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    Good morning,


    so, I ordered the Peugeot 3008 in September of last year, the GT Premium spec as I needed the electric tailgate and heated seats as a minimum.

    Car has finally arrived, without heated seats and without the electric adjustable front seats (they are now manual) the dealership have said “like it or lump it basically” with an apology for not telling us that the GT Premium would be without the heated seats and electric adjustment. This is now an added extra on the Peugeot for £700. It was not an added extra at the time of ordering (we still have the original spec sheet)


    test drove the Kia Sportage gt line s yesterday. Great car, has everything we need …. But will mean waiting until at least September (the wait we’ve been told for the petrol version) before it arrives.

    I actually don’t know what to do, not sure I have the wait in me after waiting 9 months already (first time on the scheme) but the Kia is the better car. I know it’s only heated seats and it certainly falls under the banner of first world problems but I’m giving myself a headache on not deciding.


    we have asked the dealership to install heated seats on the Peugeot and they said no. Despite it being their fault it’s not arrived As ordered.

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    Harsh one, and no one can take that decision away from you.

    One thing to consider is that in nine months, things can happen to the Sportage spec too. Peugeot isn’t the only one scrapping parts of specs – so there’s a risk that if you go for the Sportage, you might get the same issue.

    That all said, i personally would probably be pretty stiff in “negotiations” with Peugeot. If they’re not willing to work with you in terms of AP or “some kind” of good will, i’d probably walk away from the car if possible. I actually disagree with heated seats being a “first world problem”, they’re pretty substantial for us (indeed, we paid extra to get them in our next lease). There’s things i could deal with, like electrically adjustable seats, that’s not that big an issue (still annoying), but on that one i’d personally be strict.

    As i said, i’d make it clear to Peugeot that, if they don’t “sweeten the deal” somehow, i’d walk. Of course, still being nice – but stern.

    In the end, a good relationship with your dealership is important (to me it is, at least) – if i already get the impression that they don’t give a shi.. damn about you as customer (by not letting you know immediately that you’re not getting what you ordered – preferably before the car is even built), that’s already a red flag.

    On one of the most important features for us (wife has Raynauds), i would not compromise. Don’t be scared to ask for someone higher up in the chain either, if your salesguy is dismissive – the goal, technically, is to keep the Peugeot. For that, Peugeot has to move. In my opinion, or if it were my car, at least.

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    Thank you for your response. The heated seats are a pretty big deal for me, spine condition, but I’m torn between the inconvenience of waiting another +6 months.

    we will speak with the garage again and see what happens, I was leaning towards walking away from the Peugeot.

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    I’ll be the bearer of bad news: 6 months is a pipe dream. 9 months is more realistic (i’m saying that as someone who’s currently estimated to wait 14 months in total on his new lease – with potential for even longer wait since the build week is just preliminary).

    While i agree that waiting does suck, one thing that would cross my mind personally is that if  i’d take the Peugeot, i’d basically be waiting 3 years on another car that has the spec i want (or, in case of the heated seats, actually need). Yes, it sucks, but being unhappy and just waiting for the new lease to end so you can get a car that fits all needs is even worse. In my opinion. I’d be annoyed every time i get into the Peugeot.

    It probably would be depending on what your current lease (if you have one) is providing. If your current car “technically” is fine, and it’s just about “excitement for something new”, i’d definitely wait, despite it being agonising (at least for me, i’m impatient). If your current car doesn’t cover your needs for one reason or another, well.. Again, nobody but you can decide whether or not cancelling is the correct option. I can only speak for myself, of course.


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    it suggests they dont have chips for both heated and electric seats. If the lack of heated seats is a deal breaker then break it will have to be.

    …But as said it may well be a year until some normalsay comes back and in that time lots will no doubt change and that will include price.

    other option, even if its not a great one is to buy heating pads for seat.

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    Difficult one only made worse as its your first car on the scheme. I’m afraid only you can decide what to do. If it were me who needed an electric tailgate and heated seats for my health conditions rather than for the sake of having them. I wouldn’t except the vehicle.

    You could ring Motability and say if I accept it could you have an early termination when one more suitable for our needs becomes available. Or you could decide to keep your current vehicle if you still have it, untill the situation  manufacturers improves and rejoin the scheme later on.

    You could look at a Tuscon its been on the market longer than the Sportage and a greater chance of one being available (someone on here got one in 10 days after they cancelled their current order albeit a base model.) You may need to travel or ask your local dealer to check UK stock. The Tuscon is essentially a Sportage wearing a different coat, but the interior isn’t quite as posh looking.



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    We have gone ahead and cancelled the Peugeot. Will be ordering the Kia tomorrow.

    peugeot were not interested in fixing the issue, ah well. Onwards and upwards with a better suiting vehicle. Let’s hope September/ October is a realistic delivery time.

    thanks everyone

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    I think that’s for the better, honestly.

    Would’ve done the same.

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    You definitely did the right thing Anne.

    I have a 208 GT Premium 130 on the scheme. When I ordered it from my Peugeot dealer, I would have been happy enough with the GT model. However, the GT version does not come with heated seats & you cannot spec them as an option. I had to upgrade to the GT Premium which does include heated front seats (as well as keyless entry, adaptive cruise control & darker alloys which are all very nice options of course). However, the heated seats were a real ‘must have’ deal-breaker for me & my legs/hips, so the GT Premium it was.

    Admittedly, the extra cost was only a few hundred quid for the GT Premium over the GT… but to me, the heated seats are priceless. They are fantastic & I wouldn’t be without them in any car I ever leased.

    * Love my 208 GT to bits by the way. Absolutely fabulous looking car & a wonderful drive!

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    if you can wait, i would wait and get the KIA  Peugeot totally in the wrong for not advising you about this in the first place .  you should remind them that not any amount of money can buy back the 8 months you have just wasted on them supplying you a car that does not meet your needs.  you should also report the dealership to motability

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    Anne get the car you need we couldn’t manage without electric heated seats on the passenger side if it arrived without, we couldn’t use it.
    It is hard I know particularly when new to scheme but once you have the right car you will know it’s worth the wait good luck

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    I don’t think it matters how insignificant a certain extra might seem. If that’s what you ordered then that’s what you should get. I think it’s poor from the dealership not letting you know when they knew.
    I agree with some others in that it would always disappoint you and not long after getting the car you’d probably just be counting down the days until your next one. Nobody wants that.

    I was in my local Kia dealer the other day looking at the Sportage. I thought it was fantastic and really exceeded my expectations. Love that green colour it comes in! I think the dealer said something along the lines of Sep/Oct for delivery and I never once mentioned that it was through motability if that’s relevant to anyone

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    Melanie Hodges

    I had similar issues with my first car; a Citroen, ordered top spec and was missing 3 things from the spec sheet. It annoyed me the whole time I had it!

    You definitely did the right thing, and IMO the Sportage is far superior to the 3008 and will match your needs perfectly.

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    Thank you everyone

    I definitely feel like we did the right thing, and the Sportage has been ordered (petrol version) GT Line S and due “anytime” up to December. If we get it earlier, hopefully September then it’ll be a bonus.

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    Going back a few years, my hubby ordered a base Insignia. The dealer made a mistake with the order and he ended up with a NAV version. As it was the dealers error he did not have to make an AP. So he decided to keep it and left the Tom Tom at home.

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    I guess it really, depends on if you can do without certain items for me, i had heated seats in my last car and they was helpful for my back, but my wife hated them and on my current car they was not an option but it had everything else i needed/ wanted.

    I have not really missed them as the heater in the current car is way better and warms up pretty much as i hit the end of the street, where as the car before it would start getting warm on the way home from doing the school run.

    Another thing was, your back would start hurting after 20 mins sitting in the car and just got worse and worse but it did not happen when anyone sat in the back seats, without the heated seats. So i think it was the heated seats, so for me it’s not such a big deal.

    If the car came without adaptive cruise then that would be a huge issue  for me.

    I am the only one who drives the car so i don’t need electric adjustment etc, but i do need the seats to be comfortable and in my current car they so much more comfortable.

    I’m giving it back soon though and leaving the scheme as it’s just become to low for my wife, got an offer to good to turn down, so gonna buy instead of lease. I should get it in 3 to 4 weeks and it beats waiting for something on the scheme and what i am getting is not on the scheme in the format i getting.

    I think the main priority is having something suitable now and in our case it’s my wife that’s has more issue than she did.. although i’m the one with the allowance, only you truely know your position fully and if you current car is suitable, then it’s ok to wait, but if it’s not or you have no car then thats a huge issue.

    hopefully things workout good for you, just sad you been waiting so long already then let down. Guess that’s another reason i jumping on the opportunity i have now.

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