Motability – Do They Have Their Eye On The Ball?

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    Don’t get me wrong – great scheme and making a massive contribution to people’s lives on so many levels. My Dad was on  the Scheme all the way through the 80’s and 90’s – the cars enabling him and my Mum to go places they could only dream about.

    However, from a relatively new perspective, the Scheme seems to be suffering from ‘large organisation syndrome’ and lost sight of the daily travails of its’ main users. Much in the same way as the NHS, DWP, Social Services the Scheme appears largely bereft of user friendliness and we all know too well how frustrating the jobsworth mentality can be.

    Point in question. We’ve been waiting patiently for the VW AllSpace to come on the scheme at at point where we can replace my Daughter’s Sharan in May. Last week we received the Renewal Pack in the Post. Saturday morning the AllSpace Match came on the Scheme at a bargain price. Eventually, after much faffage, we decided to order from the supplying dealer of the Sharan – mainly due to excellent service and him being beyond trustworthy.

    Contact him with a view to ordering today only to be told the application can’t be put through the system until 12 February, exactly 3 months to the day, since the Sharan was delivered! I know for a fact it was exactly 3 years to the day today, when we visited him and the application was approved. So now we have another agonizing wait until next Tuesday and all because the system says we should. Whatever happened to the Scheme that would make it so intransigent and inflexible? I can only think the people administering it have no comprehension of the day to day consequences of having a disability or caring for someone with a disability. It is nonsensical.

    Contacted Motability via Live Chat with the fore lorn hope they might push a button on their system which might make it possible for the dealer to input the application, but no. “We can pass your comments on” My suggestion being that, with the car industry in a parlous state and lead times getting ever longer, then why oh why can’t Motability enshrine a much longer application time into their system. Lead time on AllSpace – 22 weeks, application time 12 weeks!! I know I can extend but want a replacement in a timely fashion, when I want it. It’s a no brainer for Motability too. Surely they get more for a car exchanged on time than one that is 3,6, 12 month extended. The model just doesn’t appear to make much business sense to me.

    Sorry for the rant guys. Just very frustrated after waiting for so long for the AllSpace only for my enthusiasm to be sapped by a seemingly arbitrary edict.

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    Hiya Bob,

    This topic of ordering earlier than 3 months prior to renewal pops up quite often on the forum – especially when lead times for vehicles can go beyond 3 months.

    What some others have managed to do, in order to navigate around this, is to order from a dealer that is prepared to place the order with the factory weeks before the order is placed with motability. There is an element of risk for the dealer if they agree to this, as if the customer pulls out, or motability decline the application for whatever reason, they are left with a vehicle being built with no customer allocated to it. A dealer may ask for a deposit to reduce the risk, which would come off the AP balance when it comes to pay.

    Have you discussed this option with your dealer?

    They may see it as only being a weeks wait, which could be made up in transportation / prepping time.


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    My VW dealer told me today for a small deposit we could place any order before our renewal letter was received from Motability.

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    My VW dealer told me today for a small deposit we could place any order before our renewal letter was received from Motability.

    Thanks for posting this Johnny, just goes to show dealers are willing to work with motability customer to help overcome obstacles – especially for vehicles with extended lead times.

    The only thing to watch out for on this Johnny, to protect yourself, is only let the dealer place the factory order, when the motability order will be in the same pricing quarter. If it crosses over to a new quarter the price could go up, or the vehicle removed altogether.

    There is an element of trust with the dealer when they are prepared to do this – if the quarters do cross, the dealer may agree that if the AP goes down, then you pay that lower price. I would advise anyone who places an order whereby delivery falls in to a new quarter to have this conversation with the dealer.


    I'm running the Virgin London Marathon 2019 in support of MIND The Mental Health Charity

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    Thanks for that, I trust the dealer as he seems like a nice bloke and unlike many others has been more than helpful but what you say is worth bearing in mind.

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    Thanks Trev,

    That does rather put the onus on the Individual and Dealers, rather than where it should lie, in the Scheme.

    The 2019 model year AllSpace is only likely to be available as a factory order. Three dealers I contacted have no stock, having used up the 2018 model stock when these became available after Christmas.

    We all know the time most people put into making their choice and pains to which we go to research, test and discard the unsuitable. This can be many hundreds of hours trawling the Net, all of which is made useless by the imposition of a rule that is just not fit for purpose.

    I’d concur with the sentiment of other Forum Users who insist the choices, pricing decisions, affordability, availability of automatics and, ultimately, suitability of the Scheme seems to be compromised somewhat.

    Given that people are much more willing to travel large distances for their choices, imagine someone’s experience driving 150 miles to order only to be told your a day or week too early to be able to do so. In that regard, I think the Scheme the Scheme needs to be more responsive to the needs of its’ users.

    I don’t expect the Scheme to be perfect, just proactive when problems are highlighted.


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    Hi backcountry Bob

    An excellent post given the fact that if you add the poor waiting times over many years however some have been average then it totals a few years in some cases if you have been a scheme customer for twenty or so years as I have been.I had ordered a Tiguan r line in April 2018 and by October it hadn’t progressed to the next stage in my order with several dates being given by Vw that were always different to the one given by the dealer so I cancelled the order and stuck with my existing vehicle but the wait and lack of communication from Vw as opposed to the dealer was appalling so in no way was it the fault of the dealer as they tried their best to keep me informed but with poor service and communication from the manufacturer then this was an impossible task!

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    Hi Bob,

    Did I read somewhere that you were in Sheffield and placing the order with a VW dealer in Manchester/Salford?


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    Yes that’s correct HammerHead,

    The supplying dealer for our current Sharan was Inchcape Manchester and we are in Sheffield.

    Story behind that was, 3 years ago we were looking to purchase a Passat Alltrack with my redundancy payment after leaving work to care for my, then, 18 year old Step Daughter who suffered a brain injury the year before. Rick at Inchcape was their Motability specialist but also their CARWOW man. He said what you buying for best way to get what you want is Motability. A week later we were in the Sharan!!

    I’ve always believed in credit where it’s due. He just a gut for me and I’m repaying him for the excellent service by being a return customer.

    I’ve tried two others and just didn’t believe what they said or we’re just to flippant and vague, although willing to discount a little. Trust, for me, is more important than a couple of hundred quid off. When he says it’ll be here I have faith he’ll come up with the goods!!

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    Glos Guy

    We have always ordered a month or two before our official renewal date (exactly as Trev described) in order to minimise the impact of lead times. Last years renewal was mid March and we ordered in January, with the dealer making it ‘official’ with Motability when the 12 week window opened. By then we were a couple of months into the lead time. As it was still within the same quarter there was no risk. Always done it that way and never had the slightest issue.

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    Trust, for me, is more important than a couple of hundred quid off. When he says it’ll be here I have faith he’ll come up with the goods!!

    Amen to that that Bob, I don’t think I will travel far next time I renew as its just too much trouble when or if something goes wrong.

    Goes without saying though that a little haggle will still be on the table and I will play the Bath dealers off with my local Bristol dealer but won’t travel further than that again.

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    Glos Guy,

    in our case pre-ordering wasn’t really possible – the AllSpace in Match trim only came  back on to the Scheme overnight on Friday.

    There were some last years models available from stock that we might have been available to order. Given we’ve now ended up with an AllSpace Match DSG 4- Motion for £1000 less than a stock SE nav equivalent, I don’t suppose we’ve not got anything to complain about really!

    Just the vagaries of how the Scheme works in real life.

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    Hi BackCountryBob,

    Thanks for confirming that 🙂

    I’ve always thought that dealers where akin to a ‘postcode lottery’ like a lot of things in this present day. My local VW dealer in Wigan doesn’t seem to care much and so I echo your sentiments on trust, which is why I am giving Salford a try (based on your recommendation).

    Will let you know how it goes 🙂

    PS: The guy I am talking to is Terrence (don’t know if Rick is still there but I will check on Sunday).

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    It was Inchcape Manchester I’m dealing with, not too far away from the Trafford Centre. That was part of the attraction, Rick dropped Wife and Daughter off there on the test drive, whilst I went and signed up!!

    No doubt when the AllSpace is delivered I’ll be dropping them off at Selfridges in the Sharan and picking them back up in the AllSpace. Anything to avoid shopping lol.

    Rick Blackledge – very busy man for a reason.


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