Modifications – tinted windows, painted wheels

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    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Are these a strict no no on Motability?</p>
    Was thinking of getting the alloys painted black and the rear windows tinted but just realised it might not be allowed.

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    Window tints are fine because they can be removed. I would say painting the wheels are a no. But bear in mind Motability never see the car when it goes back, just the dealer you get your next car from.

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    The garage take photos of the car any time it goes into the dealers an sends the photos to motability

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    I guess the best thing is to ask Motability. Just wondered if anyone has experience of doing similar

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    Modifications are not allowed as that would alter the insurance and in the event of an accident it being invalid and the leasee liable for any loss to Mb.

    Sure it’s in the agreement in some form or another. Not worth asking about imo as you do not own the car and they will not give permission so not worth asking..

    Just tinting the windows would mean you modified the car and need to inform your insurance, if they did findout, they’d still allow you to have the policy until you try to claim then it will be sorry..

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    Martinod is correct, photos are taken every time your car is in the dealers.

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    Ive been on Motability since 2009…i have tinted the back windows of every since that needed it ( 3/4 if i remember right) i have also wrapped grilles and spoilers. No issues whatsoever since 2009 even with all these photos getting sent back to Motability when in garages.

    Painting wheels is most likely a step to far though and will stick out a mile.

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    Should also note on my Mini i put side stripes on and roof wrapped. As well as the roof wrapped on the Focus.

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    Rox, you will see some of us speak from experience, not theory.

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    Rox is correct, though some people will always push the boundaries if there is sufficient leeway in the system.

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    I asked regards tinting windows and they were fine with it. I did call insurance to advise as well.

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    MarkW, nothing Rox said in his reply is correct.

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    There is a lot of discretion built into the system, in the 80s I modified greatly some of my motability vehicles, provided the supplying dealer was happy, I got away with it, things are quite different these days, I would want written approval from all the organisations involved, dealership, motability, and the insurers before undergoing any changes to a vehicle that basically doesn’t belong to me.

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    If you want to paint wheels or whatever just use plasti dip which is easily removed just peels off

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    We lease the cars, we do not own them, So what theory is that..

    Some should offer their advice rather than just telling people everything is untrue that a person said and then not saying why it’s untrue.

    When in fact it’s true you do need to seek the owners consent, if you don’t own something or have it written in the agreement.

    Is it written into the agreement that you can modify the car in anyway.. No it is not.. If you do, that’s on you, I got no issue with those that do, it’s their choice, but it could have consequences to them if one wanted to apply them

    If you bought the car outright then yes you own it, but you’d still need to inform your insurance under there policy and they will decide as they offer the insurance to you.. We signed the agreement and thus to the term’s. If you bought the car on hp then that company owns the car until you make the last payment. Then you own it..

    I have heard many on here say mb has said no, Some just go ahead without seeking permission. That is something I would never suggest.

    Always seek the owners consent as not doing so could make you liable or in contravention to the term of the scheme and have your lease terminated.

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    Lee Bengough

    Photo of the car isn’t taken every time it goes into the dealer. It’s taken at MOT time along with the inspection this lets Motability decide what avenue to sell the car on either by their own site MFL Direct or via Auction. If they sell via MFL Direct they use the photo taken at MOT time to advertise the car to other dealers.

    only other time a photo is taken is if having a early termination which they will take a photo when you order another car. For the same reasons as when it’s done on the MOT.


    but I very much doubt they will allow you to modify the car.

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    toyota video the car and send it to you, so i guess there is photo proof

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    If for example you damage 2 wheels of your car on the nearside, you want them fixed because you do. The person fixing them says these are diamond cut it is going to cost £300 to fix them or I could paint your 4 wheels silver for £200 do you think for one minute motability or any lease company would even know what sort of wheels the car came with. You could have ordered the car with pink wheels from the dealer I doubt painting a set of alloys black will affect anything.

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    I’ve had window tints on all but my last scheme car and motability had no problems with me doing it as long as it was done professionally, I contacted RSAM and they didn’t care as it’s not classed as a modification as long as they are done to legal standards.

    I wouldn’t think painting the wheels would be okay though.

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