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      Hi Everyone

      When you receive your quarterly Lifestyle magazine from Motability, you will notice adverts for other Motability insurance products, such as home contents, travel or pet insurance.

      My wife and I have had the contents insurance from Motability, which is administered by RSA, the same as the car insurance, for at least eight years.

      When we Moved from Hertfordshire, to Fife in Scotland in 2010, we kept the same contents insurance. When we moved to Banffshire North East Scotland, in 2014, we transferred the insurance to the new address.

      Every year form 2015 I have had to contact RSA, at each renewal time to be able to negotiate a discount, as I could get the same cover insurance from other companies that had lower premiums, so every year I have been able to get a discount, and they have matched the other low cost premiums, until this year.

      I obtained a quote from the AA for contents insurance (as well as other companies quotes) to have the same cover as I have with Motability, and AA’s contents insurance is administered by RSA. The quote was for £135.00.

      The Motability quote was £158.88. So I contacted RSA to see if I could get a discount this year, and the young lad on the phone told me that it was not possible to offer me any discounts this time around, so I asked to speak to a manager, to see if they could offer a discount, and the young chap told me that It would not matter who I spoke to no one could offer a discount this year. So I asked him why could I get the same insurance from RSA through the AA at a lower price, and yet Motability insurance won’t match it, and its the same company administering it.he told me that if I wanted to take my business elsewhere, then that was up to me, but he could not help me any further.

      I have now decided to get my contents insurance from Endsleigh Insurance, which has come out some £44.00 cheaper.

      I did wonder if any of the forum members have had similar experiences with other Motability insurances.


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        There is no such thing as loyalty anymore .☹️


          Hi britishbulldog

          Yes I agree with you, but what I don’t understand is why the AA’s contents insurance administered by RSA, is some £25.00 cheaper, and they could not even match it, even though RSA are the administers of the Motability scheme. It seems ridiculous to me.



          kevin mitchell

            its not just contents, the best deals are put out there to attract new customers as the insurers know we are a lazy bunch and very few of us go to the hassle of shopping around every year. they rely on us accepting their renewal quote. they make a mint out of people not bothering to shop around.


              It probably a loss leader in regards to insurance policies ,but in the bigger picture they look at with all the other insurances they can promote to there new customers also not everyone will switch and they would make up the losses they make to the comparison sites prices.


                I agree with BB and i change provider each year.

                I’ve always followed the guidance from martin lewis by using just 3 comparison sites, , , and means you cover 98% of the available market.

                I only need contents insurance, have outbuilding cover, accidental damage, and personal belongings when we go out i,e mobiles phones. I quote for £45k of cover but normally get more as standard, no voluntary excess, just the standard which is between £50 – £100 depending what you would claim for………… interesting that the cover away from the home includes anywhere in europe…. anyhow i’ve never paid more than £80 for ours. I always have the policy in joint names so it covers us both when away from home….. also i done a video of each room and the shed showing all the contents we have, then save this video on my cloud storage…… should the worse happen i will have a detailed evidence of our contents in support of a claim.

                I may be wrong, but when insurance gets advertised as a special for say disabled people it will usually work out higher than you can get elsewhere. I found this out when the housing association was pushing us to take out contents insurance through them, of course they advertised it as a price per day to make it sound more affordable, but use those 3 comparison sites and it’s unlikely you’ll find cheaper.


                  Hi Trev

                  I have used Martin Lewis’s website for guidance, in the past, and with some quotes in the past being very close to RSA’s I decided to stay with them rather than the hassle of changing. As Martin Lewis has suggested in the past Haggle with your existing insurer to get  a good deal, this I have done in the past, but not this year.

                  I now have the same cover with Endsleigh insurance, some £44.00 cheaper.



                    That’s a good result there lightbodyae55,

                    I must admit i follow his site somewhat religiously, and it was on his forum that i was a board guide many years ago, under the bargain hunting section. It was great fun, very enjoyable, and had open comms to the man himself, but unfortunately i had to drop out for personal reasons. Still brings a smile to my face when i do a search on my online banking to see his name depositing money in my account lol The money saving expert giving me money lol

                    It must have been disappointing for you though for RSA to change their stance this year and not offer you a competitive quote. It’s a big shame these companies don’t honor loyalty, and for the record i would have done the same thing as you and asked to speak to a manager…… but look at it this way, if they behaved like that should you have had to make claim, then you may have just had a lucky escape!


                      True Kevin,

                      And now my parents have come to their twilight years it’s highlighted to me it’s the elderly that become victims to this. I’m having to persuade mine to let me sort their renewals out – just saved them over £200 on their buildings and contents insurance – they were with Rias which markets themselves as for the elderly, but it’s far from the truth, they weren’t competitive at all, not even when on phoning them to say we had found lower quotes they had nothing more to offer.


                        Hi Trev

                        Totally agree, it’s their loss not mine, and I have saved money too!!



                          Always remember when setting up any direct debit All of the forms are for ongoing payments! Make sure you instruct your bank of final payment date, it avoids companies automatically renewing contracts.


                            very good point there justsaying. I do online banking and check it everyday since being a victim of fraud having o2 top-ups debited from my account. Once the last payment goes out i cancel the direct debit myself, same goes when i change any supplier.

                            What i don’t like and refuse to do is give debit card information, as some supplier will use a debit card continuous payment authority to take payments, it is rare, but some will, and they are near impossible to cancel without canceling your card.

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