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    Ben Stewart

    Hey all,


    Bit confused by the whole grant thing may well be misinformation online or may be the case.


    We are presently looking to get our first motability car, my Mazda 5 I have is simply not big enough for our family of 2 adults 4 kids and I can’t fit my daughter’s special needs equipment in it.


    This means I’m looking at a large MPV but I’m having to go the grants process for it.


    The issue I have is that I’ve been reading you can only ever get the grant once and due to my daughter’s condition rett syndrome the next will most likely have to be a large wav which have astronomical aps.

    Is the info I’ve been reading correct and you can indeed only ever receive a grant once ?

    As if that’s the case I’m probably going to be better off trying to finance a used vehicle caddy maxi that still has the 7 seats but is already wav converted. (There are a few of them out there)

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    Which Mobility Car


    The Grants team are a helpful friendly bunch and will guide you through the application process, call them on 0300 456 4566. The lease on a new WAV is five years and this is extendable by two years in most cases. Seven years is a long time and many things can change in this period. PS. there is not an issue getting a further grant at the end of your lease.

    This is an excellent thread full of useful info on Grants:

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    Ben Stewart

    Thanks for clarifying that and the link.

    Wish I didn’t have to go that route but between lessons, test, car, 1750 quid insurance and 33mpg on a car that in all honesty I wouldn’t even have if not for daughter’s issues, managed 40 year without driving 🙂 it’s wiped savings out.


    I think I’ve covered all bases with regards to it.


    I’m not bothered what I have to drive it’s fitting the family and her  equipment in and sliding doors that matters and the only cars that met the needs were the big old beasts like the Sharan, Alhambra or up into high ap full size vans.

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    JS (justsaying)

    No frills but The Hyundai i800 is a good allrounder which due to its lower AP should be allowed or suggested by the grants team, worth a look in person to see it it suits your needs, it’s easily adaptable too.

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    The VW transporter minivan is a good option with a really low AP for what it is, its at £740 atm you missed out on the Q3 special of £222, we would have gone for it if we still had all the kids at home but as they are only sporadically with us we got away with an SUV

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    Ben Stewart

    Aye I saw that on another post would have been ideal for the low ap.


    Probably end up waiting for the Jan updates and see what happens.


    I imagine the i800 will bottom out as it’s due a facelift and a new engine in Q3. Although would pain me to go for a 25mpg option heh

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    Ben Stewart

    Just an update on this if anyone looking for info in the future.

    Got a call yesterday 3 weeks into the stated 5 week waiting time.


    The lady I spoke with had done her homework on rett syndrome (what my daughter has) her special needs equipment sizes weights etc and the myriad of vehicles on the scheme and had came to the same conclusion as I that only a lwb full size van would suffice.


    She then had a lot of further questions and statements about retts (she had really done her homework) and the general short term prognosis based on age and my daughter’s mutation type.


    Ensuring I’d considered things like privacy glass for seizures, 2nd row AC etc etc.


    Needed a couple of additional documents scanned and emailed across and will be back in touch tomorrow with a grant amount.



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    Ben Stewart

    £3499 was the grant award towards an extra large MPV which covers the full size van derivatives.


    Spacetourer XL feel will be being ordered once letter arrives. I actually preferred the i800 but just can’t justify its mpg over what will likely be a 5 year lease.

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    Sounds like you had good service there Ben, quicker than expected and the right result, well done.

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