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    Hi guys, just after a little advice. We have just put in a application for our first motability car for my son who suffers from numerous health and mental conditions. After my son reading into Motability terms/conditions etc he has read that they sometimes fit tracking devices on vehicles. Obviously this is no issue whatsoever to me nor his other named driver,although as he also suffers from paranoid schizophrenia he know believes they will be monitoring and watching he’s every move! (I’m sure this is not the case noR the reasoning) I have a friend who currently  has a motability vehicle and she has never heard of this before. Can anybody shed some light on this? Will we be made aware of this happening before hand? If so, at what point of the ordering process will thiS  mentioned to us?I’m a little concerned as we have already paid AP to dealer and motability page states could lose part of deposit if cancelled. Thanks. 

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    By law they have to notify you if they intend to fit a device and also declare what and why they are tracking.

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    Thank you Elliot, I  appreciate you taking the time out to reply. Do you know if it’s something they would of brought up With us before application was approved I.e (during application checks etc) I don’t want it popping up later on , As there’s no chance he will continue with the order if it comes to that,  but at the same time I don’t want us to lose any of our AP for cancelling order later on. Thank you.

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    A tracking device “may be fitted” if…

    Who can drive for you
    In order to protect the Scheme, there are a few rules surrounding who can drive your vehicle:

    Named drivers must live within five miles of the disabled customer’s address. We will, however, consider requests to include drivers outside of this range where this is essential to support the customer’s mobility needs
    If none of the named drivers live at the disabled customer’s address, or the disabled customer lives in a care home where a number of drivers have access to the vehicle, we may consider fitting a location tracker. This is to ensure the customer is gaining direct benefit from the vehicle. We will always speak to the customer to discuss this in advance of a tracker being fitted.

    I hope this helps

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    Check this further, of course, but I believe the Trackers are only fitted to

    a) Vehicles belonging to disabled people who live at a Facility to ensure that Staff don’t illegally use the vehicle for their own purposes, rather than for the benefit of the Disabled person to whom the vehicle is registered; or

    b) Vehicles registered to a person where Fraudulent use has previously been proven.

    As I assume) neither case applies to your son, he can be assured that his vehicle will NOT have a Tracker.


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    What are Location Trackers?

    The Motability Scheme lease package includes cover for two named drivers, however regardless of who is driving the car should always be used for the benefit of the disabled customer. To ensure that our customers are gaining direct benefit from their Motability Scheme car, we may consider fitting location trackers to applications for new cars where the risk of potential misuse is highest. For example, where customers permanently live in a care home and have a number of drivers who have access to the car, or if none of the customer’s named drivers are resident at their address.

    Where a location tracker has been identified as appropriate we will always speak to the customer in advance of the tracker being fitted. Data will only be collected on the location of a car at any given point and we will only make use of this data where we receive a report, or suspect, that a car may be being misused.

    Location trackers are just one of the many ways that we act to protect the Scheme from abuse and to ensure that the cars are used for the benefit of our customers.
    Back to FAQs

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    Js (just saying)

    It only really comes into play depending on the distance in miles between between the receipent and named drivers. If someone lives more than 5 miles away they do sometimes insist on a tracker. If your address is the same as your sons and the other driver further then it sometimes pays to hold off and add on additional drivers after collection of the car.

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    It does Joss yes.. and again thank you for the reply and your info. I live at same address as my son although the other driver doesn’t.  I suppose the question I would like information on is “at what point of the ordering process would they inform us of this happening ? And do we have a choice if they decide to do that?

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    Ok so I can’t keep up with replying to individual messages haha. So thank you to everyone who took ther time out to post their view on this. Anymore info/advice will be much appreciated. Thank you all.

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    Just to put part of your mind at rest, you are free to cancel any time up until you enter your pin number at the dealer when collecting the car.  If you have paid a deposit with the dealer, that may be subject to other terms as it’s a dealer deposit, not an AP deposit.  Technically, you can show up at the dealer, find the car exactly as you ordered, perfect in every way, zero problems, and still back out because, I dunno, your right ear itches lol.  There is ZERO commitment until the point you put your PIN number into the dealer system – that’s effectively your signature to the agreement with Motability.

    Have you paid anything yet? If not, absolutely nothing to worry about. If you have, there’s still probably next to nothing to worry about. Motability doesn’t ban dealers taking order deposits, but they don’t authorise take the entire AP as a deposit (as far as I know anyway)

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    Hi Colin, yes I was asked to pay deposit in dealership at time of order. Although they advised me to wait for application to be accepted from notability first, which I did, that took about 48hours to be approved at which point I called dealership back  and paid deposit  directly to them and order was then placed. I read on motability site that the dealership can withhold some of that deposit if order is cancelled especially if it’s already been built etc. Which is why I was wondering at what point of ordering process would Motability inform you of tracking device being fitted. Thank you.

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    Motability are usually pretty reasonable. If they ask about fitting a tracker, just tell them the truth as you’ve put here – explain that it would terrify your son, render the car completely useless for his purposes (which is what the whole point of the scheme is) and that you would rather be without the car than have to deal with the consequences of the tracker being there. I personally wouldn’t call them in advance about it – I’ll be honest, the first thing I would think if someone was trying to avoid a tracker would be that it probably means a tracker is justified, but that may well just be the way my mind works.

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    usually you pay the ap on collection day, a dealer may ask for a deposit for any extras you order. ive just ordered my next car and the ap plus extras less the dealers contribution leaves £448 to pay but not until collection day.

    regarding the tracker i would have thought they would have requested it by now if they wanted one. as previously stated by others its usually in cases where the vehicle could be misused by others when the disabled person has less control over its use.

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    Yes Colin I totally agree. I had thought about just calling and asking them directly, rather than asking in a forum etc. As you pointed out that may not be the best way about it. And any way who better to ask for info than the people already using the scheme 🙂

    Thanks a lot mate.

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    I really think a statement about his medically acknowledged paranoia is the trump card here – I can’t see Motability taking action which will either prevent the car being used, or effectively force the car to be used in a way which is directly opposite to the rules.

    PLEASE note, I said the statement would be the trump card, not the condition…

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    Hi Mitch , Beginning to seem strange now that I was asked for deposit and in fact the car I ordered had no extras added, Although the AP Was a little high. £995 (I’ve only payed a fraction of this as of now)

    I thought that in regards to tracking device. .. Surely this would of been raised before  approving application and authorising build of car etc.

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    Thanks Colin. I suppose best way is just wait and see and if it does, just explain the situation and hope they understand.

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    On the topic of trackers ( sort of )  it reminded me of when I returned my 1 year old BMW 220i  and as I always wondered where and what happened to the cars once returned I found myself logging into my still active BMW phone App and following it around the country from here in the South Coast thro county to county in fact after a stop at Watford and then a week at a collection centre in the midlands it ended up in a vauxhall dealers in Edinburgh of all places.

    I looked on the dealers web site to see how much it was being sold for and once I saw the pictures of the car I quickly realised that the parcel shelf might well be still in my shed Oooppps  shelf  similar used one on Ebay now £160 🙂

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    I paid a “nominal” £100 deposit on my car which is due any time – the AP was a chunk higher at £2199 but the car is utterly stock, no extras

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    Hey delta ,that’s  quite a unique story haha.  I was actually wondering myself what happens with them after the lease. I was told you had the offer to buy them at one point, but this option is no longer available
    was that a  tracker fitted by motability?

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    I paid £500 of my £1995. What car did you go for? We found Choosing can be quite challenging.

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    You do have the option to buy the car at the end of the lease but, frankly, there are a lot of reasons not to and only really one or two in favour. Motability basically demands full book value for the car, no discounts or favours, and no negotiation, it is take it or leave it, on top of which they rarely do the third service so chances are you’ll be on the hook for that service almost immediately.  Several people have managed to save a bit by buying the car from the dealer who buys it from Motability – while they ask US for every penny they can get, they appear to be more reasonable with the dealers.

    On the plus side, you DO have the peace of mind of knowing exactly how the car has been maintained and how it was been treated (assuming you didn’t drive it like you stole it lol)

    Frankly unless you REALLY want it, it isn’t worth it overall

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    Buying your car can be problematical. When I first joined Motability a quarter of a century ago, a full service and inspection was carried out on a twelve monthly basis. In the last few years my leased car has had far less maintenance than is advisable were it a privately owned car. I have had two break downs with my current vehicle which are directly attributable to that lack of technical care. Two years to the first oil and filter change at 20,000 + miles is not acceptable.

    I obviously know the car and how we’ve looked after it, and it still looks like a new vehicle, but I worry about it’s mechanical longevity. Considering BMW’s huge hourly repair and maintenance rates, buying it at three years of age would be a financial gamble.


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    I never knew this option was still available although, it wouldn’t be something I would personally be interested in.

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    Standard fitting on the 220i 2018 and  3yrs free use for all mobility customers

    The 12 month old car with 7000 miles was worth £30,000 now the car was up for sale for £19,000

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    I think the scheme is amazing and I have used it for the last 10 years although my most recent order was fitted with one and I personally think the trackers  are a nightmare I’ve received so many calls questioning things!
    I can’t quite remember at which part of the ordering process motability asked me to consent to this as it was a while back  (2 years ago) but I’m pretty sure it was early on in my application, maybe someone else could clarify this.
    Good luck x

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