Must Be Great Being Disabled

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    Must Be Great Being Disabled i hear this a lot

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    It is, free cars, free houses, free dental care, free tickets to rugby matches in France. (The last one is true)



    Get to stay at home all day! : ‘ (



    It’s brilliant having time off work, yeah, sure, 14 years off and no money to spend whilst on this big holiday!

    Anybody wanna do me a swap? I’d go back to working 70+ hours a week in a heart beat if someone took on all my ailments in order to not work and have no money.



    Crippling depression. Loneliness, pain.


    I’d  swap my “free car”, in a heartbeat to be rid of these ailments.



    I too wouldmy swap my little concrete box of a flat that feels more like a prison, no social life , no hope , joy or happiness , love life? It’s been that long I’d need an instruction manual as I’m sure they’ve moved stuff about without me knowing ?? tortured by my thoughts from the minute I wake up until the min I shut my eyes oh and yeah my FREE car

    I’d happily give all those fantastic things up to work 50 hours a week in Tesco and have some sort of life and interaction with society

    yep we are sooooo lucky to been dealt this hand ✋?



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