Motability To Open In Scotland

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    In a statement Motability comfirmed

    We’re excited to inform you that we’re well underway to establishing our new additional contact centre in Scotland.

    To begin with, the new centre will focus on supporting the increased volumes of customers who are expected to join the Scheme over the next few years. However in time, we also hope to use this hub to support digital developments, so that a customer who chooses to have digital contact receives the same excellent service as somebody who chooses to call.

    The site will primarily house approximately 80 staff with room to expand. The contact centre operations are due to be up and running from January 2020, so temporary space close to the permanent location will be used until the main site is ready in spring 2020.

    In addition to its head office in London, Motability Operations has an existing contact centre in Bristol. The new Scottish site is being developed to aid further expansion of the scheme, which already provides vehicles to more than 625,000 disabled people and their families across the UK.

    Motability Operations head of customer service Lisa Witherington said: “The opening of our new Edinburgh contact centre means we can further improve our service to customers.

    “We chose Edinburgh because we know we will be able to find the high-quality employees we need. Many major brands have call centre operations in Scotland, which means there are plenty of people with the relevant talent and experience.

    “Our call handlers are consistently praised for their professionalism by clients and our monitoring shows a continuously high level of satisfaction – we only want the best and are sure Edinburgh will deliver.”

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    Edinburger? Ppffftttt…

    Won’t be able to understand them ?

    Ken this and Ken that lol

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    What  was  wrong  with   Buckie  or  Wick   ?

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    <p style=”text-align: left;”>So what Motability are saying is that people from Western Scotland, the borders and Highlands are low quality.</p>

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    The  criteria   must have been  lets find the place  with the  most  expensive  land prices  in Scotland and  spend  some of  our  reserves  // My  heart is broken  //   IT  will be Sunshine   on  Leith  with that news  !

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    better break out the translator app.

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    There  is  plenty of  High  quality  call  girls  in  Edinburgh  deary  me i read the  original  post   wrong   sorry !

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    THE MOST EXPENSIVE PART OF SCOTLAND!!!!!!!!!!!! Typical motability.

    Why the need for another centre?

    Why not add the staff to existing offices?

    What do they know that they are not telling us? Increased number of customers when choice is reducing on the scheme, they must know something that we don’t know.

    The only person who got all his work done by Friday was Robinson Crusoe.
    Anything i post over three lines long please assume it is an article lol.

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    They  will  need a base  in Scotland  to get there cars back   when  down  the line  Scotland  joins  the  EU !

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    What would be nice if Motability had places where you could go and sit down in front of an advisor or whatever and talk face to face with a person.

    Motability have there main offices just 10 miles from where I live and when I asked if I could come to their office and have a chat about some money I owed them they just said “No way” so they might just as well set up an office on the Moon.

    It’s much the same with government departments these day where it looks as though they just haven’t got the guts to talk to you face to face with the preference to remain anonymous.

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    Oh dear I better not tell you about the money they have spent updating thier back office system, and now finally September going to improve the customer website, (but no mention of the car search) A redesign and improvements.

    oops I guess I sort of did. So:

    The Motability customer site is currently undergoing a redesign to streamline the customer experience and apply new branding.

    The revamped site is expected to go live towards the end of September. As a result, a content freeze will be in effect.

    Any events submitted from 8 September onwards will only be approved and published once the site relaunches.

    how the new website will benefit Motability customers:

    Simpler navigation with fewer links and better use of sub-headings.
    Cleaner and more simplified layout.
    Clearer user journeys split by product type: CARS, WAVs and PWS.
    Improved options to self-serve.

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    This is an unnecessary additional overhead cost which will not reduce AP or lease costs.

    80 staff+ on costs another indication that Motability is not passing on their surplus (Profits) to their disabled customers.

    How can they possibly justify additional staffing etc when there are over 800k people removed from the mobility scheme because of the introduction of the PIP assessments and criteria changes?


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    Lol fake Artificial in the Herald


    Any local residents that have noticed redevelopment to the outstanding prominent building within the affluent area of Edinburgh please be reassured it is Not Weatherspoon.

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    Should have opened it in Glasgow, that’s all I’m saying ?

    Atleast you’d get a straight to the point answer to your questions ??

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    Could this be an indication that if Scotland went for independence, then Motability would still run their business in Scotland.

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    That’s an interesting thought.

    The only person who got all his work done by Friday was Robinson Crusoe.
    Anything i post over three lines long please assume it is an article lol.

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    As part of this northern expansion they will be arranging for more dealers up there to be Motability accredited in the hope that they can get more business and as a fall back for when Scotland sods off.

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    Without getting political I think the words’sod off’is strong given the fact as a Scot im also proud to be British so from my end I’ve no intention to ‘sod off’considering ive holidayed in many beautiful parts of England over the years and maybe the bitterness should be left to the politicians and anytime you want to come to Scotland let me know as I’ll be more than glad to welcome you?

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    Hi Footloose, I feel I must defend Vinalspin, the way he said sod off wasn’t personal I’m sure.

    All We English hear from Nicola Sturgeon and co. , is how badly treated the Scots are and how they would be better off independent from us. Well if her electorate agree, Good riddance, we are fed up with treating Scots special, so Sod off.

    Of course the many Scots wishing to be part of a United Great Britain are always welcome.

    To get back to the Motability office question, why do we need another centre anywhere. Just increase the staff where they are and keep costs down. If they wish to particularly employ Scots there’s enough of them in England to recruit.

    Regards, wonky

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    I’m sure nobody meant to be rude or intentionally provocative,

    it must be rugby season everyone seems to turn into a Scots/Welsh/Irish and any other sort of Somethingman but hey-ho

    I think it’s a good business decision it’s just unfortunate they felt they had to spend millions doing so on top of emptying the pot with donations to the charity. Now it’s left them with every pound spent is a pound borrowed now that’s Not good business! But it appeases the people and pleases the banks, as long as it doesn’t look like the business is in the black it’s all good! Ridiculous.

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    Vinalspin, Wonky it seems you are the only two who are upset with this thread so let’s get back to the original thread.

    Picking Edinburgh to house this new department is bonkers, if its to be in Scotland, Glasgow would be the best location. So much cheaper for office space and transport links are just as good maybe better.

    The only person who got all his work done by Friday was Robinson Crusoe.
    Anything i post over three lines long please assume it is an article lol.

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    I agree I’ve never understood why they and other corporations have such prominent positions within cities and towns, if they were to sell the London offices and art collection They would be able to buy Glasgow (so to speak)

    answering a phone and board meetings can be anywhere, it’s not a retail premise that is reliable on positions and footfall.

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    It’s not just about office’s in major cities, if they went to smaller cities they could boost employment for areas where jobs are needed.

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    What we don’t know of course, is what inducements have been offered to Motability to locate their contact centre in Edinburgh vice Glasgow.

    Has the Scottish Government, Edinburgh Council etc ‘sweetened the pot’ to get the contact centre located in Edinburgh? Be it under the guise of Business Development Grants/Loans, ‘Rates Free’ deals for a period or whatever.

    There is probably more to this than we are being told.


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    Saints man the problem with that is transport links, smaller towns don’t always have transport infrastructure to entice big business to move in. The beauty of Edinburgh and Glasgow is they are only about 40 miles apart and links between them are excellent. Most of the tech people who will be after these jobs will live in or around these cities.

    The only person who got all his work done by Friday was Robinson Crusoe.
    Anything i post over three lines long please assume it is an article lol.

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