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    Fair play to the grants team at motobility. they have done a great job. Enquired about a grant for the upfront yesterday (13/07/20).

    Got a call this morning and started filling form out. I was sent a copy to complete. Submitted, Then get an email for additional evidence. Gathered all the evidence & submitted. Got a call from a lovely lady stating the awarded the full amount at 15:10.

    So from 09:10 to 15:10 the whole process was completed.

    Just have to wait until September for it to arrive.

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    Thanks Mike and Mitch much appreciated,  Good luck Mark Pithers

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    Hi Mark


    have you tried the grants team & ask if the AP can be done retrospectively. I ordered the car when the grants team where closed  end Q2. went up in Q£, spoke to te grants team & they awarded. Good luck

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    Hi Mike,

    I’ll give that a go. Nothing to lose!

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    Is there a way to speak to the grants team that isn’t on the phone? I’m not good on the phone and usually use live chat. 

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    Hi Zoe


    I am sure you can explain that you would rather live chat, after all they need to be aware of peoples circumstances

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    What a daft thing to say they haven’t funded equipment for anyone it’s about a suitable car not putting kit in it.

    Jesus is it not enough that some able bodied give us grief about “free” cars that we need to turn on each other because someone got a grant for a 4wd?The whole point of motability is so we can get out & live a “normal” life that does include hobbies.

    Why can’t we all just be happy for each other when something good happens? This isn’t just aimed at any one person but come on the Tories try & take everything away we don’t need to be sniping each other too folks.

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    Can I ask what information they require to assess your eligibility so I can gather it for when I call?

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    Everything about motabilty grants

    Zoe what are you hoping to get a grant towards ?

    Grants for Cars and Vehicle Adaptations

    Grants for Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles

    Grants for Complex Driving Solutions

    How do I apply?

    To apply for funding from one of these grants programmes, contact Motability on 0800 023 4331. We will discuss what you need and if we think we can help, we will send you an application form (digital and paper versions available). You may speak with one of our business partners first, as there may be alternative options available to you.

    I can’t see any option for live chat Zoe, but to ask when you call.

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    From Motibility website, reasons for awarding grants:-

    These are the key things that we take into account to help prioritise our funding:

    Aside from the disabled person’s own mobility needs, Motability will consider their immediate family who live in the same household. This means a spouse/ partner, parents, siblings or children up to the age of 16.
    Motability can also take into account other members of the household in receipt of the Higher Rate Disability Living Allowance or Enhanced Rate of the Mobility Component of Personal Independence Payment and who do not lease their own Motability Scheme vehicles.
    Motability will also, in as far as possible, take into account paid carers. This is dependent on the nature of the care provided, the times at which care is given and the extent to which the carer needs to travel in the vehicle.
    When considering the type of vehicle for which Motability might provide help, the following will generally be taken into account: Attending school, college or work including taking account of any reasonable equipment that is essential to those activities.
    Attending school, college or work including taking account of any reasonable equipment that is essential to those activities.
    Carrying out normal, day-to-day activities locally.
    Attending hospital and doctor appointments.
    Carrying essential and frequently needed mobility equipment, such as a wheelchair, small or medium sized scooter or walking frame. This does not include spare items.
    Carrying any essential medical equipment such as an oxygen cylinder or dialysis equipment.
    Carrying items for respite care, if undertaken on a frequent basis at a location some distance away from home.
    Disability-related equipment to enable participation in sporting activities.
    Accommodating an assistance dog.


    Generally, the following is not taken into account:

    Any vehicle or adaptation that has been ordered or delivered prior to a decision being made.
    Additional seating for children over 16.
    Additional seating for a carer’s children.
    Medically unproven representations regarding comfort of ride and/or seating.
    The ability to carry a large, all-terrain or road-legal scooter or all-terrain wheelchair.
    Towing requirements, for example; caravan, horsebox, boats.
    Accommodating friends, relatives or others who do not live in the same household.
    Travelling abroad.
    The provision of changing or washing facilities ‘in-vehicle’.
    Accommodation of hoists or ‘day-beds’.
    Accommodation of equipment or luggage for holidays.
    Accommodation of equipment for hobbies and leisure pursuits.
    Fuel type.
    Fuel consumption.

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    I finally contacted them today and they were lovely on the phone and emailed the form straight over and I filled it and sent it back and emailed the documents required. I think having an income related benefit is a criteria or certainly helps as they asked me at both stages what I got. I filled in lots of detail even if it seemed minor as to why I ordered the car I did so now just have to wait and see what they say. I’m not too hopeful as I’ve heard they prefer you to take a lower spec car but can only try and if not the credit card will take a massive hit. Thanks for the advice though as I thought it was still closed to existing customers

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    Good work Zoe

    I hope it goes well for you. Please do let us know the end result.

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    james boyce

    I emailed the grants team wed night they called me on Thursday and on Friday approved my grant for a ford galaxy auto today

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    So I have finally heard back from the grants team and they have awarded a grant which is lower than the AP of the vehicle I have ordered which I don’t mind and am very grateful for. The woman who called was not the guy I had been speaking to previously and she was unaware that the car had already been ordered and said they still have to approve the car. I tried to explain to her that it was ordered and approved and I have my pin already but she said they had to approve it . I thought they had to approve the car before awarding the grant so I’m confused now, can they make me cancel the car?

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    That’s a strange one Zoe. I get the feeling if you called again and asked them to clarify, you would get a different answer. Either way I would call them again.

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    Yes I think she got confused as I thought they had to check the car out and approve it firstly . I will wait to see what the letter says and send it to the dealer what will be will be. Just the car is already on order to be built so I don’t know why she is saying that.

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    You may have put the cart before the horse by ordering the car before arranging the grant.

    However I would think that another phone call wouldn’t go amiss –  I am sure it will get sorted.

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    Yes I did order the car they were also closed at the time and my car now is not suitable and due to long build times I had to order. I was told my motability at the time to order the car and do it after on the online chat due to them being closed and others have done the same. I’m sure it’ll become clear when I get the letter, I was just worried they would cancel the order on me but doesn’t seem they will.

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    I got my grant approved today £1649 towards an AP, chap on the phone was very helpful and said I can top it up if need be. He said the grant was based on a medium sized SUV/MPV with heated seats.

    Ive looked at the Mini Countryman, Mercedes B Class, Volvo XC40, unfortunately he said the cars already have to be equipped with heated seats as a standard spec and can’t add it as an option as that’s what the grant is based on, which isn’t really a problem.


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    How does the grant work? After been approved do Motibility give the customer a list of cars to choose from or is the customer given a grant of £££.

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    From what I can make of it, they look at what you need in a car to make it accessible for your disability. For instance if you need an electric tailgate or an automatic and reversing camera etc they allow for it. As AP are usually higher on cars like this. They take into account your income and do a means test if you don’t get income related benefits. They then tell you what level grant you have and what elements of the car it’s for and you can go and look for that and hand the dealer the grant letter so they know the grants team if paying that portion of the advanced payment or for the adaptions required. It’s a simple process really just fill in a form and send the evidence giving as much information as to why you need the aspects of the car you are looking for. They are very nice and helpful and not judgemental at all so worth giving a call.

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    Thanks Zoe

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    Do they take into account your expenditure too, especially essentials like mortgage, bills etc? I’m not on means tested low income benefits as I earn an average wage but I live on my own and have a huge mortgage on my small bungalow, not helped by my age so have less years to pay it off.

    My automatic BMW Gran Tourer with hand controls & L foot accelerator is up for renewal Sep 21 but I’m now in need of a WAV due to health deterioration, so at present am restricted in what I can do away from home. Also the constant need to pull the hand accelerator is hurting my hand despite being set as light as possible. I barely use the L foot accelerator now that my L leg is worse and I’ve not been able to drive with my R leg for +10yrs.

    It’s killing me having to manually lift the components of my WHILL C powerchair on and off the back seat whilst leaning against the door jam and balancing on my least worst but still painful leg.

    I financed my secondhand WHILL with a 4-yr personal loan (to afford the monthly payments) as I could no longer manage even basic daily living without a powerchair, especially as I’ve nobody at home to help me beyond my unofficially trained pooches. I’ve been on the Wheelchair Services waiting list for nearly a year, which I believe is normal but appointments have cancelled by them due to lockdown so who knows when I’ll get to see them?

    I’m also hugely disappointed in the WHILL’s off-road capabilities – the limited info I found before purchase showed it going on grass and beachside tracks etc but it judders like crazy causing immense pain and gets thrown off direction by any lumps and bumps like metalled tracks (even the better ones) or stones. It’s fine for indoors, shopping and flat pavements but not much else despite TGA claiming otherwise. I tried others but couldn’t lift the folding one-piece ones into the car myself, so the ex-demonstrator WHILL was the only one I could vaguely manage to get onto the back seat in pieces last year before my 2nd leg deteriorated further.

    I’ve got a heavy crash-tested dog cage strapped down in the boot which prevents me getting a hoist. My dogs are my world and I’m super safety conscious. Especially as the start of my problems many years ago was due to being concertina’d front and rear by an oncoming speeding car (100mph on an A road on a dark winter’s night), which lost control and hit me head on.

    I have a big comfortable mobility scooter (bought secondhand in 2012) but can’t get it in a car without removing the 35kg dog cage and taking the big non-folding seat off first which weighs in at 21kg. Therefore I’m restricted to using it from home only. Hence the earlier reply about big scooters and off-road wheelchairs not being taken into account really worries me.

    My main hobbies have always been outdoor-related – birdwatching, landscape/wildlife photography and dog stuff. I’m so fed up that I can no longer go anywhere in the car to do these. I’d love nothing more than to be able to take my dogs to a woods or disused railway track or even go myself to an accessible nature reserve. Yes, I’ve gone for drives to look at the scenery but the dogs and I got frustrated that we couldn’t get out anywhere to go for a ’walk’.

    My request to work from home permanently has just been declined, despite working fine from home during lockdown. So by October I’ll have to be back in the office, which will mean having to lift my WHILL in and out of the car myself 4-8 times a day (I have to go home for lunch) come rain or shine. Not great with dodgy shoulders, back, wrists and hands too!

    I don’t find the WHILL very comfortable anyway due to the hard tyres and lack of suspension, let alone on uneven ground, so overall I’m stuck with an unsuitable car, unsuitable powerchair for outdoors and a great 8yr old mobility scooter that I can’t take anywhere or afford to replace. My garden isn’t accessible either but that’s a different story!

    I had a bad experience late last year with a local council grant application to convert my tiny bathroom into a wet room, as recommended by the OT. They dismissed it straight off purely on my earnings alone despite not having savings or much left at all at the end of each month after my essential outgoings. So I can’t even get into my bathroom by wheelchair.

    Sorry for the long message. I’m just feeling stressed out and scared by all of this.

    I don’t consider life all bad. I’m lucky to still be alive, I have a good job (although full-time is detrimental on my health but essential to keep a roof over my head), my 2 dogs keep me going and have great elderly parents 25 miles away 🙂

    What are my options? Should I pluck up the courage to speak to Motability?

    This forum is great BTW!






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    I didn’t need a means test as I get housing benefit but you are required to give your bank statements for the past month from all your accounts so I would say they definitely look at what you spend. I would say though make sure you put all that information into your application as that is how they determine what grant to give you. They look at the illness and how it affects you and what you need to drive safely. It’s a simple process and the staff are lovely and talk you through each step. It might be worth applying now so you know the award should it be granted towards AP and any adaptions you will require. That way when you are looking for your new car you know exactly what you can afford. Good luck

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    Its worth motability give applicants a grant cause then they have them signed up for 3 to 5 years lease, its good for business i would say .

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    Hi Zoe and Martino

    Thanks so much for responding. Sounds positive and very reassuring. I’ll give them a call to see if there’s a solution to my situation. No harm in applying for the grants

    Much appreciated


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