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    We’ve just collected our brand new ZS Auto 1.0 from the dealer two days ago. The display tells us the MPG is 26.0 and our full tank Of fuel will run out in 270 miles . Surly that can’t be right? I’ve never owned a band new car before will the MPG go higher ? Is something wrong am I missing something?

    My wife is very upset as we were finally awarded mobility after a two year battle , and this car was the only one available without a year wait. Maybe we were too hasty picking the MG but the reviews and MPG seemed good ,  but now she thinks it’s going to cost us an absolute fortune to run it .
    Also perhaps I’m being unfair but why would mobility offer a car with such a low MPG to people with hardships. Many thanks reading my rant .

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    Which Mobility Car

    Yes it will improve, the ‘real’ MPG for your car is 35-37 miles per gallon. It is not one of the most economical vehicles but it is only just below average.

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    I would think the MPG should go up, the MPG is based on the last few miles, it’s probably done a lot of stopping and starting. We have a 1L Skoda Octavia and it averages 45mpg round town and 65 on a long run.

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    Many thanks for your replies you’ve put our minds at rest .

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    Had a similar moment after picking up a new petrol Yeti (had a diesel before), on the way home it was showing 16mpg !!!!!

    Couple of long runs later it settled on 36-42 🙂

    There's room for all God's creatures, right next to the mash and gravy 🙂

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    My Mg HS only gets 28mpg, which in the current climate is quite painful, going fully electric after this one.


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