Motability Handovers of All honda's On hold? due to the hack

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    I  had arranged a new date to exchange after covid skuppered the 15th of april change over.

    ALL was arranged for monday the 15th of june, But because of the hack on honda it didn’t happened. As they cannot register the car..

    The auto reg system with the dvla is not up and working and the dealer’s manager told me today that Motability Handovers of All honda’s are On hold? Guessing until it’s back up and running, until when??

    No one seems to know and some info will be released soon to those affected on the scheme this is all i was told..

    I had spoke to Motability earlier today before i spoke to the manager at the dealers. (MB person knew nothing) but he did also say it was with the top brass at MB and they have decided for now to not handover any cars..

    The manager said they were now manually registering new cars but Motability had decided it was not compatible with the scheme, think it has something to do with the tax class or/and insurance and would cause us not to be fully legit on the road somehow, so have stopped all handovers for now.. ..

    I think it’s more of an issue than was 1st thought and maybe it has not filtered down yet that info to those on the phones.. I will call them MB tommorow but i’m done for today..

    Anyone else heard anything or had problems getting their honda after the hack last week till now from around the 5th or the 6th when factories and everything was shutdown for honda.

    crazyness 1st covid and now a hack

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    It just shows that everything is still very much up in the air regarding reliable info and motability sorting it out. I do hope that it all comes together for you Rox. It can be frustrating when things are “normal”, let alone the Covide impact on every little thing.

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    Thx, yeah it seems that way. Small problems can become not so easy ones to fix or solve right now because of covid, especally when most staff are still working from home, which i had heard includes dvla as as well. So who knows when this will be fixed..

    and how easy it was for honda’s operations to come to a halt because of a cyber attack.. They think it was because someone was working from home that it happened.. so i heard in a article but no new info since it was big news last week.. Has effected everything even the parts ordering system been down. but they all up and running it’s just the access to dvla thats not up due to i guess the risk to dvla.. so no cars can be registered using the electronic method..

    Imagine if it was dvla now they more and more connected to the net the more risk there is of an attack / or flaw in the network and they hold alot of sensitive data on ppl criminals can use or leverage like with the nhs attack before.. so i can deffo see why and understand it but the cars empty, ready and cleaned only 30 miles left in the tank and I reset the info system data on sunday night ready for the handover, so back to being in limbo again.. Maybe it’s time to cancel and wait for a nice deal to come along who knows..


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