Motability question? We can answer it.

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    There are many questions members have about the motability scheme such as :-

    Can I extend my lease?

    Can I change my car before my contract is up and if so will it cost me anything?

    How much is the GCB and will I get it if I have a few scratches?

    What happens if I lose PIP?

    If you have any questions about motability, then this is the place to come. We have many knowledgeable members only to willing to give advice. Many of our members have been on the scheme for decades and know virtually everything there is to know about the scheme.


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    Pretty sure our current car was a demonstrator also it was registered 3 months before we got it. By demonstrator I mean showroom and not driven. Motability had no problem with it. This was at the height of lockdowns in nov 2020 .

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    Not sure if this is helpful but if for any reason you need a hoist or any new adaption to still drive the motability car you have de to changes in health you should go straight to the Grants team as i had a hoist fitted in my over one year old car and they helped me rather than terminate the car.


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    Quick question, ordered a mokka e at the very beginning of January, ultimate trim, Ā£200 AP, but for some unknown reason the vehicle has still not made it to production despite people ordering later than us up to march receiving there vehicle’s already, anyway from 1st of july all new vehicle’s that ho through production will be the new version of the ultimate trim but come without full leather, wireless phone charger and few other bits, but the AP has reduced to Ā£0 on new orders, now given the fact im not going to receive the vehicle spec i ordered and will get the new one, shouldn’t my AP drop to Ā£0 as well in line with the new spec, seems pretty unfair if we lose out on features from the model we ordered and still expected to pay the old AP.

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    I agree. Take it up with the dealer, if they don’t play nicely get on to Motability.

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