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    I ordered my MG HS from Arnold Clark today in Glasgow to be told the waiting list is 6months and only available in black, pearl white and solid white

    Choices are getting bad.

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    Barrie fitzsimmons

    Ordered mg his executive in June last year .first told no blue which is what was ordered then asked if we would have White now black.ordered from mg Bolton chapel house. Been lied to about colour and timeframe for delivery twice.still no news on delivery .

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    We ordered our MG HS from Arnold Clark mid August….why are people getting cars ahead of us  ? Is it because we are motability customers?

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    I think you hit the nail on the head there

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    Phil Halshaw

    I ordered in October (PHEV-Red) but had to change to black and picking up on Thursday

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    Martin B

    Hi everyone  get used to waiting and no response from your dealer and MG uk is as useful as a chocolate fireguard  , no one  knows their ass fron elbow,  I’ve been waiting since July 21 ordered blue  now waiting for white as given choice of black or white told last month  July 22 maybe, get used to the months going by with no news and before you know it it’ll be Christmas

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    MG dealers are absolutely useless. Took one 8 weeks to fix a charging problem on my company MG5 EV. The supplying dealer was also supposed to be installing a charger at my home but as yet no news and no contact. They really do let the brand down.

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    1. I cancelled my order for the HS due to  1. I didn’t want to wait months on end and 2. Fuel prices have gone up so I  ordered a Kia Niro Hybrid on the 2 April 22 and I collect it tomorrow,


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    Wow you got lucky there! I looked at the Niro and was told 3/4 months minimum at a few dealers. Well done on that find!


    I also cancelled my HS order. The MG dealers that I’ve dealt with are appalling. Ranging from incompetent to outright liars. Started out being promised January 2022 and ended with early 2023.


    I’ve gone for the top spec Citroen C4 instead. Stunning car and only an 8 week wait (or so I’m told…)

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    Martin B

    Hi everyone have had a call from my dealer yet again to say delivery has been pushed back to August that’ll take time since order to 13 months its now covid 19 apparently factory in shut down  now every month there seems to be another  excuse, I know covid is very serious but I have the excuse stopped making blue HS until September as busy with other colours then no blue paint as changing shade of blue be another month then told would have car by Xmas 2021 ,then week before Xmas told not making blue cars anymore so changed colour to pearl white was told March then changed to April then june closely followed by definitely July and now August, I have been waiting for so long now I’m not willing to cancel i will not give in ,but this will be my first  MG and my last shocking communication and crap customer service

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    ian robertson mccowat

    i ordered my hs in red on 29th november and was told expect it on august 22

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    With MG being a Chinese company, don’t expect decent customer service. Before anyone has a go at me, I deal with Chinese companies in my job and they are a nightmare.

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    You will be dealing with customer service in England not china

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    I went to order my HS today, he forgot I was a motability customer and said he had 3 in stock to choose from I could have within 7 days, when I doubled checked that was motability he was embarrassed and said no it will be a fresh order and an 8 month wait, I dont see the difference, a car is a car, cant understand why people are waiting so long if dealerships have them in stock!🤦

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    It’s because they don’t make as much money off motorbility customers and also mg hs is off the scheme until further notice anyway so you can’t even order one plus if you could it would be more like a year plus wait time I’ve been waiting 8 months still no date but I do agree with you

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    You will be dealing with customer service in England not china

    Maybe, but the dealers will have been trained by the Chinese.

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    Kevin mason

    Just had phone call to say my mg hs exite dct has arived in UK and be ready to collect next Thurs, just under 6mths wait.

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    Jenny H

    I ordered my MG HS from Nathaniel Garage Cardiff September 2021 told it would be January /Feb 22 I order new blue colour.  Spoke to them in December to be told blue not being put on production line till at least Aug 22. So I then changed colour to white and told would be April 22.  Still waiting and have now been told July 22 as it is sat in the factory in China. I am not holding my breath it’s been 8 months now and really can’t see me getting it by July.  Nathaniel Garage don’t even bother to contact me I have to keep ring them and all I get is another date further away.

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