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    Please post reviews of your new Motability cars after you have had at least a week to get used to vehicle.

    Start post with Make, Model, Version, to make it easy to find the one you are looking for, if you click reply to that particular post it should keep the same reviews together.

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    @Markymate are you allowed to fit pedal boxes to motability cars? Good review of the tarraco too thanks

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    Like this?  Can’t see why not.

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    no I think its a device that decreases the response delay on throttles or something so there is less lag

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    Sounds like a modification to the car. So you can be sure Motability would not allow it.

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    I didn’t ask for permission as it’s only a pedal throttle response unit which doesn’t effect BHP or torque.

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    Your kinding yourself markymate! You have a serious road crash, let say involving a  6month old range rover and the driver loses a leg or even worse God for bid  dies ,and your in big trouble my friend. You know you are! This is why you never contacted motability because you know they would have said no! Far to big a risk in my eyes……

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    It’s a modification which therefore invalidates your insurance.








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    Toyota C-HR. late 2018, second top version(forgot name). 1800cc hybrid. Pearl white.


    This overall has been a good car bar the small car battery that keeps packing in(think im on to number 5 now). It has pretty much all the bells and whistles and works very well. Many dislike the cvt but once you get used to it it works fine, especially in sport mode where its decently nippy for such a heavy car.

    Fuel economy is very good and i average about 57mpg except in winter where it goes down to near 50. It is big enough in rear to hold a hoist and a scooter too, although one seat needs folded.

    In fact i will be changing this around december and am still wondering what i will get next. size is important especially seat height and door height as i dont flex well lol.

    List of possibles come from Skoda, BMW, Peugeot,MG, Audi and Hyundai at moment. Probably not an electric as the charging places are few  still.

    Anyway, back to the C-HR, This is a very good car and worth considering; styling is of course dependent on your likes etc but i find it nice; rear view can scare folk a little initially but i have to say ive not had any issues and the safety kit on it is superb.

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    Seat Ateca XCellence Lux 2019, Lava Blue, 1.5 TSI DSG.

    We love it. It has all the kit you’d want including adaptive cruise control etc – yet is very affordable.

    The suspension is a bit on the firm side, which is a two edged sword. For a compact SUV, i don’t think there’s anything on the scheme that handles even remotely as good as this – but it does get unsettled by very bad roads/potholes (which is sadly everywhere in rural south wales),  and if you’re my age, every now and then you’d wish it settled into a more comfy ride. It’s not overly uncomfortable, but i wouldn’t choose it if i’d recently thrown out my back, for example.

    Economy is good (as with all 1.5 TSI cars), unless you only drive a mile and a half – i’m not sure, but i do think it’s running very rich until it gets to temperature (you can smell it in the exhaust fumes). We manage around 27mpg for a single mile drive up town, but around 45-48 mpg for our 13 mile commute.

    Biggest downsides, well.. Build quality, to be honest. After 2 years, there’s the odd rattle which is really annoying. For us it’s the rear left door trim that vibrates when you listen to music, spoiling the fun – and the “instrument cluster” (well, it’s a display) creaks every now and then (goes away with a little pressure on the edges for a week or two). It’s not awful, not worse than cars i’ve owned before, but still not great.

    In the end, would we buy one again? Yes. We’re actually currently trying to decide between a Tiguan Elegance and the new Ateca XPerience Lux, so yeah. We would.

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