My New CItroën C4 1.2 155 EAT8 Shine Plus

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    Lee Bengough

    Here is picked her up Friday. She drives lovely so comfy as well

    well worth the £1,195 advance payment for the 155. The 130 is £795.

    The Highway assist and auto high beams is amazing. The 8 speed Automatic drives really smooth as well. If you want one of these I highly recommend trying to pay the extra for the Shine Plus over the Sense Plus.
    <p style=”text-align: center;”>My old C4 Cactus and New C4</p>

    Old and New Car

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    I’m not a fan of red cars but it really works on your new C4. Very nice indeed.

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    Lee Bengough

    Cheers buddy. It’s the most expensive colour available for the C4 I thought have a change as I’ve had 2 greens, 2 blues and 1 white.

    It’s like a Pearl red.

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    Looks really nice. Lovely to see a colour that isn’t the usual black, various greys or one of the many, many shades of silver that seem to fill our car parks at the moment. Enjoy your new car.

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    Georgie like shiny car.  It’s certainly a big looking beastie!  Is the new one really is 4 times bigger than the old one (picture #1)?  😉

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    Lee Bengough

    Thank you Richard it’s mad the £700 paint option is free on the C4 but Peugeot wanted extra off my friend when she ordered her Peugeot 2008 GT Line, she went for Grey instead, it’s the exactly same red even has the same name.

    @Gerogie when I pulled up outside the house the day I had it My mam said seems longer than the other car I said obviously it is but not a lot really but feels bigger that’s for sure. Definitely bigger than the previous C4 that my late brother had in 2013.

    This was his C4 1.6eHDi 115 Exclusive EGS

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    Lee Bengough

    Oh here my fuel consumption so far.

    was on 63 miles when I picked it up as it had to go for adaptions before I had it.

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    Great colour sets the car off well, 👍


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    Looks fab and your automatic gearbox shared with BMW so be very smooth

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    Looks good Lee. How are you finding the seats as normally Citroens are really comfortable cars.

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    Lee Bengough

    Well Elliot I did 120 miles round trip this evening down to Weston Super Mare from South Wales and was really comfortable.

    It drives lovely it does best car I’ve ever had


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    Yeah looks great, I was waiting for a side on view in the daylight for a better view of the wheels too..👍

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    Lee Bengough

    Yeah they like a dark Grey. In France you can have black ones which I would have gone for if I had that option here as I liked my black ones on the Cactus.

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    I’m waiting for a Citroën C5 Aircross 1.2 PureTech 130 Shine Plus in Tijuca Blue ( if that’s how you spell it) it was the most comfortable car I tested.

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    Lee Bengough

    I am a Citroën nut Nannieree you will love it. In amongst my 150+ CItroën model Collection I have your colour choice of the C5 Aircross in my collection

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    Lee Bengough yes that’s the one leaving Peugeot to go for it.

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    Lee Bengough

    My sister will be having a C4 as well she having a showroom model so hers will be a blue one but a 1.5BlueHDi 130 EAT8 Sense Plus, she’s not into all the toys like I am, it will have adaptions on it so I can drive that one as well. Be good to see how it compares to my 1.2 155.

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    I’ve now been told mine won’t be available until September and that Citroen have sent letters saying why but I’ve not had one. Anyone on here that has?

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    Unlikely, Nannieree, because you are not the customer, your car is a contract purchase by Motability. Citroen UK won’t know who you are until you get the car and its registered in your name.

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    Lee Bengough

    The Dealer said Factory order your looking around September for the C4 anyway.

    this Diesel one she’s having is obviously costing more than the top spec petrol but she wants a car now and the dealer said she could have this one in the showroom if wanted.

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    It was the dealer who asked me if I had had a letter?

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    Mike 700

    I see that Evans Halshaw are advertising the electric C4 Shine Plus at 0.00 advanced Payment!

    VW Tiguan SEL in Silver White.

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    Lee Bengough

    Where we live ain’t really ready for electric yet. Haven’t off road parking either.

    I am happy with my petrol though and should imagine my sister will like her Diesel.

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    I live in rural countryside and a electric car isn’t feasible for us either. They are fine in the towns and cities but for people living in rural countryside or with on road parking they are not suitable. Also I don’t know if anyone realises it but some of them ( don’t know if it’s all of them) don’t have power steering so wouldn’t be suitable for some of us anyway.

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    You can rest easy, Nannieree, all of the Scheme’s electric cars have power steering.  Actually, all of the electric cars sold in the UK have power steering, so I’m not sure where you heard that they did not.

    They don’t have old-style hydraulic power steering, its electrically driven instead. But then, most new cars, electric or otherwise, have already moved to electric power steering as its cheaper and simpler than the old style hydraulic systems.


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    I’d be astonished to find any new car that doesn’t have power steering, except things like a Caterham 7.

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