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    Don’t see why not, it’s a 52.5kW battery, marginally larger than the 50kW EVs already on the scheme (Zoe, PSA Corsa/e-208/e-2008/DS3).


    Other cars to look out for are the Kia/Hyundai EVs, Kia delivered more EVs in the UK in July than in the whole of the previous year & hope to do so again in August, those year long waiting lists are going.


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    gothitjulie i cant see Kia/Hyundai coming on , hope im wrong

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    Martino why can’t you see them coming on the scheme?

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    Kia/Hyundai  are too popular at the moment and the wait time is to long , id love for them to come on id like an e nero

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    Can we pass on thr MG and have a the baby Tesla instead.

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    Philjb they do seem to be adding more EVs , i agree tesla please ,

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    I know it’s not an EV, but the new Mazda MX5 (100th Anniversary edition) looks pretty good, too.  MX5 2dr soft top!

    Considering the current dearth of 2 door cars available on Motab. it should definitely be made available to us.  All models are under the price cap and bhp cap.

    Not holding my breath, though.  Certainly not for the higher spec. models, anyway.  A bit too nice for us, I fear.

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    Oh, I do so agree! MX-5 used to be on scheme. As you say, it is well within all Motab limits and only excluded, I reckon, in case it annoys the Mail to see sponging cripp’s actually enjoying a drive. About the only two-door which comes anywhere near is the Mini hatch in Cooper S format (which is why I’ve got one). Actually wanted the droptop Mini but not with small engine, although with hindsight I think it would have been fine.

    Only problem with MX-5 Anniversary edn is ORANGE. On Google it seems to be only colour I can find and it is a bit, well, very orange.

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    MX5 used to be on, and so did the BMW 2 series convertible if you wanted 2 door topless motoring… might still be, haven’t checked for a while 🤷‍♂️

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    Mazda website suggests differently:

    R Sport is only available in metallic grey, and Mazda Red isn’t available on the GT Sport Tech, but otherwise there seem to be 5 colours to choose from.

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    I enquired with motability a few weeks ago about the MX5 and they said there are no plans at the moment to add it back on the scheme.

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    Quelle surprise!


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    They said they took it off because of supply issues but it’s never reappeared despite being way below the supposed price cap. Very disappointing.

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    Trying to make sense of Mazda website, Georgie. Found Anniversary edn  by accident and one colour choice is “Snowflake white” with a red lid. Looks quite nice with a crimson hat!. Does not mention any other hues but assume I can have orange.

    BMW 2-series ragtop still on scheme, Rhodgie, but only with the small 3-cyl engine, similarly the Mini ragtop only comes with the 3-cyl. Nice engine so I’m told and acceptable in Mini but far too weak for the BMW2. Dangerously slow.

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    More data from Mazda site: Anniversary MX-5 seems to be in white + red hat only, to match a cute art deco car they did ages back. Also comes with just about every extra you can think of and a most attractive red leather inside. Seems to be under £30K. Engine is the 2.0L so it will be rewarding to drive. If I get PIPped and lose the Mini I would seriously consider this chappie.

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    I bought an MX5 anniversary  from jaguar Shrewsbury a few years back a year old taken in PX, Metallic red with black leather auto climate and cruise control, metal electric folding roof and  a supercharger conversion, now that was a fun car.

    My body let me down or I’d still have it as a summer and track day car.

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    Ah yes, the Mazda MX-5!

    I know pretty much everything you’ll ever want to know about the little roadster because I read all the reviews going, watched every single YouTube video ever made, and placed it top of my list a year or so ago for when I was due to change cars.

    And then it just disappeared – vanished – from the Motability website & has never been back on since.

    Needing an auto, the 2.0 RF (metal folding top) version would have been ideal as you can’t get the soft top auto in the UK. The AP at the time was £1,995 and the BHP was just below MB’s limit… and that was after Mazda increased the engine power after an update which also saw a rear camera added & a few other little tweaks.

    Never a week has gone by when I don’t check to see if the little RF roadster has made its way back on the scheme. Alas, as has been mentioned above, I don’t think it will be – mainly due to envy from Daily Mail readers & general condemnation from all sorts of angles.

    Such a shame… but if you’re reading this Motability HQ – PLEASE do what you can to at least give us the option of choosing the little MX-5 again. Not all of us out there require a wheelchair (just yet)!

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    May I add my request to Solent’s…  Please, Motability, can we have the MX-5 back. Many like me, I’m sure, don’t need much more than a motorised shopping trolley. Is it SO bad to want one which you can enjoy? Especially since it is slower, less powerful and cheaper (by far) than many others on scheme.

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    May I add my request to Solent’s… Please, Motability, can we have the MX-5 back. Many like me, I’m sure, don’t need much more than a motorised shopping trolley. Is it SO bad to want one which you can enjoy? Especially since it is slower, less powerful and cheaper (by far) than many others on scheme.

    Well hopefully our request won’t fall on deaf ears Tharg. And besides, if Motability do their homework properly – they will see that the MX-5 is not only THE most reliable car on UK roads that money can buy (look how many old MX-5’s you see on the roads)… but also that it keeps its resale value extremely well after 3-years from new.

    Win win Motability!

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    Having perused a bit further, it looks like they’re only going to make 100 of the ‘Anniversary’ models for the UK – in Snowflake White with a Dark Cherry lid.

    But the ‘regular’ MX5 soft tops are available in a range of engines and colours.

    Solent60 wrote “Not all of us out there require a wheelchair (just yet)!”

    We could get my manual wheelchair into the boot of DH’s Audi TT Quattro, so I wouldn’t automatically discount the possibility of one fitting in the boot of the MX5. 🙂

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    Though I guess the roof would rather be in the way if the roof’s down . . .

    That’s what I get for reading and writing while watching the F1 Grand Prix at the same time.

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    I remember when the MX-5 very first came onto the scheme. Motability said at the time, and I quote, that “The Mazda MX-5 has joined the scheme because not everyone with a disability requires a wheelchair‘.

    So what’s changed?

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    Wheelchair in a drop-top doesn’t seem to bother “Detective Cain” disabled lead rozzer character in French TV “Flic” series (Walter Presents on All 4). Mind you, it is set in south of France so the hat is off most of time and it is a Saab, so a bit bigger. He is adept at taking the chair to bits and slinging it in the back. Lack of a back in the Mazda IS a problem, though!

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