Motability Warning of Q4 price increases

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    Which Mobility Car


    Due to the COVID-19 restrictions, many customers received an automatic lease extension to give them peace of mind and continuous mobility.

    Now that dealerships have reopened, it’s a good time to reach out to eligible customers and encourage them to renew before 1 October.
    Remind customers that they don’t need to wait until the end of the lease extension period to renew.

    Prices may increase in Quarter 4
    We’re advising customers to act quickly to protect against potential price rises due to disrupted supply chains and a challenging marketplace.

    Our price guarantee means the customer pays the price stated on the day the application is submitted, no matter when the vehicle is delivered.

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    TheSUVguy,  thanks I didn’t realise that. Do you think it’ll be a big change?  I was going for tucson but salesman says there’s only a few left in country so only two colours, not the choice that motability show in models and a brand new car coming March/April  but AP is still over £2k just now.

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    SUV guy the X1 has had the facelift. And still on the scheme. I was offered it in june

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    The face lift was out in 2019 I think. Its nice but still has the old style clocks, and not the digital kit the new bmw cars have

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    Xdrive auto is £2500

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    Anthony, Apologies for the delay.

    The original memo was sent from Motability to dealers in an attempt to have them contact their Motability customers and cajole them/us into buying this quarter.
    The top and bottom, in my opinion, is that regardless of what’s happening in the rest of the automotive business, Motability have kind of set the scene here by suggesting that Q4, Motability prices will be higher.

    🏎 I will be remembered for nothing but had great fun doing it 🏎

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