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    Fair play to the grants team at motobility. they have done a great job. Enquired about a grant for the upfront yesterday (13/07/20).

    Got a call this morning and started filling form out. I was sent a copy to complete. Submitted, Then get an email for additional evidence. Gathered all the evidence & submitted. Got a call from a lovely lady stating the awarded the full amount at 15:10.

    So from 09:10 to 15:10 the whole process was completed.

    Just have to wait until September for it to arrive.

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    Evan it would be interesting to find out the result of your application as im thinking of applying , im a bit apprehensive about applying , what i want / need might be bigger than the small car option they offer

    have you picked a car yet

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    Martino they don’t just offer small car options, they will determine what you need. I cannot get in and out of a car so they gave me a grant for a medium SUV. It’s worth talking to them and seeing what your options are. The worst they can say is no.

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    why should you have a better car than you can afford

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    Very interesting reading different peoples experience, I ask about a grant and was basically told my present motability car had a high AP, and they would not give me an AP grant for the car I wanted because of this. I questioned this answer and explained we paid for the extras and the AP ourselves, it used every penny we had. Extras were heated seats, heated steering wheel and park assist which gave us rear parking sensors, all of these help my disabilities.

    I explained I need an SUV it’s not a choice it’s because of my disabilities and some SUV  boots are too small to fit my scooter in, therefore lowering the suitable vehicle choice even more. If the AP is high on a suitable vehicle that’s not my fault, it’s also not my fault I have to have an automatic therefore the AP is normally a lot higher than manual. The lady then started suggesting different cars with low AP which were nowhere near suitable, I said the suggested cars were not SUV and not suitable to be told “well maybe just go and have a look at them”.

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    Sometimes what people can afford does not meet their needs. I can’t drive a normal car it’s too low to get in and out of my wheelchair , I can’t open a boot etc can’t drive a manual. Some people need adaptions so they can drive. It’s not as simple as take whatever car you can afford and the AP have skyrocketed so yes more people will need some help. These cars are paid for and aren’t free so don’t think we don’t know about how much cost goes into it. Not everyone’s disability is the same hence why the grants are available.


    Lab, that’s definitely not right you should ring again and hopefully get a better advisor on the phone. My last AP was high too but my financial situation was different

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    you have replied to 2 topics I can see ,this one and the one about the car not being sold to a Motability customer.

    Both your replies were quite harsh in my opinion .

    I read both your comments as anti motability and basically why should we be treated the same as another paying customer.

    I thought the whole point of Motability grants was to help people fund a car which suits there needs but which is out of reach of their financial circumstances.

    That should be applauded and not shut down with comments like {why should people have a car they cannot afford }.

    that is a very bitter person in my book and the sort who should be monitored by administrators on the site ,like others lately who seem to be hijacking the site.



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    Andy I was going to respond to the comment sticky said , but Andy I think you’v said what i was going to say.

    Mobility/ Motability  Grant have been helping disabled people for a long time, they have a good bit of experience in dealing with the different need of applicants, they’ll probably already know that this type and that type of disability need this type and that type of help . and when you tell then your income / benefits they’ll already know what you get what you need to spend it on and if you have anything left each month rent , mortgage, gas, electricity , fuel, council tax and if you’v any money left FOOD.

    They’ll know you need heated seats electric closing boot , self park , wider seats ect ,

    if they did’nt help disabled customers with the car to suit their disability , then the disabled person would need to take a basic car and it then does’nt suit their needs therefore they end up not using the car because they cant get their chair in or close the boot. ( but when they return it with 4000 miles on it in three years, motability are saying thanks we’ll make a lot on this when we sell it , instead of someone using the car and having 60000 on it , or was that the plain to start with i wounder …

    i think STICKY needs to remember disabled people struggle a lot with everyday simpl things like closing a boot.


    maybe motability need to change the pricing with lowering the advance payment ect.

    And another thing i think a lot of cars on the scheme are just there to make up the numbers , what use are small low to the ground salon or sports car , (yes we’d all loved to say i’ll have a sports car please oh and can i have a person there all the time to help me in and out (that’s if i can get in or out) and mobility know that too

    i kind of went of on a rant sorry about that

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    Andy it is being monitored, but like yourself as a none signed in member anyone can comment and could well be some one else. its a shame it happens but new procedures are in place and repeat offenders no matter who will be barred from the site.

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    I had noticed this as well, they are signed in as the name is in blue and looking at their comments it lists 4, all negative, almost like they signed up just to throw some abuse about.

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    I had noticed this as well, they are signed in as the name is in blue and looking at their comments it lists 4, all negative, almost like they signed up just to throw some abuse about.

    When I see these negative comments I think what a ‘Knob Head’

    In 2005 I suffered a brain injury which has left me with mental and physical disabilities.
    Unfortunately I do get confused and get things wrong, so I apologise in advance.

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    No genuine disabled person would begrudge someone getting a grant towards a  suitable vehicle.
    It’s what they are there for, they offer a life line for thousands of people who would likely be housebound without them.

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    What I find objectionable about the comments such as ‘why should you have a better car than you can afford’ is that it is based  on a view of disability that sees disabled people as being passive and not having real lives with families and jobs which can all legitimately affect the suitability of a vehicle.

    Also, if a charity has the aim of helping disabled people to become mobile then they can’t be criticised for doing just that.

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