My experiences of buying used motorbility scooters

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      My used motability scooter purchase experiences

      Last year I brought a ex rental 2yr old TGA Sport mobility scooter online from Giant Mobility

      Brand new batteries/immaculate/excellent tyres/ 1 yr guarantee/free delivery/no quibble 14 day return cooling off period

      What a scooter and bloody huge, a real head turner

      I used it only once for about1 hour and realised the digital display was not showing the state of charge

      Cut a long story short rejected scooter and was refunded

      I put this down to oversight

      A couple of weeks ago I saw a Rascal Vortex  scooter same terms and condition as above

      Same company

      Ordered arrived and noticed that the condition was not as seen online mainly a bad scratch on the battery casing

      I pointed this out to the firms own courier and said I would contact the dealer and work something out

      After he left I also noticed (being unable to bend at the time and see) I saw that the back tyres had the middle tread almost missing so on the phone complaining and they said they may have sent me the wrong scooter

      Rejected it and was picked up and returned this morning

      Won’t be using them again so instead after much thought and sensible head now on

      I have just brought a brand new Evolite boot scooter £999 (lightest in the world apparently) Lithium battery

      Similar size to my old but now broken Go Go Elite boot scooter but that was far heavier

      At least now Im able to load/unload it from the boot of the car ( The heaviest section being only 10kg) and independently go out shop and potter along the nearby flat paved seafront for an hour once or twice a week.

      Will see if this goes to plan when it arrives in a few days time

      We can only try these things for ourselves and seek ways to live and adapt and make the best of our own limitations.

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    Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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