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    Guys can antone please send me the original spec list from the tiguan allspace match from when i ordered it dec 2019 please

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    Matt B

    Morning Tommy,

    I’m unable to send it as it has our personal info on it and I don’t know how to amend it. If u tell me what your needing to know I can check n see if I can send u the correct individual page… We ordered in June this Yr so will be based on assumption the Match trim didn’t change in 6 months.

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    Thanks matt, just need to know about spec, when i first saw spec list the match version had keyless entry and start and you could wave yoyr foot to open boit, our car has none of these

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    Matt B

    My Allspace has neither of these features. I double checked keyless on my spec sheet when ordering and it was not on there. Also the spec sheet lists ‘electric boot’. Although an electric boot release is standard across thee Allspace range, the virtual pedal boot release is a chargeable extra (although it is standard on the Tarraco along with digital dash)

    Personally I’m happy without keyless entry as I don’t trust its safety and also, where do u put ur fob when driving if its not hanging out of the ignition?

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    Does yours have keyless start, push button

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    There is a 5 page thread on this forum from last year all about the Allspace and the non-closing boot issue here:

    VW tiguan allspace….electric boot lid?

    Although the thread is quite a saga, Olpk’s post on 15th September at 1045hrs in that thread maybe relevant has he mentions which models have/don’t have the closing boot in the ‘specs’.

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    Matt B

    No it doesn’t Tommy regular key ignition. No button as per spec which lists Safelock central locking.

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    I think the Allspace doesn’t have boot open function with the foot wiggle due to safety concerns due to the third row of seats.

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    Thanks everyone, ive just gone on the tiguan allspace description on this site and it says it comes with keyless entry and start so think which have got it wrong

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    I ordered my allspace match from stock and it had keyless entry included due to the fact that someone has added it but then cancelled their order.

    It is not fitted as standard.

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    Which Mobility Car
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    Keyless was removed from the Dec 19 brochure for Match spec.

    Boot will open off key or door switch but only shut by button on hatch and has been the case for a long time. VW still had it on their configurator as a cost option back in October but when I tried to add it VW told the dealer it wasn’t an option anymore. The only known way to retrofit is complicated and expensive.

    I ordered in October and worried I wouldnt get keyless as I could only find an August spec list and a December one and wasnt sure if there was one in-between but apparently not.

    Keyless was on in August but removed for December. I got it but to be honest with the security issues of keyless cars you have to ask is it worth it.


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    Matt B

    I would agree with Olpk and actively avoid keyless entry w/push button. I don’t have confidence in its security….

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