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    ive been with ee for many many years, never had any issues bill always paid, December had a higher than normal bill 150.00 normal bill is 50.00 a month, I have 2 lines me and the wife, and thought the wife must have gone over allowance so paid it, jan had a bill for 200.00 and asked what the hell, and ee was looking into it, then feb a bill for 400 they say 200 jan and 200 feb as you did not pay jan bill, they now cut the phones off in full. as it turns out goggle play billed my mobile for games I did not play or buy, and google have said they will not refund or look into it as I live in the eu and they have a 0 policy refuud for eu. and advised I speak to the company that own the game which I did and they said they never billed me and don’t have any of my details on file and its google that need to refund but google saying no chance. ee not helpful at all and have advised to contact the p.s.a  ( phone service authority) as they can look into this, but they cant help as I don’t have any text or codes from anyone about the bills and numbers ive been charged for. ie if you enter a comp say text five to 12345 then that’s the number , but nothing ee confirmed nothing aswel so now I’m lost as to what I can do, meanwhile ee sent letter to me saying as I have made no contact and failed to pay my bill they are shutting my phones down and billing me for the rest of the line rental. omg I speak to ee all the time about this. any idears on what I can do please other than go and get a payg sim card which I don’t want as this is not my bill. thanks all

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    so sorry to hear this Nick, what an awful position to find yourself in.

    I’m afraid i don’t have the answers for you, and don’t want to lead you up the wrong path wasting your effort and time. But the one thing i would suggest it to post this on the EE Billing community forum – 

    They should be able to give you the advice you need, at the end of the day fraud has been committed and ee have a duty of care to the customer to act upon fraud.

    If you find that the processes to sort this out will take some time and ee refuse to unblock your sim, and your phone is unlocked i would advise getting a 30 day rolling contract sim as they work out much cheaper than a payg sim and can be cancelled at anytime with 30 days notice. But before using a new sim, ensure your gmail account is secure – you don’t want to connect your gmail account to the new sim and have the same problem over again.

    Good luck to you, and keep us updated.

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    Yeah will do trev i did post on the ee site and they posted we can 100 % get this sorted for you and can see you have already raised an complaint and I’ll put you in touch with the team . Emmm ok what the same team that can’t help lol. Nevermind just waiting for bill to be sent out with all the details so I can pass it on to that governent department. Ps ee.keep saying we tryed to phone you. What on the number you blocked for.non payment o yeah sorry lol


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    Hey Nick, just hada thought what i would do in this situation following on from posting on that forum, and that is to get the matter looked in to by EE’s executive office. They are the highest form of complaint handling, fire off an email to the ceo Marc Allera on

    He won’t reply personally but there is an executive team that will handle it and you are ensured a better resolve, they have more powers to get things moving quicker for you.

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    I’l try that now thanks trev.

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    Speak to your local citizens advice they give help and will actually telephone for you.

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    Well I forgot i posted this. I got the psa involve did not have a clue who they was ee put on to them. Phone service authority and they took the case on and spoke to this app company that Google pay say told them to bill my mobile and they came back yesterday and confirmed the app company have no idear who I am and I don’t have any accounts with them and they have never asked Google to bill me as they don’t bill any one. They have also spoke to Google and Google have advised they will look into this. The psa have now closed the case as their is nothing more they can do. As for ee they still asking for full payment even if it was an error. The psa have advised me to contact action fraud and the ombudsmen and report ee as they have been less than helpful. So I’ll see what happens on Monday. Trev I did e mail that address so will see if I get a reply. I really don’t know what’s going on but this is a small amount 400 now I know how people who lose thousands fill. Always treated like it’s out fault and get on with it. Grrr.

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    Nick, lets hope you get a response from the executive office sooner than later. By doing so you have began a formal complaint process which is a good thing. Have a look at this guide and it will give you an insight of where to go next if EE fail to resolve this for you. Good luck mate, keep us updated.


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    Now I’m pulling my hair out. Just got a letter from moorcroft debt recovery informing me I o ee 496 and should pay them by 9.4.18 and a fee of 64.70 has been added to cover their costs. Not impressed. Will be sending a nice letter to them informing them that the Fca psa and action fraud are dealing with this and have been for a while so I Advise you go back to ee and get your fees from them. And I will be charging a fee everytime I reply to your company from this date onwards. Grrrrr bloddy ee.  And yet they e mailed me back saying they are working with the above to resolve this matter and will keep me informed lol.

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    FFS Nick, I would check your credit report as well then if i were you!

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    nick gray

    well well, after yesterday morning letter I went mad and phoned the psa (phone service authority) who also went mad, they placed me on hold and came back a few minutes later and said your going to get a call on your house phone very soon from ee, about 5 minutes later I got said call from a manager at the executive office who was so sorry about everything, and said this matter has been resolved by the psa and the person who was dealing with this our end is on annual leave, so I will confirm 431.43 has been credited to your account and both lines have been unlocked now and will take upto 24 hours to fully come back on and we have credited 2 months 2 line rental to your account. google have confirmed this was an error. so at last its sorted, phones both working within minutes so happy. just goes to show if you keep pushing hard you will win. agree ee should have delt with this better I did not even know anything about the psa but still I’m happy now. thanks for all the advise trev, I did not think about credit file so ill check that as signed up to it. really looking forward to phoneing this debt collection firm later on and breaking the good news to them lol

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    Fantastic news Nick, well done mate….  make sure you re-negotiate when your contract ends – I have sky tv, so have a sim-only deal with them when they offered double data, so have 1gb data, unlimited calls and texts for £5 a month… they piggyback of o2 and not had a single problem, plus you don’t lose unused data, you can save it up to use another time – i got 7gb saved so far to use on my holiday this year lol

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