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      Please post reviews of your new Motability cars after you have had at least a week to get used to vehicle.

      Start post with Make, Model, Version, to make it easy to find the one you are looking for, if you click reply to that particular post it should keep the same reviews together.

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        looking very sharp there Fastbike. I hope its everything you wanted. Enjoy.

        Joss, how you getting on with the 308 GT mate?

        I have the 208 GT Premium and love it to bits. I know you’ve had the 308 for a couple of months now & was wondering what your thoughts were… likes, dislikes, etc.

        The 308 GT will be on my shortlist next change in that metallic green.


          @solent60 I am getting on very well with 308 thanks. Loving it really with all the tech stuff. Still finding more settings  when drilling down the submenus. Got it near enough to how I like it.

          As for the actual drive and handling. I find it very good. I gives confidence when corning as the suspension holds the car well. As it is auto I find that the gear changes are smooth and responsive.

          I will do a review at some point on my original thread. Averaging 34 MPG local and town. Motorway on a run returns into low 50 MPH.

          Current car: Peugeot 308 GT Premium 1.2 Pure tech Petrol

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            Mercedes cla sb 2022 model , cars is smart people ask me about it ,think its electric, but petrol cant get motability scooter in it ,can only get wheelchair in it by my carerer, car is clever, had use of mercedes me app great for first year, tells me if windows shut car locked etc, free app for 3 years, ive only had it 1 year ,it no longer functions mercedes cant fix it,?? Mercedes company awfull ,useless , replies to emails in german lol, repeatedly when in english asks whats the issue your haveing  ,3 times ,never offering remedys to fix  the rep at my dealership tried his best for me ,but company is awfull,this my experiance ,reviews all 1* red. Yes i did get my car after 2/3 years, will never have another mercedes even if it was on scheme.

            My experiance. Looks posh but too small.


              I have just taken delivery of a Peugeot 5008 GT 1.5 diesel.   This GT model is no longer available on Motability.   After a week and a half driving, my findings are mixed.  Its comfortable.  Very roomy.  Handles well and is very quiet in the cabin.  Quieter even than the Toyota Corolla I had previously.  My negatives are the lack of heated seats.  The lack of a power tailgate.  Opening isnt an issue. Closing it could be a problem for anyone not able to reach up and have sufficient strength to close it.  No wireless phone charger.  Touch screen heater controls are a big distraction from the road.

              The main reason for taking this car is to be able to load two Supa Scootas in the boot.  The only slight drawback there is you have to have the second row of seats right forward. Making the leg room less by around 6 inches.  The big advantage for me is the hoist can lift the scooters in with the seats and the steering mast still in place.

              All in all its a very nice car.  Fuel consumption is claimed to be in the 50 mpg range.  I will check this with a tank to tank test.   I will be very surprised if it manages 50 mpg.


                What is the “steering mast”?

                Do you know the model and lifting weight of the hoist.



                  Test drive, Hyundai Ionic 5, 10/06/2023

                  had a test drive in the Ionic 5 today.

                  Arrived at the local Hyundai dealership, very professional, offered coffee, squash or water.

                  They had both the Ionic 5 and Ionic 6 cars to test drive, they didn’t know the 6 had joined the scheme, nice white car, looked very nice, but for us, not an option, as it only has a boot, not a hatch,so no use for our dogs.

                  Ionic 5 was the 77kwh version in Ultimate trim rwd, however, ignoring the extras is the same as the Premium for the purposes of the test drive.

                  car painted in cyber grey.

                  Dealer showed wife how to use the controls (I currently can’t drive as I had cataract surgery that went wrong,no have lost sight in right eye and glaucoma in my good eye)

                  dealer just handed over the car for us to go on a test on our own. Excellent service.

                  TEST DRIVE

                  Easy to start, and reverse with excellent rear view camera.
                  We went on a drive around our local area local country roads, town centre roads, pothole putted roads, dual carriageway, hills and flat surfaces.

                  Car started with 88% battery and we drove in normal and with air con on.

                  Seats were very comfortable, with good side bolsters, pkeanty of room too.

                  car was really quiet and behaved excellent in all road surfaces and speeds, was actually less fidgety than our Skoda Superb estate which is comfy and quiet.

                  pick up of the power both in start and increasing speed from 40-60 plus

                  on the dual carriageway, the wife got up to 80 and the car was solid and still very quiet.

                  she found the steering responsive and straight line, not any deviation.

                  the screens were set to dark which is better for my eyes than the white background.

                  the wife loved the fact that when she indicated, a side view appeared in the screen in front of her (this I think may be an Ultimate option)

                  downsides, not many to be honest, the wife was surprised with the Kane assist, which was quite strong, actually moving the steering, also, if you don’t indicate but change lanes, the system alerts you with a bing.

                  we were both very impressed with the car.

                  travelled some 60 miles in all in all road conditions and used 4% of the battery.

                  Back at the dealership who knew I can’t place an order until 4th October, had a look at current stock. For the Premium spec, if I didn’t want a specific colour, there is stock available which is coming into the country in October.

                  They are going to see what they can do about securing one for me, as even if I don’t go with the car, the demand is so strong that they can easily sell it as at the moment all the enquiries they are getting are for EVs.

                  All in all, a excellent dealership experience, an excellent car and not a huge wait time (today woukd be a four month lead time)

                  10/10 experience



                    Thanks @RogerWilko, great review.

                    I'm Autistic, if I say something you find offensive, please let me know, I can guarantee it was unintentional.
                    I'll try to give my honest opinion but am always open to learning.



                      Yes very good review RogerWilko thank you very much. Hope the eyesight improves ASAP mate.

                      Must say great to see the Ionic 6 on the scheme, motability definitely getting their act together, well done!


                        Thanks Daf,

                        Unfortunatly the rig=ght eye has gone and in time the left eye will have further issues, it’s just one of those things I’m afraid


                          Skoda Enyaq test drive.

                          This was the second of the stars we wanted to test drive (as said in ionic 5 test drive, due to damaged caused to my eyes by a botched cataract surgery, my wife is chauffeur currently)

                          the car was a Enyaq iv80x in arctic silver with crystal grille and my preferred interior trim ofecosuite (olive brown)

                          Again, a great dealership, David the Motability salesman, handed over the keys and said bring it back before it runs out of electricity and have a good test.

                          As normal, these dealers never have the specs available to test drive that appear in the scheme, always having a higher spec,so I will ignore the items not on the available specs pkus packs I might buy.

                          The wife was first impressed with the entrance to the car, where you go up to the seat instead of lower cars like the ionic 5 where you drop down into the seat. The ionic 5 seat was more snug,having a sports style seat, with the Enyaq more like our Superb (though they had a Sportline in the showroom and that seat was more like the ionic.) but the Enyaq seat squab was longer so more comfortable.

                          I do like the eco suite trim a nice blend of olive with greys and blacks, the door LEDs are good, and when you open the door, the light drip on the door changes to red to show to other drivers it’s open.

                          we took it down a road which has traffic calming humps all the way down and it coped very well, then some country roads and finally, the motorway.

                          On all road surfaces it was quiet, comfortable, held the road well without any skittishness.

                          I thought the sat have screen looked better than the ionic 5, much more colourful and quicker.

                          the wife found the acceleration very good and enjoyed the one pedal of B mode, excellent, not having to brake. Also she was impressed with the way the screen in front of the driver woukd show the car in front of us and, at one point, changed to a bike when that was in front. Very intuitive.

                          Even though it is shorter than our superb estate,the cabin felt bigger, the boot is very good, almost as big as the superbas.

                          In all types of roads, from 30 mph to 70 mph the car returned 4.1 miles per KWH, very good.

                          Back at the dealership, we talked about deliveries and the wait time has dropped, with cars available now and even if I ordered a factory built to my spec, I could order October for January delivery.

                          only downside is the wife doesn’t think I could have the Race Blue with the eco suite interior lol race blue suites lighter trim colours.


                            Hyundai Kona Ultimate EV 2022

                            Ive had this car just over 12 months and although it wasnt my first choice, I have to say it was a good choice.

                            Once the steep learning curve was addressed, it has been a fun car to drive and has been extremely cost effective to run. We travel from the northwest to the south coast regularly and apart from its small size, it hasnt missed a beat. Yes there are all sorts of things which as you get used to it, become frustrating, such as the slow charge rate and not being able to go past 77kw, but generally, its well built and well thought out car and for the price, the spec really is amazing.

                            The only real downside for us has been the small size and this has been a real issue, so much so that Ive just ordered a Kia EV6.



                              Renault Megan Iconic

                              29 days in review

                              Home charging using the Easee home charger wasnt given a choice of the Ohme which can access cheaper night rates ( did complain got nowhere )

                              Charger itself is small and look very good as is its app

                              I chose untethered and swapped the longer easee charging cable with the smaller one supplied with the car (still wrapped up in the shed) Easee charger can be locked/opened via app or with the supplied key fob

                              App shows a log of every past charge along with its total cost

                              Back to the car

                              Had the car 29days and just completed a 200 trip over 2 days

                              I joined a dedicated Megan Etec forum and learnt a lot during the 3 month factory order wait

                              Main thing when not in use keep key cards in faraday pouches ( Some launch cars had alarm activation issues) mine has been Ok

                              I hear turning off auto lock/unlock helps which is what I did also advised to carry spare key card batteries as the supplied ones can deplete quickly

                              Car has been a dream from day one and each day is like getting into an exciting car for the first time.

                              The car is imo special in looks/tech/handling/comfort

                              Turned a few heads in Whipsnade Zoo and a few humans liked it to.

                              The car ticked all my boxes

                              Size/looks/tech/range/Economy/charge speed/safety features

                              Oh and the wife likes it

                              Having the gear selector (american style) up next to the steering wheel is so much easier as is the auto parking brake that is activated either manually with a button when you open the drivers door or even when your bum leaves the seat

                              I like that there are different driving modes to either choose from or pick out the bits you like from each mode and configure into a perso mode I use comfort settings with sport heavier steering and made that a perso mode.

                              Google enabled car that you can command to heat seats/steering wheel/navigate/change drive modes/seat heating and display all chargers on route and once selected the cars heat pump will self activate and prepare the battery enabling a quicker charge

                              I use blind spot monitoring as this car will pull you back into lane if you pull over in error

                              I dont use cruise or lane assist or the thing that steers the car for 30 secs

                              All good but not for me as I like to be in control at all times as I have been accident free for 47yrs and if it aint broke

                              Fantastic car thats quick off the mark when needed

                              Steering is very reactive and takes time to adjust to and its not a car I would want to throw around as I did with the 1.2 turbo corsa which I have just handed back

                              All in all after looking at many many cars I feel happy that I was lucky enough to grab this one when its AP was at its lowest ( soon went up tho)

                              So much to say about this car and I have only scratched the surface

                              I am using 20/25% of charge a week and I choose to recharge when it hits 20%

                              Gone on enough now lol

                              update to above

                              Iconic is now even cheaper this Q and also I and ALL others with a Easee charger are to now be moved over to Ohme pod or pro chargers









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                                Nice report, very helpful for those looking at this midel

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