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    My mitsubishi asx went for an MOT and service today and they failed the MOT as motability wouldn’t let them change the back tyre it has to be done at Kwik Fit. They changed the break pads which were grinding and the reason the car was originally brought in. It took all day half hour away and no courtesy car was given so my husband struggled to get home as they said the wait would be too long and they refused to collect the car due to covid. They had no protection on and they didn’t even use a sheet in the car when driving with covid is not good but I digress.


    They said we have to take the care to Kwik fit get the tyre replaced and come back for the MOT but my question is, does motability allow for Kwik Fit to do the MOT so we don’t have to do without a car for another day?

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    All tyres have tread depth indicators across the tread simply run your fingers over them if they are close to being none existent get it to kwik fit

    We have always had like for like fitted

    As for the mot front pads on ours are down to 10% it passed and mob ops wouldn’t authorize the work

    Also wouldn’t authorize the rear disc replacement as the discs were showing signs of corrosion

    Looks like they didn’t want to spend on a car that would be handed over in 6 weeks

    I have the paperwork to prove that the service dealer has notified mob ops about the work required and also that they wouldn’t authorize

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    No they didn’t have any PPE no masks nothing it was the service department not the sales department, and it was the tread of the tyre. You’d think with covid they would have it and use the seat coverings to protect themselves.  They didn’t know it was motability and told my husband the cost and if he was ok paying it and that’s when he informed them it was motability even though I told then when booking. I’m not having a dig at them just saying my experience as usually they do these things. I was told they couldn’t pick up the car as the normally would because of covid, as for courtesy car I never asked for one as I was told it would only be in for an hour and it wasn’t.

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    yes its the drivers responsibility but if motabiliy and kwikfit say no where not putting tyres on then do we need to pay for them to keep us legal .

    i remember years ago think the yearly mileage was 10000 you only got one set of 4 tyres  in the 3 year lease then it changed and you could get what you need

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    @Rhodgie the car goe’s through the same however many point saftey check they do as a comapany so it’s both to make money as they provide the info regardless of who or is not paying for it.. It’s Called standard practice.

    The checks have always been attached to the actual paperwork /  invoice.  i got from vw with my last car. The person doing the check has on occasions done a video and sent it to me.

    It’s a legal duty for them to inform you of an issue or fault to anything that could effect the road worthyness of the car now or in the near future. Whoever is driving is at fault. Unless liability can be proven otherwise.

    A real example for you. my ex took her car to a fiat dealer who changed the front disks and brakes. she drove around for a while to and from work no isssues. Then she said to me the brakes are knocking everytime i Move off. I was like take my car i’m not working today, i’ll check it out.. Soon as i moved off i knew something was badly wrong, I rang green flag they came and towed me to quick fit as the fiat dealer was 25 miles away.

    So anyhow he gets it on the lift. Takes off the tyre and i could see this look come on his face of shock. Fiat had took vented disks off and put standard ones on and as they thinner the pads was almost dropping out of the calipers.

    Fiat paid for the new ones from quickfit and issued a full refund for the work done. could of been worse alot worse for fiat if there had been an accident because someone put the wrong disks on, The reason the car had vented was it had Asr or traction control. But if i had driven that car to kwick fit had an accident then that would be on me.. If it happened and the pads dropped out while driving and i was unaware there was a serious fault then the dealer that did the work is at fault. Law is a funny old thing.


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    Matt B

    With hindsight, the obvious way to solve this is in future would be visit your local kwik fit a few days before your MOT is due to be completed.

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    The obvious thing would be to check the tyres regularly with a visual inspection yourself also turning the steering full lock side to side to check the inside walls of the front tyres.

    Once i went to pickup my kids from the ex and her car was on the driveway and i could see metal as the tread was so low and to think she had been driving my kids in that car. Back then i picked and dropped them off everytime. Now we share and it is still in the back of my mind and i gave her hell for it at the time and still would. If she had bothered to look she would of seen the state of them.

    The tyre is the one thing in contact with the road and is just as important as having working brakes. Yes you could take it to kwik fit to check everytime but you can do it yourself, or get someone to do it for you if you cannot. Rac vid here

    What happens if you have an accident on illegal/bald tyres?
    Driving with tyres that have a tread below the legal limit – or even worse, are bald – is dangerous.

    It can put you and other motorists at risk.

    If you are involved in an accident and the car you are driving has illegal or bald tyres, you should be aware of the consequences.

    Any insurance claim as a result of an accident could be invalidated, so potentially your insurer won’t pay out any money any repairs needed to your vehicle.

    However, driving with dangerous or defective tyres also puts drivers at risk of a fine of up to £2,500 and three points on their license.

    That is per tyre, so four illegal tyres could mean a fine of £10,000 and 12 penalty points

    above info taken from rac

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    For info for anyone using Halliwell Jones. They have now opened up to allow you to wait in the showroom for MOT’s and servicing but ask that you wear a mask. Mine’s booked in for next week. They are not providing courtesy cars at this time.
    I should add this is in Wales.

    Regarding tyres, a simple tyre tread depth gauge is a couple of pounds from shops or eBay and are simple to use. If you can’t use yourself, I’m sure a friend, carer or relative will do it for you

    On the subject of quality of the tyres, whilst I’m yet to have one changed on the scheme, I went through it early on with Motability and was advised that whilst they may not use the exact tyre, all are to be of equal quality.

    Yes, the MOT thing’s a pain as, if it means a fail, it’s a trip to KF to get a new one(s) and then back for re-MOT. However, as already stated, a quick check a week or so before will negate the issue.


    🏎 I will be remembered for nothing but had great fun doing it 🏎

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    The Kwik Fit mobile service sounds convenient, but am I correct in thinking that if I thought my tyres were low I would need to take it to them to confirm before Mobility would authorise a change?

    I wish Mobility would give us a choice between ATS and Kwik Fit. My nearest Kwik Fit garage is a 50-mile round trip and is in a horrible spot whilst my nearest ATS is 2 miles away.

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    Kwik fit did tell me that mob ops sometimes query a tyre change and they have to hold on to the tyres for a while just in case they want to inspect them

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    Can you not get a Kwift Fit mobile to come out to you?

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    I find Kwik-fit and Motability are inconsistent. My last car had run flats and they were really keen not to change them and made me get down to 2mm before they would agree to change it. Kwit-fit just said it was out of there hands and Motability would not sanction it. It also took over an hour for motability to respond.

    On my current car I had a slow puncture on NSF and after they did the tyre check Kwik-fit changed the front pair at 3mm and the rear pair at 4mm all approved by Motability in less than 5 minutes.

    The manager at the local Kwik-fit told me they can do MOT/Servicing on any car on the Motability fleet which may be an alternative for some. To be honest my local main dealer is not too clever and I am tempted.

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    I have that inconsistency and dilemma myself c2 in that there is something wrong with the tracking on my car with the car with just a few miles on the clock at the time veering to the left, be it slightly, but the dealer told me that it was well within the limits for the car so I’ve lost confidence in those dicks.

    Now with 9,000 miles on the clock one of the front tyres is wearing off unevenly and wonder if I was to go to Kwik-Fit would they just send me back to the dealer to do the tracking that the dealer say is OK and therefore just wasting my time and of course, being disable, my effort.

    As things stand and with these inconsistency in procedures I will just let the tyre prematurely wear out then see what they say but I’ve got a service coming up in a couple of months so will be interesting what they say about the tracking then but if I hear things like “you should have got that sorted sooner” I think someone will be getting the wrong end of my walking stick.😁

    This is something that gets my Goat is they have systems for reporting things about our cars but everything we say about the car is hear say and the finger points to us should anything go wrong with the car even though we’ve raised the question with the appropriate people.

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    Kwik fit will check the tracking and replace the tyre. Give them a call.

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    My Kuga went to my local Ford dealer at the beginning of last year for service and they changed 2 tyres.

    Neither where illegal and Kwik Fit where not involved.

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    Kwik Fit are a lottery, some are good, some horrendous. I go through tyres very regularly, have done for the past 15 years & due to Motability I am back darkening Kwik-Fits door.

    In Montrose I was told to go away, the tyres are not worn enough on my two front tyres. Both coming up at 1.3mm on my digital gauge. The following weekend, 600 miles later, they were 1.2mm and I get “should’ve been here sooner” from the same damned guy! Then he broke my locking wheel nut on the car & told me it wasn’t his fault, get the dealers to sort it. Luckily the tyre had just been changed as now it was stuck on. I had to drive over 10k hoping I didn’t get a puncture.

    Next car, in Forfar I went to Tyre City (Kwik Fit under another name), much better service, they replaced all 4 tyres even though the backs had plenty of life left. He wasn’t happy with me going into winter on low tyres…

    Guess where I will be going once they wear down later this year…

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    Lord Muc

    <p style=”text-align: left;”>I thought it was a motobility decision to change tyres, normally kwik fit have to ask for authorisation. I agree that the differences in service is shocking. Our two local centres are worlds apart in service and attitude.</p>

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    We use the Oswestry branch of Kwik Fit and never have a problem

    Sometimes we do have to wait 24 hrs for them to get the correct brand as its always like for like

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    I took our car into Kwik Fit to check the tyres before the Mot. That way, if they need changing, the car won’t fail the Mot.

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    has anyone actually requested a different tyre to that fitted?? basically its a newer itteration of the original OEM, just another letter , same size , but higher load rating 107 instead of 103 and its an AWD estate/suv so additional load rating can only be a positive thing as i have a hoist and mobility scooter in the back .

    also I have advisary last MOT 7 months ago mainly for cracks and deterioration of the sidewall(car has spent significant time sitting due to multiple operations , and then ‘covid ‘….

    KWIKFIT when called said they would look at them then see what they had, (they said they were ‘fine’ as a pre MOT check last year….I requested the tyres I would like as they are a newer technology/formulation etc, with better wet weather breaking and the 107 adds better grade of rolling resistance/fuel economy as its reinforced, where it seems the std is not…

    I don’t want to make multiple trips so have made other enquiries, but does it seem reasonable to request this newer tyre when the 3 size details are the same but has better ratings? i understand they are not insttock at my local and on a second ‘chat through motability(kwickfit)  ive requested they be ordered , but suspect ill get a call back saying they cant get them etc. has anyone had any luck getting what they wanted?




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    I went to kwick fit for them to check my Bridgestone tyres on the front of my qashqui, the edges were bald and no tread left on the edges whatsoever, but because the middle tread depth was fine on all the lines was quite deep, they refused to change them as the depth was 6mm, they said it’s just how the tyres wear and there designed that way!

    So I got my friend from the rac to look as in the rain I had a lot less traction then normal, he said he’d get them changed if he was me, so I called kwick fit mobile, he came out and even said I don’t know why you need them changed but never mind I’ll do them anyway, he replaced them with some lovely Michelin’s, but now I’ve got two Michelin’s on the front, on the rear I’ve got one Bridgestone and one continental!

    I’m sure the Bridgestone tyres are not supposed to turn into edges of slick tyres , not in my mechanics point of view anyway, but they were Adimant they wore like that, there done now though so I’m a lot happier.

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    It’s worth bearing in mind you can use STS Tyres Pros for Motability tyres too. I’m pretty sure it’s the same parent company but you can definitely use STS, there was a big poster up when I was in there recently getting my tyres done (Michelin Crossclimate+ imho the absolute best tyre for all seasons).

    It’s handy as the nearest kwik fit is 30 miles away from me & hugely out of the way near a city centre.

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