My clothes horse is off to the knackers yard – did you see what I did there lol

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    My trusty clothes horse is coming to the end of its useful life and the thought of not having one is a bit of a mare, I’ve done it again. So I thought I’d take the bit in my teeth lol and order a new one, however I’m looking for a bit of advice as to what’s out there. I could go off the hoof and just replace like with like but was looking for a change.

    It doesn’t need to be that big, maybe 10 hands high, I just can’t stop, sorry.

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    Oh lord, RIP trusty steed 👻🐴 Yes it is truly a mare indeed. We lost our trusty steed a few years back. Though we looked long and hard, the stables were just bare of trusty studs and mares.

    We had go to many an equine stud farm, but Brexit has really screwed us. The only trusty steeds on offer were made in China. I wanted something British!  The Amazon stud and found this steed.

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    Joss I have one like that but it is similarly “knackered” my daughter bought a new one that plugs in and dries the clothes but her husband says it adds about £6-8 a month on to the electricity bills.


    My son is moving out next year (don’t say anything he doesnt know it yet lol) so washing will be greatly reduced.

    I have a tumble drier but seldom use it, although bath towels are so much softer after a tumble dry.

    How are you feeling today my friend, I often wonder how you manage to cope with the health problems you have.

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    One time i put a bet on a horse to come in at 10 to 1 – and it did! Unfortunately all the others came in at 12.30.

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    Sure sounds like a tale of Whoa your going through Brydo

    But don’t get colt feet!

    My advice would be take a gallop poll of all of the best amazon + ebay prices then put your money where your mount is and buy the cheapest.

    Could you not just buck the trend and just buy the 1st one you see though . . . ney?


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    Whoa there Graeme the mane point of this thread is to find a clothes horse that suits, not just to shoehorn every horse pun into a sentence . I think you should rein it in a bit or you could stirrup trouble cause as we know foals  rush in where angels fear to tread. Anyway I’m going to leave there as I’m sure its pasture bedtime. Lol

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    Great name for a horse is Brilliant Brydo – better than my old horse name of ‘Radish’

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    Punmeister Brydo – well done. Can’t – er – trot out any more!

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    A horse walks into a bar and the barman says “hey” and the horse says “you read my mind”. Couldn’t think of anymore puns so thought I’d finish it off with an old joke. I bet you thought it was the ” why the long face” joke but that would have been too obvious lol.

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