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    Is there anything that can be done?

    If i try to comment or post with a link i usually get an error saying it’s spam, so i alter the link and try again, but still get the spam error message, so i take the link out, try again, and get an error message i’m posting to soon! So have to wait a few minutes and try again, or what i’m now doing is saying sod it and not bother.

    It’s just happened again with a link to the motability site of all places, why is that triggering a potential spam? is there not a list of permitted sites that can added to bypass the spam filter?

    Thank you

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    Trev sign in you may find it allows more

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    I get the same messages JS.

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    Although if i post a link from Youtube its posts no problem.

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    JS tried that a couple of times before, same result i’m afraid 🙁

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    As a rule I clear my search history and cache regularly and type the links starting www.    And sign into the forum and very rarely have an issue I think writing the links instead of copying and pasting is the main reason, I’m not totally computer savvy but unfortunately the fire wall although sensitive is required as it safe guards all of us,

    I will let the KeyMaster know

    in the mean time try signing in to the forum (not the homepage) as neither Trev or you Brydo are signed into the Forum. It should help + type the link

    try it you may surprise me and it work lol

    if not curse and shout at you computer I’m sure that helps. But I bet you’ve already tried that one.


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    Thanks JS, I’ll give it a go, and hopefully be pleasantly surprised.

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