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    nick gray

    I heard a rumour that their are going to be cars available to disabled customers from april that are FREE and according to the daily mail we are given them free of charge and the tax payers pay for them could this be true ? also could we ask for free tax payers holidays ? maybe motability could use that 2.4 billion that they have hidden in swiss bank accounts to buy a plane just for us all, “motability tours ltd”  they could even buy some hotels abroad and get the daily mail travel reporter to come and view them. at least then motabiity could say they provide the complete package, cars to get to the airport, planes to get to the destination and hotels to stay in, what do you all think, fact rumour or fake news lol

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    Now you’ve gone and done it…it was supposed to be a secret.

    In life, it's not who you know that's important, it's how your wife found out.

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    Perhaps motability will also treat us to a premium burger meal with ice cream too!

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    i think someone needs to take their political view and shove it.

    Where do you think the PIP payments cone from? Corbyns secret money tree? No, the British taxpayers like me.

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    As David and Gordon said I agree with Nick.  lol

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    Come on guys and girls lets not turn this thread into a comedy scetch ! its already happened on others and it takes ages to trawl through the Stupid banter to get to the information that’s important, we have a dedicated thread for you budding comedians, thanks 🙂

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    LOL brilliant Nick,

    I’ve asked motability if they could provide a property in Mallorca that we could timeshare, and singled out this one for 57 1/2 million euros as it has a garage to protect our motability vehicles from the salty air!

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    Trev, you in bother again, you must have been a nightmare for the teachers at your school lol.


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    Trev’s not in any bother lol, ‘Justsaying’ has kindly moved the post (and others) into a suitable thread in “The Open Arms”.

    If you look three posts above this one, you will see that “Dennis” was getting frustrated with the off topic chat that was cluttering the thread.

    I know that creating an off topic area will take some getting use to, but if you can use this area (for general chat and having a good laugh) instead of the dedicated Motability section, it will make the life of us ‘mods’ a lot easier. Thank you guys and gals.

    I’ll have a pint of Keo whilst I’m here. Cheers!

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    Good news Trev, your dream house still hasn’t sold and has now been reduced to 26 million pounds!

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    Yay! I would like to take credit Pops but that goes to the KeyMaster for moving the others over. Pops I might be being dumb but what’s a Keo ?

    now let’s see how long before Nick drops in for a pint, nick you’ve been missed in your recent absence, the regulars are hanging out here too nowadays. Pull up a pew.

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    Trev don’t know what school was like in England but up here we got “the belt” when you were “bad” you were asked to extend both arms straight out in front of you with one hand below the other. The teacher would then swoosh down the belt onto the palm of your hand a maximum of six times. Only had six once and it was @#£%&-+ painful.

    I think your misdemeanor is of a very minor nature and a joking wag of the finger should suffice lol.

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    Keo is a really crisp and tasty lager made in Cyprus. To sit at a bar on Nissi beach with a pint of Keo is perfection.

    Second best is sitting in my hot tub, and being handed an iced Keo by one of my sons or daughters.

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    Oh that keo. I’m used to it being a iced glass of Mythos in Greece (santorini).

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    Oh yeah, we used to holiday in Rhodes, and now thinking of the taste of Mythos that i miss so much.

    That was back when the cigs were less than a euro a packet…. well at least it was the euro. A couple of years we spent in Pefkos, but got friendly with a restaurant owner in the neighbouring village of Lardos, and subsequent years he and his family put us up…. good times.

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    Oo Betty, I seem to be in a spot of bother! lol

    Canes were used when i was a nipper Brydo, hands and back of the legs….or my old english teacher would lock us in the cupboard!


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    Hi all my apologies for posting in the wrong part and I’ll make sure any further posts joking wise are in the pub. Have not been around too much lately so much going on but I’m trying to keep up and though I’ll pop in for a pint or 3. Trev me and you need to talk about going in halfs on this property lol.  I gotta say how shocked I am by what I have been reading on the motability Facebook forum. I know kam and a few others are on their and we have tryed to give advise and help but o my god. It’ shocking how little people know and for a forum I’ve seen motability reply to maybe 2 or 3 questions that’s all and even then it’s such basic info. It’s not a forum at all. So happy we got this and people know what they are doing well most of the time.  But a hot topic I’ve picked up on was the Volvo xc40 seems it may I say may make an appeaance according to some dealers and.motability confirmed they are trying to price it. Any ways I’ll keep in touch with you all. Sorry it’s been a while.

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    Welcome home Nick. Xc40 wise as you will know motability confirming it, simply just means it’s been Cleared by them and can join and all negotiations taken place. Then the wait is when the manufacturer decides to make it available. The Kodiaq was cleared by motability Q3 but never appeared due to strong retail sales till Q1. Personally I think volvo may hold it off and add mid quarter when retail sales level out, saying that a lot of new car models have gone straight on. So I think we can safely say it’s coming ,it’s just down to volvo

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    Thanks for the welcome as always justsaying God it’s good to talk to people that know what they are doing  ( hope Mike is not in here ) ? just kidding Mike. I think it’s safe to say no one will ever know until the price list is out or leeked before hand. But I agree Volvo may hold off with strong sales ect and a few other cars may hold off until q3 as q2 it retail delight with new reg so might give it a chance to die down a litte before we can grab the deals. If any. I will wait and see what q2 holds as been cleared to roll over and order then. So that’s 4 or 5 quaters must be a new record lol. On the plus side my renault is dew a service but local renault won’t allow me to use them I wonder why ?lol motability have booked me into the local Kia garage for them to do first service ok then lol.  Will say I do have a new short list of kugas . Jeep compass top model and yes justsaying the tuscon is on it lol.

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