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    There are many questions members have about the motability scheme such as :-

    Can I extend my lease?

    Can I change my car before my contract is up and if so will it cost me anything?

    How much is the GCB and will I get it if I have a few scratches?

    What happens if I lose PIP?

    If you have any questions about motability, then this is the place to come. We have many knowledgeable members only to willing to give advice. Many of our members have been on the scheme for decades and know virtually everything there is to know about the scheme.


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    Do you have a motability on line account? if so it may confirm for you, though not sure. Have you been given a hand over day Tina?

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    I’ve got an account but it just says I will receive an email when dealer confirms when WAV will be ready, I found out today off motability operations that the DVLA have re registered the car in my name and the dealer needs to give me a delivery date. It’s been a long slow process so I’m just wondering if I have the paperwork and pin etc off motability and the car is registered in my name if I can have delivery of it next week

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    Thanks for the answer @BigDave

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    I’ve now been told off the dealer that motability operations got it wrong and the DVLA have not processed it in my name yet as he’s only started the process today 🙄 he has said I should have the WAV by a week and a halfs time so I’m assuming he’s doing the process online , does anyone know if this sounds right ? I feel like I’m being palmed off again 🙁

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    Hi, I am considering switching to my first EV and am aware that Motability install the wall charger as part of the contract but did I read somewhere that you must have a smart meter first before you start the process of ordering.My home supplier is OCTOPUS and any information on the initial process would be appriciated,

    Thanks Barry.



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    General question, if the benefit rates go up next April as is entirely possible with the inflation rate running high, how does that affect the weekly payment schedule.?

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    @Colin It doesn’t make any difference. If the mobility rate increases Motability benefits.

    That’s why the pricing always states “total allowance” rather than a fixed amount.

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    Thanks that’s a good point it does say total allowance. Seems a bit unfair to me.

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    Yep. PIP  might go up £7 a week with inflation next year so Motability will benefit from all cars that cost full allowance. However cars that cost less than full allowance – the customer benefits from the theoretical £7/week

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