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    I have applied for a motability grant. The car i am looking at is 1749 deposit. I have tried different cars but they were unsuitable due to small boot size or they were too high. Having spoke to the grant team twice since my application was put in 6 weeks ago they have mentioned smaller cars (such as a toyato Aygo which is smaller than my current hatchback boot) which i told them weren’t suitable for a new bigger wheelchair. It seems they are reluctant to pay this judging by this. I understand they are a charity but all APs are so dear at the minute and i have never paid an AP over £200 it’s just the prices are so high and i needed tovreach out to them. Any advice?

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    Unfortunately the current car has to be changed mid lease due to the bigger wheelchair. I really hope they can help as best as they can. I didnt want to change car but the bigger wheelchair means unfortunately i have to

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    What car do you currently have and what are you hoping to change to?

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    I have a volkswagen golf at the minute but the boot is too small. Not a fan of peugeot but the peugeot 308 is similar as its a hatchback but the extra boot room fits the wheelchair and other items needed on the daily for the disability

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    I went through the grants process, and my understanding of it is first and foremost it must suit the needs of the individual and if you are a family and size of family as they recognise that all family members go out for days out etc etc.

    when I applied I had already ordered the car, yes they said about cars on the scheme which might be suitable and I informed them that I had looked at said vehicles and these were unsuitable for space or my sons needs, anyhow they gave me a grant and a list of vehicles to look at but as I already ordered the grant covered the ap.

    there was a list attached to the letter yes they were all basic trim models, and if I had wanted a different trim I would have ended up paying extra on top, but as I have a big family they allowed a seven seater and I was to choose from Vauxhall combo life up to Peugeot 5008.

    i had to give them the sizes of the special needs buggy, and how many travel in the car, can you not exaggerate the size of your wheelchair and explain that when your on your own you would be unable to take wheels off etc etc, therefore needing a boot that can fit it in assembled.

    if I can help you further I will try, that’s how it worked for me but don’t go ordering a car before you get a list of what you can order.

    as you are terminating mid lease you should get a pro rata rate on your advance ap and gcb on your current car, yes this will be paid after you hand car back but at least you can recuperate some monies.

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    Thank you so much for your help. The wheelchair is far bigger it is my son’s. I had the car ordered before the scheme opened and after a white the dealer pulled out saying that they were remodelling them and put me down for a 2021 model but once i found out they were accepting applications i put in for one. I sent away twice. The cars they mentioned were smaller than the golf boot and his wheelchair doesnt fit in the golf. So i cant only bring him to appointments only by bus. It is a nightmare worrying if he can get what suits him. Im not a fan of the car but having taking him to several garages this one was his best match unfortunately. Thank you so much for the help

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    Can you just keep going through the grants process see what they offer, then use any ap they will give to order what your son needs and you are happy driving, you only need to get the dealers letter which states the amount they will give, it doesn’t state that you have to spend it on the vehicle they say, you will just be liable for the rest of the ap, see what vehicles they say but you should get a range from what to choose from it won’t be one specific vehicle.

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    I think if you explain what vehicle suits your family’s requirements and give them good supporting evidence as to why , they will be obliging , they will always try and offer you the cheapest vehicle.


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    Thank you so much. They have offered me hyundai, renault and toyoto which werent suitable but obviously because they were low cost or nil AP. Do yous have any more advice on what i can say to try get money towards a higher AP

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    With the list of cars they offer there should also be the maximum amount of grant they will contribute. If you have this then you should look for cars suitable within this price cap and any amount you could at to it. Then go back to them with the reasons why this is suitable for you.

    Current car VW Touran SEL

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    Thanks everyone i am so anxious waiting

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