Mike Betts out to change motability forever

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    mike betts has since his time in charge done nothing for disabled drivers .Even though it’s a charity with a monopoly on how it supplies cars and aides for the disabled has systematically diverted the monies away from giving drivers the choice of cars that make life easier  and most cases vital ,to basic standard ones that you have to pay extra for as well as upping the payment up to £3700 .


    I’ve removed the last paragraph as it contained an accusation of unproven criminal activity. Please do not post potentially libellous comments on this Forum.

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    Stephen on the other hand he has transformed Mobility, Mobility just need some fine tuning in favour of its customers, some of these excess £ should be invested back into the scheme for the benefit of it customers.


    In 2005 I suffered a brain injury which has left me with mental and physical disabilities.
    Unfortunately I do get confused and get things wrong, so I apologise in advance.

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    Hmmm, probably best to be sure of facts rather than libel oneself…

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    Motability Operations Ltd is not and never has been a charity, it is a limited company owned by the four major banks. It donates money to Motability charity. APs have been significantly higher in previous years. Automatics cost substantially more than manuals, hence higher APs. I do wish people would research properly before commenting. Motability Operations Ltd does not hold cash of £2.4 billion as the published accounts show clearly. This sum is the accumulated profits of the scheme since its inception and is invested back into the scheme. Certain MPs and media have an agenda to distort the truth.

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    Dave are you able to establish, from the accounts, where the £400,000,000 was hidden  kept?

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    It was probably kept in a bank, Brydo.

    Now please, don’t spoil my opinion of you by telling me that you’re a Daily Mail reader.

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    No daily mail reading here rapster but I hate the thought that the tens of thousand of motability customers are being short changed. The number of people who suggest they are happy with motability and they don’t care what the CEO and the staff get paid and their  over the top general conditions makes my blood boil.

    The vast majority of this money should go back to the customers where it came from.

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    “No daily mail reading here rapster”

    Good to hear, pal!

    As for the £400m, I think Motability are going to outline where it’s gonna be spent in the near future.

    “As is usual, the Charity, in its role, is well advanced in detailed consideration of the best use of these monies. Much work has already been done in researching and evaluating the areas which will best help disabled people and their families, and final decisions will be taken in the coming months.” – https://www.motability.org.uk/about/news/motability-chairman-makes-statement-at-agm

    The sum came from the better than expected performance of the Motability Operations business as they do like to run it rather a little too safely, as in they are very, very risk averse. (That’s probably a good thing given the current climate.) I agree that they should return it to the people that fund the Motability Scheme (us) but short of giving us all a lump sum or a percentage return on AP’s paid by us the most reasonable way for them to return it is via the charity Motability, who will invest the money into helping the disabled get mobile. Yes, they could return the money via lowering AP’s on automatics, or lowering AP’s in general but I can think of a couple reasons off the top of my head why that could seem unfair to some. Motability (charity) getting the dosh seems a reasonable way for them to return money to users of the scheme.

    As for the payments to the bosses and and perks for the staff…I generally agree. They are generally over and above what is offered elsewhere in other industries. The CEO’s pay is a difficult one as a good CEO can easily make a £1 million difference to the coffers in a given year and they would argue that it is what the market dictates.

    However, that’s beyond my pay grade, Brydo – I’m only a scientist, not an economist or accountant. I do welcome NAO having a peek inside though and seeing what ticks and tocks and what could do with tinkering with. I shall reserve judgement until I read their findings.

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    I meant to add that Motability Operations were also silently guided by the DWP to give more to Motability than they probably intended, resulting in the £400 million being handed over.

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    Hi Brydo

    I feel the same way every-time I see someone on TV complain as a female presenter they don’t get paid as much as their male counterparts.

    No they only get paid £500,000 per annum for talking out their back-sides while their male colleges get £750,000. ?

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    Mike Betts to leave Mobility by 202o at the latest

    On the 6am news this morning

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    he just stepped down apparently!

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    It’s on the BBC website about Mike Betts.

    He receives an annual salary of £1.7 million, and he’s had  a £1.86 million bonus in September.

    Motability has raised £390 million more than was required to cover lease costs.

    They also hold £2.62 billion in reserves.

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