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    Has anyone ever come across anyone being allowed to take nearly new on a non wav vehicle ?

    I’m going to try speaking with motability again today and see if there’s anything can be done and was just wondering if there was a precedent for it.

    We presently have a 70 plate lwb transporter wav that we were pushed towards with no drive demo etc we didn’t really start using this until sept 21 as daughter was out of school awaiting new Sen school. She gets massively anxious travelling in wheelchair and punches her own face causing damage.  We have tried her in a normal seat but such are the adaptations side entry that their is a large void in front of these seats so the results are the same.


    Motability have allowed us to change the vehicle but the e vivaro with a turny Evo chair is a year wait.


    I can’t afford to drop of the a scheme for a year and privately fund something suitable so that isn’t really an option but don’t want my daughter harming herself just to get to school for another year.

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    best of luck smoggy ..

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    As far as I’m aware Motability have never allowed a “used” vehicle onto the scheme.

    Their entire business model is based on new vehicles with manufacturers warranty for the duration of the lease with the obvious exception of extensions where necessary.

    No harm in asking though.

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    You used to be able to buy a 2nd hand car on Motability, it had to fit certain criteria, but it would be a great time to reintroduce this due to many members leaving. I bought a Mazda RX-8 on the scheme many moons ago.

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    I just wonder how easy it is to get a nearly new car at the moment because when I went to view a VW Tiguan at the local franchise they only had a year old model in the showroom that I could sit in.

    While I was sat in it a sales guy ask me how long I was going to be because a couple had just that moment bought the car and was waiting to go on there way.

    The other problem is, that car cost more than what a new car of the same model trim would cost. The resale of that car in 3 years time would be thousands under the value of the order from the factory when the second-hand car markets bubble pop’s as it will do before the 3 years are up.

    If Motability has not allowed in the past I can’t see them allowing it now.

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