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    I’m confused and bemused. I paid ( it was actually free under the government scheme) for a charger to be fitted in 2012 when I was interested in getting a battery EV. I think the charger is only 3.6kw.

    Fast forward to 2021. I have ordered a Hyundai Kona ultimate. So I enquire to BP pulse about installing a new 7kw charger. Fill in an application form with all relevant info. Etc. Then got a phone call from northern grid ( brilliant service) stating that the amount of groundworks they would have to do give me a 100 amp capacity would run into the £1,000s. They suggested that if BP pulse could reduce their capacity from 88 Amos to under 80 this work would not be necessary. So they and I contacted BP pulse. Heard nothing. Then I receive a text message from motability operations

    “Hi Mr Norman, thank you for contacting Motability Operations. With you already having a BP chargemaster point fitted at your home address then you do not need to continue with an application for a new one to be fitted. If you are unsure if this would still be a suitable charge point then please contact BP pulse for clarification on 0330 0165126, opening hours are 8am-7pm Monday-Friday, 9am-1pm Saturday. Many thanks”

    Am I being thick or selfish in wanting a 7kw charger for my 64kw battery vehicle. Do I just go ahead and get another manufacturer fitted and pay. Any advice?

    I’m a big lad so if I’m being stupid or selfish then I’d like to know. However in my defence, The thought of charging my Kona for 18 hour to full is not one I look forward to.


    Cheers. Vaun xxxx


    Cheers, all the very best


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    The rules change frequently but if you’ve already had a charger for free you can’t get another (unless you buy another car and have 2 EVs at the property)

    As for charging it for 18 hours, we’ll thats very unlikely.  Firstly you would need to run it to almost 0% and then want to fill it to 100% so unless you do 300 miles every single day I doubt that’d be a issue. And if you did get home with 0% then you can unplug at any time and percentage if needing to go out, similarly you can just plug it in when you arrive home and most occasions it’ll be full the next day… whats your average daily mileage?

    Doesn’t the Kona still have the 80% charge option 🤔

    Personally I wouldn’t pay out for a 7kW charger in your position until I’ve tried living with the car and the 3.6 for a while…..

    However saying all that, is your charger cable tethered or untethered because in 2012 the only EVs really available were the Nissan Leaf and it used a type 1 plug where as they all use type 2 plugs now 🙈  so check the plug as it may not be suitable for your new car and if so approach Motability and explain the situation,  hopefully they’ll help towards the cost of changing

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    Vaun Earl Norman

    hi rhodgie

    thanks for the information. really useful.

    firstly the charger was purchased under a different scheme which is now defunct. you are correct the charger was installed for a Nissan Leaf, which I was not aware used different socket (so thanks for that information).

    i do around 12,000 to 13,000 miles a year so in essence you are correct about never needing to charge from 0 to 100%, interesting point. thanks

    yes indeed my british gas charger is type 1 connection so it renders it useless for my kona ev.

    thanks xxxxx

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    Hi Vaun, yeah I thought it would be the wrong plug (type 1 is older cars, type 2 is now the standard) so you will need it changed (or use the 3 pin plug?) ☹  I’d contact Motability and explain that the charger is not compatible with your new car and hopefully they will either replace it or contribute towards a new one 🤞

    While I think you could get away with a 3.6 charger and maybe even using the 3pin charger it’ll just be so much easier with a proper one as I’d fully expect your mileage to increase once you find out how cheap it is to run and how nice they are to drive 😁


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    Absolutely you could easily make the case that though you have a charger it is obsolete. And they should fund a new one.

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    Do you think we should get a new charger in 10 years time if we got one today?

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    If you’re asking me, Tim, if its still capable of charging the cars available 10 years from now, then, no.

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    No reason why it won’t still work in 10 years time, same as anything you buy today… whether they’d fund it or we’ll need to, who knows 🤷‍♂️

    Will it still be the same type of plug or onto type 3 or 4 is a different question… take USB plugs, Apple connectors, android chargers as examples because they do like to change things.

    Also they still can’t agree on a standard plug for all vehicles although it does look like CCS will prevail

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    I think Motability have the margins to allow for such a thing, but I’m not sure because the guidance isn’t clear enough, looks like the OP has been caught in some gray area.

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    I would push for an upgrade on the basis of yours being obsolete, however failing that, and if you decide not to pay for a 7kwh one yourself, you can buy an adapter to change from type 1 to 2.

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