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    So I posted the cash back deals on their Facebook group and had a great response from members everyone was pleased and then came along motability who went mad and removed the whole post and warned me against posting special offers as it’s not allowed. That says it all. People was then having ago at motability and they replied it was not allowed as their t@c say no sales or advertising of products. I kindly pointed out to them that they did it on a daily basis with different wheelchairs and scooters ect but they informed me they are allowed to advertise but us customers are not. So it appears to many that motability don’t want us to be awear of deals and send customers to other dealers. I wonder how long it will be until they say you can only order from your local dealership now.

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    I have to agree with Motability.  They have a relationship with all the dealers on the scheme.  Their Facebook page is not the place to highlight particular dealers to the prejudice of the others.  We have our own place here, why not use it? Let’s have a sticky listing dealers and current offers.

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    nick gray

    that’s already been set up, along with a new facebook group yesterday as people was going mad. its a shame as many people wont come on here they only use facebook, and we know of a dealer that complained so much to motability about the loss of customers to another dealership because the was offering better deals that motability had to get involved and cancel all their orders, now that’s not fair. if you can save 200 500 even 1000 by using another dealership we should all have the right to do so without dealers who are not offering deals complaining, maybe if dealers start looking after us more and stop using us as a last resort and a sales top up to see them over when retail sales are quite then we would all use local dealerships.

    I really can see motability putting a block on where we order cars from soon as some great dealers out their doing great offers but the one who are not are complaining.

    also last thought motability say that no advertising on their facebook site, and yet they do it, so its a little double standard and people saw what they was doing yesterday, that’s what the rant is about, why can they advertise places and yet we cant ? does not seem fair to us. not everyone know how to use a pc and internet, so facebook was the ideal place ,

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    I’m with Nick on this, motability have a facebook page and a facebook group –  the facebook page is for them to get information out on the scheme that they want existing and potential customer to know about. The facebook group, is as they call it a ‘community’ group for members to share idea’s, ask questions, reviews, etc – but by calling it a community and and stating it is for the members, then the members should be able to share what information they have as long as it abides by facebook rules. You can’t expect people to join a community and then put ankle chains and gagging orders on them. The group simply won’t survive like that, and it goes to show just that motability are only concerned with relations at manufacturer level and not dealer level… are they concerned if manufacturers catch wind of the discounts dealers are prepared to give, they may turn round and say your getting discounts from us, and the dealers, and that’s not on? Maybe, but still it’s not how a community group works….. i think the best thing motability can do is close the group and distance itself from dealer discounts.

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    Hi Trev

    My thoughts are quite radical BAN FACEBOOK completely no problem. If that happend just think how many people would be saved from online predictors, no online anti social behavior, no fraud, no nasty attacks online or physical, as they can find persons from the info they leave, if there is no facebook then there is no problem.

    Yes I know there are millions of people on there and to some it is the only way to contact them, but what did we do before this social media thing? we wrote letters or telephoned people, why can we not carry on like that?

    As you can guess I do not like facebook, never been on it, don,t intend to go on it, know lots of people that have been and have come off due to problems caused by being on there.



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    I’ll respectfully disagree with your there if i may lightbodyae55,

    As if you take facebook away, all it will mean is another will appear under a different name. Governance is what is required, put facebook on a lead and teach it to behave, and when it doesn’t fine the socks off it!

    Social media is here for the future, what is lacking is rules – what is good news is the introduction of GDPR, general data protection regulation, that comes in to force in May – social media is evolving, and the laws are now lagging behind when it should be the other way around.

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    Hi Trev

    I understand your opinion, however it has been asked before about rules and regulations for facebook, but it seems that at every level they resist any form rules for them, to me it seems to be a free for all.

    However I think it is good to differ in opinions, (mind you as I keep telling my wife mine are always right!!)


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    nick gray

    me and kam both knew that their was dealers on the facebook page and motability telling us no their is not, they are not allowed, well this morning 1 was very happy to confirm he was a dealer and asked problem ?, well well…..

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    LOL you do realise we have a book running on how long it will take for you to get kicked off that facebook page Nick lol

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    lol I have been holding back a little, but omg, its building up so much, I feel like bombing every post with everything motability told me not to post, and ill do it at night time so they wont know until the morning, its shocking whats going on in their SHOCKING !, still motability did thank me yesterday for a post I made, so maybe their is some hope, deffo think I have won poster of the month award lol

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