More than 50,000 dashcam videos sent to police

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    Road users have sent more than 50,000 dashcam recordings of potential traffic offices to police forces since 2017, with one-third resulting in action.

    Police forces across the UK receive more than 35 pieces of footage every day, according to a freedom of information request sent to every UK constabulary by What Car?

    Just over 10% of the incidents captured on film were severe enough to warrant a court prosecution and 9.6% resulted in a Fixed Penalty Notice (FPN).

    A further 10.5% resulted in the driver being asked to attend a driver awareness course, and 3.0% of drivers were given a warning.

    The use of dashcams by drivers and other road users has increased by around 850% since 2017, when insurance companies started accepting footage as evidence for claims and the courts first used footage to convict an offender.

    The What Car? research found Dyfed-Powys Police in South Wales is the most active in using dash cam footage.

    It has taken action over 81.3% of the videos it’s received, with 40.2% of offenders receiving a warning, 18.6% of them were prosecuted in court and 18.4% were asked to attend a driver awareness course, while just 4.0% were handed an FPN.

    London’s Metropolitan Police received the largest volume of submissions – nearly 25,000 videos over four years – and acted in 45.4% of cases, issuing court proceedings to 18.9% of offenders, driver awareness courses to 13.9%, FPNs to 9.6% and warnings to 2.9%.

    The report comes one month after Fleet News reported that 3,805 videos were uploaded to the National Dash Cam Safety Portal in just 90 days.

    The National Dash Cam Safety Portal, which allows motorists to quickly and securely upload footage of dangerous driving to the relevant police authority, is now being used by 33 forces.

    Fleet operators and their drivers are being urged to share dashcam footage with police to help prosecute dangerous drivers and improve road safety.

    Police forces that have taken the highest share of actions per footage received –

    The only person who got all his work done by Friday was Robinson Crusoe.
    Anything i post over three lines long please assume it is an article lol.

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    So with out the dash cams people would get charged, intere#ting iso people with dash cams are helping the police do you think the police might start paying people for the dash cam videos

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    do you think the police might start paying people for the dash cam videos


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    Dave G

    Well, it’s the only way to catch the motorist lying frauds! Alot of it is to do with insurance and watching our own back. Have you seen the insurance prices in certain areas now?

    Speaking of dash cams. Does anybody know of any decent dash cam they know or own? As long as it’s clear in the daytime and at night is all I want. There is too many to choose from! The Nextbase have so many my head is confused. Something not too expensive nor cheap.

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    I brought the Nextbase 422GW package from Halford which was on offer complete the wire rear dashcam and steering wheel lock, a bit expensive at £150 for use but the steering lock which is insurance approved would have cost £50.00 by it self. The unit came with a 32gb micro card, the unit itself can support a 128gb micro card so off to Argos again on offer and brought a Samsung micro card 128gb card £27.99, don’t be tempted to by one off eBay you will be disappointed. My friend who is trained to fit these dashcam came round and  fitted for free, I cannot see any wire, however being a Motability car it cannot be hardwired without Motability’s permission  (I also believe it has to be fitted by the main dealer at time pre collection). We are using the cars 12v socket as allowed, brilliant dashcam far superior than my old Transcend Pro 200.

    I now have 2 spare Transcend Pro dashcams, I am going to fit them to the Son in aw and Daughters car over Christmas.

    In 2005 I suffered a brain injury which has left me with mental and physical disabilities.
    Unfortunately I do get confused and get things wrong, so I apologise in advance.

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    Dave G

    Oscarmax, wow that’s a great deal you’ve got there! I was just looking at the model yesterday. The only problem is, if Motability allow fitting one and then once the vehicle is handed back I shall be responsible to remove it. I will give the insurance a call tomorrow to see what they have to say.

    I mean with the 12v socket hanging out and all doesn’t appeal me. This will be my first time but I will find out and let you know!

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    I mean with the 12v socket hanging out and all doesn’t appeal me. This will be my first time but I will find out and let you know!

    I was lucky on my car as there are two 12V sockets inside a cubby hole on the centre console and my Grandson being a dab hand at car trims manage to remove the cubby hole box, install the dash cam cable, put it all back together and you can’t see any cables but must admit its a pain having trialling cables as in my last car in the cab that I think are more dangerous than hard wiring the camera. Hard wiring is a risk of fire so they say but dangling wires in the driving seat area can cause obstruction to operating the car safely.

    With all the fuss about installing dash cams in Motability cars when someone rear-ended my car in February 19 the first thing RSA asked me was “don’t suppose you have any dash cam footage” and yet there the ones who don’t like the risk of fire in hard wiring a camera.

    Going back to the subject of sending dash cam footage to the police I wonder if anyone here has done that? I say this because going back awhile I tried to forward some footage to the police but you had to go through countless form filling to do it with them asking what crime had been committed and were you the victim, was anybody injured, the list goes on so I gave up and fell at the first fence and won’t bother in future unless someone been really injured.

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    Is it still necessary to re-format the SD cards every so often?

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    Is it still necessary to re-format the SD cards every so often?

    I don’t reformatted my SD card and haven’t had any problems though Nextbase does recommend formatting from time to time.

    I just wonder if it goes back to the days when Micro-SD cards were not as reliable as they are today not withstanding Ebay forgery’s.

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    The regular formatting of the memory card is to stop file corruption from the constant overwriting of previous files, a bit like an old vhs tape that had been used to record East Enders week after week after week, the quality degrades eventually, by completing a monthly format it restores the card back to factory status and gives you an as new blank card to start recording on to.

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    Atiq Urrehman

    Dashcams should be for our own safety, to protect ourselves from faudulent claims and non fault accidents and stuff like that, people who send videos to police to catch other motorists out should mind there own business

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    “…people who send videos to police to catch other motorists out should mind there own business”

    Not a guilty motorist are you, Atiq?

    Maybe people who report others are looking after the safety of other road users.

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    Why can’t people just mind their own business?

    If it’s for insurance purposes or you caught an accident on camera then fair enough but other than that if you’re going out of your way because a motorist made a mistake then you need to get a life.

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    Your right Atiq / Azzy we all make mistakes when driving and even more so with the ever increasing street furniture and road signage on every lamppost but were not talking of misdemeanours but of the few morons that don’t give a hoot about anyone while they under take, overtake on blind bends, 120 MPH on M-Ways etc.

    I’m one who believes that speed does not kill but the moron who can’t read the road or conditions beyond 10 metres of their car bonnets does kill regardless of how slow there going.

    If were going to have a society that break serious laws putting everyone in danger then they won’t mind if we don’t follow the laws either and get the tow rope out of the boot and hang them from the nearest tree.😁

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    I have a “zero tolerance” attitude to people who break the law so if you film a twa£ with a death wish send it to the cops absolutely.

    My wife was in a really bad smash many years ago and the idiot who pulled out on her got away with it.

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