motability search facility not fit for purpose????

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    as regulars will be aware i have a mini 3dr auto cooper 7 and whilst its great due to a slipped disc creating additional problems i may need to change to something easier to get in and out of. due to this additional problem i struggle at the mo to get out to dealers and look at alternatives so i rely on this forum and the motability search thingy and its driving me nuts basically. the following is a typical example.

    i need an auto so that reduces the 1900 odd cars to 829, now needing a higher seat i  select mpv/suv and  it goes down to 276 and if i say no ap as i will lose gcb and my veterans grant it goes down to 39.

    now that is 39 vehicles when you look at it the torneo and caddy arent appropriate and when you go through the list its actually 11 vehicles the rest are just variations of that model. they are:





    bmw 2 series

    jeep renegade



    golf sv


    tuigan match.

    immediately you can see just selecting suv mpv doesnt give you all the options with a higher seating position so you then have to start adding back other categories which give you loads of options that arent relevant. just adding back small cars gives you:




    c3 aircross

    ds3 crossback




    2008 suv

    fiat 500

    mini countryman


    you might as well just select all and trawl through it.

    oh and i get wpms so the choice for pip would be less.

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    Hi  mitch  your  right  it is not fit for purpose !  If you go  to medium  cars you will find  the  Qashqai  me i class it as a SUV  ?     Peugeot  5008  SUV   comes under  MPVs   just a couple of examples   of  how crap it is   !

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    Rather than select MPV/SUV I tend to search and then alter the accessibility needs to find higher seated vehicles. BUT and it’s a big BUT, not all vehicles on the scheme have their accessibility details recorded and it omits all of those.

    In my experience it’s better to just search for auto’s and then sift through the longer list to be sure you haven’t missed anything suitable.

    People have been complaining about the inadequacies of the search function for ever but they don’t seem to be in any rush to improve it.

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    The fact that most of the check boxes are already “ticked” annoys me. I would rather have them unchecked so I can select what I want, rather then deselect everything.

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    Don’t forget the Suzuki s-cross. That was listed as small car at one point. Don’t know if it still is.

    One thing I hate about the search is if you have a large number of cars to look at and you go along the pages it goes weird and only show one car.

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    wazza, no it didnt come up when i put small cars back in, i didnt look at medium or large as i had lost patience by then and as jamesg points out the quashqai is in the medium bracket.and the 5008. so theres probably loads more. i will take a deep breath and have another play in a bit lol.


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    Just take your time and have a good look through the selection of cars, it is a big decision which take up some research, you will be surprised what you will turn up.

    In 2005 I suffered a brain injury which has left me with mental and physical disabilities.
    Unfortunately I do get confused and get things wrong, so I apologise in advance.

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    ok adding medium gives you:

    mgzs, scross, c4 cactus, ecosport, 500x, mokka, stonic, ateca, qashqai, and q2.

    adding large only adds the octavia.

    so mpv/suv,small,medium,large all selected.

    are there any 0 ap autos with high seating missing?

    i will let you know lol.

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    dave h

    Call mobility explain your problems and ask if you can get grant for AP looking at ateca fr 2.0tdi £799 that has sports seats with good side bolsters that may suit you

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    i think i am just going to stick with scrolling through everything with automatic the only selection it means wading through 839 options each time but at least i wont have missed any lol.


    wazza, suzuki have to be the sleeper in all these with 3 good options for little money, even the ignis would be an option and i am not small.

    at the moment my favourite is the countryman the cockpit is essentially the same as ive got now and the exclusive trim is almost the same as i have. the tempter in the background for an ap of £74 is the mercedes b class. a very nice place to sit.

    so see what the medics say next week and if its bad news book some test drives.

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    mitch  the Countryman  is  very  good  !  BMW  =  MERC     or  150  bhp  Captur   GT  line  at   £345   AP  I love  the  GLA   The  BMW  20 d  engine  is  strong   Good  luck  with the   search    hope back  improves

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