More Motability Nostalgia – Quarterly Price Guides from 2011 & 2012

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    Which Mobility Car

    I forgot about SAAB. Neighbour has an old 93, calls her Sabrina.

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    Hi WMC,

    Yes, it is interesting to see some of the manufacturers that are no longer in existence, or do not market their cars in the UK anymore.

    Such as from the 2011 guide, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Perodua, Proton etc and as you pointed out, Saab.

    Some may not have been the best of cars, but they did add an element of choice.

    I think in the fullness of time, we will be adding Mitsubishi to this list sadly.

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    Ah, the Seat Leon 1.6tdi SE Copa auto @ 399 ap was the car I got in 2012. I loved this car and I still think it’s the best looking Leon. I also got a surprise when I picked it up as it came with xenon headlights which weren’t standard and weren’t even available on that model. The dealer told me there had been a problem at the factory with the standard lights so they had to fit xennons. Not sure if that was true or not but I loved them.

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    over 4000 cars available on motability  that was great

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    Damn some of those cars, wish we had the same choice now

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    Another great selection. Dave. Thanks a mill’ – even though it does make one want to weep: at least ten drop-tops opposed to the one, rpt one, on current list. That’s the small engined Mini, I don’t count the Fiat 500, that’s just a sunroof on steroids!

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    Glos Guy

    I think the second price list was around when we joined the scheme – just after the top end cars had been culled 🙄 As with the previous price lists published the other day, some of the AP’s for very run of the mill cars were very high yet there were some cracking bargains on some very nice ones. As well as the Land Rover Discovery and Range Rover Sport, the 2011 list contained the E Class Mercedes and yet again some incredible bargains from Volvo including £2,199 for an XC70. I know that the price lists only show a tiny number of the cars available, but of those shown I would have been very tempted with the Volvo XC90 at £5,499. That’s a hell of a bargain for a massive and expensive SUV. And, as others have said, over 4,000 cars versus just 1,597 today. That’s a reduction of 60%. Wow!

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    This is painful to go back to that period then compare it to now, the scheme has just dropped off a cliff in terms of number of vehicles on the scheme and selection. I was lucky to have ordered the g21 touring 320i last year before it was purged off the scheme.

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