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    Hi Guys

    Could this thread be placed as a sticky as it is useful information for applicants going through the grant application with Motability.

    As requested by Trev the Moderator I am starting a thread about applying for a grant with Motability.

    Here are some posts that have been posted on another thread.

    July 21, 2018 at 8:18 pm #56868 Reply

    Hi Guys

    Motability grant form arrived yesterday, and filled out this morning, here’s hoping they approve the grant for the Karoq 1.6 TDI DSG SEL.


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    Hi Guys

    Form sent back to Motability this morning. We now have to wait up to four week for a case worker to be appointed. So hopefully they will approve our grant.


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    Glos Guy
    I have never investigated grants. Can I just ask, are they all means tested or can you apply for one if, for example, your disability means that you have no choice but to drive an auto which, as we all know, are a lot more expensive?

    July 23, 2018 at 10:56 am #56938 Reply

    They are means tested Glos –

    Motability may be able to provide charitable grants to disabled people who would otherwise be unable to afford the Scheme vehicle, adaptations or driving lessons they need. Our funding is limited and therefore we can only help those most in need. We means test all applications and any help we give is always towards the best value solution to help you cope with your mobility needs.

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    Glos Guy
    Thanks Trev. I notice that they make no mention of what figures they consider to be the maximum ‘wealth’ for a grant, nor whether a partners financial situation is considered. Do they provide this info if you contact them? I would be interested to know what, if any, set figures they use to determine the criteria for a grant.

    July 23, 2018 at 11:30 am #56942 Reply

    I very much doubt they will Glos, it will be the usual ‘we assess each claim on its individual merits‘ I expect. The above is only what I found online, I’m not even sure if you have to be in receipt of a means tested benefit to qualify.

    I’ve been fortunate that i’ve always been able to find a car that suits our needs with little or nil AP, so haven’t applied for a grant myself.

    LB has posted what he’s been asked to provide, so it looks like they scrutinise applicants quite rigorously to ensure it only goes to those who are unable to afford the AP for a suitable vehicle…. this again is evident of the means tested.

    From what i have read online from other applicants feedback is that if you do get an award, and there are cheaper alternatives to what you say you want, they may ask you to test drive the alternative and it’s for the motability specialist at that dealership to come back to the grants team to say why it doesn’t suit their needs…. now i stress that is what i read from one person’s feedback, it may not be the case, but i don’t find that unreasonable if it is.

    The grants team also have mobile specialist that may visit you to see your disabilities for themselves to help assess the best vehicle for you.

    I certainly don’t see the grants process as cut n dry, for anyone applying it is in their benefit to look at the cheaper vehicles to see what meets their requirements, working their way up the AP scale till something suits perfect and apply for that vehicle giving evidence in your application of the research you have done.

    There may be a need for options to be added i.e heated seats, and they will look if it’s cheaper to go the next trim up if those options come as standard – whatever is the cheapest route, that’s the way the grant works.

    Sorry, rambling again…. and as i stress not from a personal opinion as i don’t have one, but from what i’ve read online.

    I will finish with one doubt though – it has been said many times from people who have been awarded a grant that they can top-up that grant by 50% of the award value, e.g if you are awarded £1000 you can add £500 of your own money…. I don’t think that is right, in that if you can afford to top-up your grant award by a certain sum, then I would question if the means tested part of the application has been adhered to.

    July 23, 2018 at 12:15 pm #56944 Reply

    Hi Trev

    You are mostly correct with this. your paragraph:

    “From what i have read online from other applicants feedback is that if you do get an award, and there are cheaper alternatives to what you say you want, they may ask you to test drive the alternative and it’s for the motability specialist at that dealership to come back to the grants team to say why it doesn’t suit their needs…. now i stress that is what i read from one person’s feedback, it may not be the case, but i don’t find that unreasonable if it is”.

    This is what happened in the past to my wife, when she wanted a Renault Modus she was knocked down by Motability, and given a choice of three different vehicles, one of which she needed to take, otherwise she was not allowed onto the scheme.

    As for your final paragraph:

    “I will finish with one doubt though – it has been said many times from people who have been awarded a grant that they can top-up that grant by 50% of the award value, e.g if you are awarded £1000 you can add £500 of your own money…. I don’t think that is right, in that if you can afford to top-up your grant award by a certain sum, then I would question if the means tested part of the application has been adhered to”.

    The application form in Section C  Household Income, the first question is ” How much, if anything, can you (or those able to help you) contribute towards the cost of your vehicle and adaptations?

    If you can contribute, Please tell us below how much you would fund this in the box below.

    Then in Bold is the following statement;

    Please note that any funds not declared, which you later add to any grant we provide, may result in your grant being reduced or withdrawn entirely.

    So with that statement both my wife and I are of the opinion is that you have to accept or reject the grant, as it is not possible to add to the grant.

    It may have been possible in the past, but we think that the system has been abused in the past so Motability charity have tightened up the criteria, quite rightly so.



    July 23, 2018 at 3:37 pm #56963 Reply

    Thanks for clarifying that LB, it’s fantastic to get feedback from someone who has first hand knowledge of the system. And it may help other members who read this in the future.

    We may have to start a new thread on the Grant process as we’ve gone off topic here and the information will soon be hidden. If you would like to create a new thread on the subject with your knowledge of how the process works, please feel free to do so.

    Hopefully you will have success with your current application, and you get the Karoq.

    July 23, 2018 at 11:00 am #56940 Reply

    Hi Glos Guy

    They are all means tested, so if like us on PIP, Income support, Carers allowance, Housing benefit and council tax benefit, you have to provide evidence of  benefit income, and all bank accounts including any savings and investments, which we have none.

    Motability Charity which is the part of the group that supply the grant, state that it has limited funds and that any grants required for the AP or adaptations will go to those persons that most need it, so therefore they have to means test any grant application.


    Hopefully this info will be helpful to anyone who intends to apply for a grant from Motability.





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    Thanks LB for taking the time to do this.

    If we leave it as it is now, and if it gets popular we can pop on as a sticky then.

    In meantime for further information on how to make a grant application here is the link to the Motability page which also has the contact number to call.

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    Hi, we have just been through the grants process for the second time so would like to add what we can.

    Firstly, the charitable side that provide grants and operations are completely separate. They do not know how the other side works so information given by say operations about the grants process may be wholly incorrect. Their views on suitable cars and categories of car also differ wildly (for instance in what constitutes a medium sized SUV). This means that cars listed within one category on the motability website may be listed very differently by the charity for the purposes of a grant. It makes it very difficult to get a sense of what you may or may not be offered financial help towards.

    All grants are means tested and limited to the lower APs (or a contribution towards) within the category assigned for your needs. On top of this you can add the equivalent of 50% of the grant amount towards a higher AP or extras. If you go over this level or wish to choose a car that is not on the list provided the charity will question your level of need and ask how you are able make your financial contribution. Whilst the grant is designed to help offset some of the difference between say an auto and manual, in reality many times it does not.

    Know what your needs are ahead of applying in terms of accessibility/size/adaptations etc. I would say to look around, but not to go test driving many cars at this stage. It is what operations suggest you do, but we spent a lot of time doing this only to have our findings completely ignored at the initial grant application stage and in our first letter querying their grant offer.

    There is a generic grant available for each category of vehicle and this changes according to APs in the given quarter. For example, in Q2 this year the grant towards a medium SUV was half of the equivalent grant in Q4 last year. If you feel that there is not a suitable car on the list provided you will have to prove why this is the case, for example with further medical evidence or a meeting with one of the field team. The field team are great and can make suggestions you wouldn’t have thought of, but it can also be an exhausting and (we found) at times demeaning process.

    Hope that something in here may help other people thinking of applying.

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    Stuart Phillips


    I am in the middle of applying for a grant just wondering if I am successful what amounts have people been awarded. Thank you .

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    The amount will depend on what category of vehicle they think you need and what the APs are in the current quarter. Last quarter for a medium sized SUV we were given £695.

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    Should have added, that was for an automatic.

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    Stuart Phillips

    Thank you for your reply 🙂

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    Stuart Phillips


    just had the grants department on the phone saying they will let me know in a week about my application but they will tell me what car and model I am allowed I didn’t think they tell you what to have I thought they give you a amount and a class of car can anyone that has gone through a grant help please

    thank you

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    They decide which class of car you need and make a list (usually about ten cars from our experience). These will be cars at the lower end of APs within that class (so often the lower models) and that they feel meet your needs. You can ask to use the grant towards a different car if you don’t feel anything on the list is suitable, but you will have to explain why and show where any additional funds will come from if the AP/extras mean that you need to put in more than 50% above the grant level. The first time we applied the car and model we wanted was on the list and the AP fully covered by the grant, so it may all be good news once you get the letter.

    If you have any questions when the letter comes ring the team, they are very helpful over the phone.

    Hope that helps.

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    Stuart Phillips

    Thank you the way they were talking to me on the phone was as if they pick the car and that is the one you have I was really worrying thank you

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    No worries, hope it’s a good list for you

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    Stuart Phillips


    revived had my application back today and it was approved so happy to have had it 🙂

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    That’s great news

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    I’m considering applying for a motability grant. My husband and I are on enhanced PIP for care and mobility but no means tested benefits as I got an ill health retirement pension.  I had a lump sum too which will have to last me many years having had to retire at 50.  Does anyone know how much you can have in savings?



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    Hi Debs

    I don’t have an answer for the savings limit but my guess it would be along the same lines as the DWP set and that, I think, is £16,000 for a couple or half that for a single person but saying that these things seem to change with the wind so needs to be checked.

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    Thanks i thought it might be something like that. My other worry is if they wont let you choose the car you want. Thanks for your help .

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    Hi Debs, they would give you a grant for the vehicle that is suitable for you, but also for the less AP on the scheme e.g if you needed an suv, but particularly wanted a bmw, but the ford kuga would suit your needs and cheaper they would expect you to have the kuga.. if eligible…. same as if there was a suitable car on the scheme with a zero AP then you wouldn’t qualify for a grant. Motability don’t state what the savings limit is, that would be assessed on an individual basis.

    Motability are a friendly bunch, I would suggest you give them a call.

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    Does anybody know if they take a partner’s income/savings in to account? Currently I’ve always qualified for a grant because I’m on ESA etc but I’ll lose that when we get married (which I expect we will before my car is next up for renewal as it has 4 years left). I will lose all my income and in my mind, being married doesn’t give me an automatic entitlement to my wife’s savings (which aren’t huge) especially as she’ll be supporting me day to day anyway. Fear Motability could see it differently though considering the whole benefits system seems to be built on some understanding that all couples share all their money (which is not the system most people my age use). Ultimately she will be sharing most of her money with me but her grandma’s inheritence was never intended to buy me a car….there is a line! Plus I can’t make her give me that money even if Motability think that’s the way it should be, ultimately I will have no money of my own.

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    Having just went through it albeit for my daughter all they asked for was proof of benefit. Nothing about the household income etc

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    We have applied for a Grant for an Advanced payment. We have looked at options that would meet requirements, with some having pros and cons to them. One vehicle fully met all requirements. We wrote this all down on our application for our grant. Does this information get used in the consideration or does it get ignored. These days you seem to find automatic advanced payments are high and also these days to get a car that meets requirements you have to add additional packs to the car, ie park assist, auto tail gate which then take a low advanced payment into the £1000’s. However we found one that meets all requirements with an advanced payment of £1995 , which we can put some finance towards. In peoples experience is this a high deposit to be asking for? Previously before my partner had to become my carer, we always paid for the ap ourselves and any required add ons. Our current motability car I am no longer able to drive but I am due to change this month.

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    Has our renewal  is up very soon my partner who is appointee for my you 12yr old daughter rang up last week to inquire about getting some help towards the AP price on a Tiguan take into account she is Disabled to same with my other teenage daughter. I myself is also registered and I am the main driver. we told who ever was on the phone why we needed the bigger car than what we have now, and that we did not want the full AP paying just a little help. she said they will send I form out but your not getting no help with a VW Tiguan. failed to say once the form came we shredded it and will not ask again.

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    strange that as I said there are no suitable cars with heated wheel, seat bolsters  for extending with enough room for my large long lanky legs and a baby seat behind.

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    Mandy Q

    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Thanks Evwright for your exhaustive explanation. It must’ve been a great help to many, including myself.</p>
    We’ve been approved a few options and an adaptation. The car sales person, seemed judgemental about the fact I walked into the office. I have a disability scooter and wheelchair….and where I’m able to walk thirty feet today, I may not tomorrow. We even had to reschedule because I was too unwell earlier in the day. A fresh OPIOID patch plus oral morphine and I was able (uncomfortably) to walk into his office. The process took 1&1/2 hrs for him to fill out the form to order a vehicle….twenty minutes of that spent on hard selling a surface protectant I’d told him right from the outset I couldn’t have due to medical reasons. He tried three times to sell the same product! I was in pain and exhausted so I said politely I didn’t want it and his reply was that he HAS TO READ THE INFO AND DISCUSS IT FOR TWO MINUTES! (?) When I took two mins to read what I was signing he told me that I’d learn to trust him soon. I queried the rules on VAT and he said if I can walk into the office, I’m not due VAT rebate for some items. I couldn’t put my finger on it but I left feeling judged and as though I should approach him with cap in hand because he’d given me the car out of his own pocket.

    I’m ever so grateful to the Motability Charitable Scheme but apart from good manners and respect I don’t think you’ve should feel indebted to the sales person.
    <p style=”text-align: left;”>I’m nervous now that because I made the effort to walk into his office after dragging myself out of bed and taking extra medications that I’ll not be allowed a vehicle. I didn’t enjoy the process and never before for my first and second car was the process so lengthy or personal.</p>

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    That is appalling the way the so called Motability rep treated you, it’s not on.

    Call Motability tomorrow and tell them how he treated you and what he said and about the hard sell/no vat because you walked in etc and they will set it straight for you and also make sure that the rep is made aware of his responsibilities as a Motability rep.

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    Does anyone know what happens if u are awarded ur dla mobility awards bk after a tribunal and whats happens if u were awared a charity grant mobility within that time… do u need to pay bk grant or can ur dla award be not awarded because you got grant.

    Need advice as cant find any information on this

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    also if your on war pension mobility the grant isnt means tested and if they deem you need an auto they will pay up to 660 which is done through the grants system  as i just had it granted i have to pay  it out first and get it back afterwards

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