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    Found a recent (26th Sept 2019) article from Lord Sterling about the new ‘Motability Foundation’.

    Cutting out the ‘pre-amble’ about donations from Motability Operations to Motability Charity in the past, which I think we are all aware of (see posts passim) this new announcement states:

    Today, Motability Operations has announced the decision to make a donation of £800million to Motability’s endowment fund. This donation comprises Motability Operations’ entire profits for the year, plus the release of capital reserves of £370million that was announced in June. This brings the capital reserve £370million below the September 2018 balance sheet position. The endowment fund, which will be called The Motability Foundation, will enable us to substantially extend and sustain our current grant-making programmes and introduce new initiatives, taking into account industry capacity and additional resource, for example the need for highly trained specialist staff.

    This donation was made in addition to investing in initiatives which improve the service and package offered to Scheme customers, including a £100million release to support customers. Since 2008, Motability Operations has invested £1.37billion in initiatives to support customers, such as free and subsidised vehicle adaptations, subsidised Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle pricing, alternative transport such as taxis or hire cars when a Scheme vehicle is off the road, and payments to customers when they return their vehicles in a good condition.


    However, reading the full article, it would seem that the DWP are trying to offload onto Motability (the charity) the transportation costs for ‘Access to Work’ – formerly paid for by the DWP:

    Secondly, in order to help more disabled people gain access to employment, Motability is actively working with the Department for Work and Pensions to see if we can provide grants to pay the transport related Social and Domestic Contribution on behalf of disabled people who have applied for Access to Work support.


    Which I suppose is fine in itself and very laudable, but rather than Access to Work transport costs being paid for by everyone under general taxation, it appears to be falling as a burden onto Motability Customers, who after all generate Motability Operations vast profits.

    Just my take on it anyway.

    Full article here:


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