  I would move in a shot if I could afford to.

    It’s possible that your neighbour has been irritated for a while before deciding to knock on your door.

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    Peter contact the police

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    And the police will go to the house and say your neighbours 2 doors down phoned us about your dogs.

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    I’m told, by a couple of the neighbours, that the father threw some acid on somebody who annoyed him a few years back.  Nice bloke!

    I wrote a perfectly polite and reasonable letter and put it through their door.  He came around ranting and raving and shouting the odds.  If it had been 20 years ago when I was fit and well, he might have got a shock. Unfortunately, those days are long gone for me.

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    Belfast you know that for sure ?

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    BionicRusty (Wayne)

    @martino, I feel for you.

    We have German Shepherds and we’re very lucky with our neighbours.
    One of ours is a brilliant alarm dog (more so than the others) but as we’re rural, my neighbours without dogs say they are quite happy as they are a deterrent for all. I approached them first to discuss. There was only two neighbours I need to chat with so it was quite quick to do.

    I read the other day on the Nextdoor App that a lady AND her neighbour in a local village have both received notes through the door threatening to shoot theirs. Both have been to the police but they’re not really bothered about it.

    Its a sad world we live in.

    It suggests to me that with people at home so much more at the moment, any issues are amplified. I hope that with the beginnings of relaxations of lockdown that the issue for you will be reduced.

    🏎 I will be remembered for nothing but had great fun doing it 🏎

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    Not very long ago we had a lady that used to come to people’s house’s looking for a doctor friend of hers. She was not well and used to get a taxi at all hours of the night and early morning. She then started bringing  groceries and leaving them on your doorstep, no one wanted to get involved. I phoned the police one Sunday morning while she was at another house to try and get her some help I  told the police do not say who phoned, the police knew who she was and said they will send someone out.

    the police arrived 15 minutes later parked outside my house and called to the door, hello sir you were phoning about this lady. The police these days have no common sense years ago yes they were different but not now.

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    @Belfast4 is right.  I’m certain that any official complaint made to the police or environmental health would result in the release of my details as the complainant at some stage. To me, with my health issues, this is too big a risk to take.

    I don’t understand why anyone thinks that their neighbours should have to put up with their barking dogs.I live quietly, bother nobody and am friendly and helpful with my neighbours.  I would just like to receive the same in return.  Silly me!

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    Peter stick with what your doing, being Nice and respectful costs nothing but means so much to the person receiving it, over the last few weeks people have been lovely and long may that continue but alas I fear frustration and for some missing confrontation is getting the better of them. Maybe sports restarting will give some the vent they need shouting at the screen.

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    Cheers JS 🙂

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