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    Can anyone advise?

    My 85 year old Mother as a mobility car which my nephew is abusing, my Mother is bed ridden blind and has dementia, and  for the past 3 mth’s I have communicated the abuse, for instance using the car for transport to and from work, using the car for any thing personal etc etc.

    My mother no longer requires the car, and i have requested the car be taken back, but they keep telling me that my mother is the person who eeds to report the abuse, how they expect her to do this is beyond me. I dont have Power of Attorney and I cannot find a way for the car to be retrieved.

    Basically, I have requested the abuse be investigated, and have been told that the team has been informed. This was 3 mths ago and again just recently.

    I have tried the ombudsmen, they cannot help.

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    Sorry to hear this Dean, I thought motability would take it more seriously if after hearing the news. I hope he’s at least paying her even tho what he’s doing is wrong. Keep us updated and good luck

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    if you look here there is a form and email address to report abuse. At least you will have put it in writing.

    If someone is abusing a motability vehicle then they are actually breaking the law by driving without tax and insurance. Something RSA Motability insurance and the police would be interested in.

    Good luck

    See this link for info on power of attorney https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/dementia/legal-issues/


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    Presumably you nephew is approved to drive the car (otherwise it would be police matter).  I can understand how you would feel aggrieved that your nephew is taking advantage of your mother’s condition, but it is Motability’s car and they would need to gather evidence of the misuse to take action which could take time. They could call the car in to have a tracker fitted.  The only form of direct action possible would be to get hold of the keys but that would lead to conflict with your nephew.

    All in all, probably best to leave it to Motability Dean and grin and bear the injustice of it.

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    Menorca Mike

    That’s terrible to read I’d get the police involved

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    Sorry to hear of your predicament.You could apply through the Government website for a Power of attorney to deal with your Mother affairs.Obviously this has to be with your Mothers acknowledgment.Dementia is not a barrier to this process but you need to get medical and professional advice to make sure you get it right .Ring Citizens Advice they will help you.Hope this helps.

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    Sorry you’re going thru this. I think given your mother’s situation if you’re so aggrieved that your only option here is Power of Attorney given her mental state, it’s something I’d look at ASAP.

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    Sounds like a family problem to me!

    Is it affecting you in any way? How about talking to his mother/father about the situation in order for the ‘abuse’ to stop.

    Personally it all seems a bit jobs worth in all honesty but each to their own.



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    Report your concerns to RSA and Mobility  .  Then leave it alone. If anything goes wrong in the future you can say you tried, as you say your Mother no longer needs the car so it should be taken back.

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    There is of course the issue that until this is resolved, it’s costing Dean’s mother £62.25 a week.

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    Sounds like you and your nephew don’t get on.

    I’m guessing she thought your nephew was helpful and a trustworthy relative to put him down as named driver.

    Its quite easy to ring motability and have your mother with you. If she wants to report miss use of her car. All they will ask her is her name and date of birth and whether she agrees to you speaking on her behalf she can request the car be returned and pay the £250 fee.
    Or ask for a black box to track where the car is being used and kept over night.

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    To be fair if your mother has put him a a named driver he isn’t actually abusing the car he is doing what he is permitted to do. Abuse seems a strong term and it seems this is more a family issue and talking to your mother & nephew to have the car returned is probably the better option as motability won’t do much as your nephew can simply say him driving the car is for her benefit. It’s a horrible situation but the talking needs to be done with your nephew

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    <p style=”text-align: center;”>Regardless of if he is a named driver that does not permit him to drive regardless.</p>
    It all depends on the level of cover RSA provide in their policy. If the policy restricts use to motability rules such as transportation of the disabled person or a journey for them then any use beyond that can constitute driving without insurance.

    Not to mention the rules on road tax exemption mean the car can only be used for the benefit of the disabled person.


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    We don’t know what the car is being used for so it’s pointless quoting mobility rules.
    The cars owner doesn’t drive so all of the use that benefits the scheme member has to be by a named driver.

    For the benefit of is also a very broad area and not the same for everyone.

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    To play devils advicote hear, what if despite using the car takes her to hospital, have you been and asked your mother, before getting rid of the only way she gets transported around… not condoning what he is doing, but getting the car taken might hurt your mother too.  and the subject of what he can and can use it for has a broad scope and is open a bit too, say for example she has drop alarms ect, these call a number if he is the named contact and does not have a car to shoot home from work in to get to her, what happens then, who comes to her aid, the police and firebrigade to break down her door to get to her.   you need to know all the facts before pushing through with this as the only one you might end up hurting is her and not him.. very very risky ground to get on, ask your mother who her emergancy contact is, were does you mother live, with you on her own or with said nephew in mum and dads house ect.

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    It’s simple Your mum needs to call them.

    As you say she has dementia. How bad is that?

    Are you her next of kin? If so then you need to apply for power of attorney.

    Some goods comments and advice on here, but at the end of the day, it is what it is an she is still the customer. It’s a very tough situation families huh.. I remeber when my gran had dementia and it can get bad real quick and some people do take advantage of them and you don’t know as they can be in a different world.

    My mums sister was robbed every pension day and her son didn’t know for ages as he was working away for months at a time. Sad so sad i do feel for you. hope it all works out.

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