MG HS waiting time

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    I ordered my MG HS from Arnold Clark today in Glasgow to be told the waiting list is 6months and only available in black, pearl white and solid white

    Choices are getting bad.

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    Had an update yesterday from our dealer indicating a May/June delivery date, vehicle ordered in mid Jan, if indeed we take delivery as stated, I dont think given the current situation that’s a bad result.

    Time will tell.

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    Kevin mason

    Ordered my hs dct  in black October2021 was told it be here February, rang to see if still coming he said March or most probably April, told me he never said February delivery when I order it but I no he did, won’t mention the dealers but not the friendliest.

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    Ordered my hs dct excusive end January he said end April but after comments i have read wont hold my breath, I still think the car  is worth the wait .

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    Paul Griffin

    Ordered our MG HS Auto Exclusive in September. Was told last week that they don’t expect to get it in until end of May,early June at the earliest!!

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    Michael Lloyd

    This is a problem for all car-makers. Skoda Enyaq waiting time is currently 52 weeks and that only has to cross the channel! Skoda Octavia PHEV, 42 weeks. If war starts in Eastern Europe I guess all bets are off.

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    Ordered my Hs exclusive Dct automatic January and was told April received email today and as expected from what i have read on this forum now been told June so  I will expect to  get another email then telling me later reading this forum looks like a average wait of 6/7 months.

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    Ordered an hs excite back in sept 21 was told it could  be here by end of Oct but by Christmas the latest – apparently it was built and just waiting to be shipped!  Then got paper work in post a few days later and it said Jan 22 – OK not to bad then phoned in Jan and was told feb then again phoned and  told March. Just recieved an email saying apologies but it’s going to be end of May so I phoned to have a bit of a rant and was told buy the head of sales and I quote ” your pi***Ng in the wind if you think you’ll get it before July”

    I don’t mind the wait if it can’t be helped but atleast be honest and admit they are making it up as they go along 🙄

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    Martin B

    Hi everyone

    I ordered 12/07/2021  Exite auto in blue was told 1st February 2022 that MG were unable to fulfill my order and that if I still wanted to still have a MG I had to change to order to black or white or cancel I’ve ordered a white pearl one but God knows when I will get my car have been told possible june that’ll be 11 months since order . I have seen on other forums today that some people are getting phone calls to say next big delivery of cars are due for end March and there car ready for collection early April

    Fingers crossed lots of us get calls soon🤞




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    Martin B

    Hi everyone

    Is no one hearing anything from their dealerships  ? I know I’m not hearing anything, and thats not  unusual  with MG ,but I know of one person in Southampton who has been told their HS is due to be delivered around  27th March and will be ready for collection a few days later has anyone else had any news  ? It’ll give the rest of us a hope as it’s gone very quiet on MG forums,  or is it  because dealing with MG uk  and your dealerships is making  us give up the will to live .  I know they can be as useful as  a chocolate fireguard 🔥,  especially MG UK

    My brother in law cancelled his MG in delivery in December after no answers after 4 months and ordered a Honda and he took delivery  on 1st March so some manufacturers can get things right,  I have  not heard of anyone being offered free upgrade or cars from cancelled orders there must be quite a few people that has cancelled so should be a good number of unsold cars around or maybe they are only being offered to retail customers  ? as I’m sure sometimes mobility customers are  seen as second class customers,  Any news may help the rest of us , I’ve been  waiting nearly 9 months now but have waited because of the large price rises of all makes over the past 3 or 4 months

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    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Ordered Hs exclusive in October keep being told they haven’t had a build date ? Not sure when there plant line is going to build more Hs ?</p>
    What is going on …..

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    Phil Halshaw

    I ordered in October 2021 in red but advised by dealer in December that red would not be available until July at least so could order black or white.  I chose black and in January was given a date in May but had a call late in February to say it will be here in March.  I ordered the Exclusive PHEV

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    Couldn’t even get a test drive in an HS. Gave up and went to another manufacturer; luckily got order in before they withdrew from the scheme.

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    Hi will the Russian war delay the delivery of my MG HS EXCLUSIVE

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    Martin B

    Hi everyone

    Has anyone had any good news lately about their cars delivery  ? As there has been two ships arrive in last few days, but its gone so so quiet on forum,  has this MG story got to everyone and given up the will to live  ?

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    Yes that’s just how I feel it will get here when it gets here I’ve just put it out my mind it will drive you mad

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    Martin B

    Hi Chris

    How long have you been waiting  , ? I’ve been waiting since July last year,  its to late for me I’m already mad

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    I’ve only been waiting since January they told me end April and now had email from dealer saying ma y June I feel for you if I had waited that length of time and still had no date I would cancel and go elsewhere

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    Martin B

    Hi Chris

    The problem with cancelling is every manufacturer is having the same problems maybe not as bad as MG but you would go to the back of queue so the whole story starts again , I’m in to far to leave,  the main reason I’m waiting is I ordered blue HS and MG couldn’t make up there mind if they were making a blue car or not and kept me hanging, their customer service is  non-existent bloody useless and dealer not much better both are crap hoping the car is better

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    Martin B

    Hi everyone

    Have had email from dealer this afternoon to give me a delivery date and its the 10th july that’ll be  2 days short of year as I ordered on 12th July last year and that’s if it’s on time,  they said there is a chance it could be earlier but don’t hold breath,  so all round pretty shit

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    sadie jenkins

    i ordered a mg zs  a month ago  i know its early days and im willing to wait but waiting brings the price of what your px is worth  i think they should honour the price on what they would give you on the day you order a new one , you order a new car why dont they say it could be a long wait and keep you up dated i think this is going to be the same when i ordered a sofa 6 weeks then 5 months later still no sofa i cancelled the order but yet they still advetise on tv

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    I know there’s a long wait ? As re your part exchange why should they do that . Would you be happy say in 8 months time they put the price up of your new ZS  because that’s the new price

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    Just been to the MG garage this morning, great salesman who was completely honest and said they have 82 orders currently for the ZS and they estimate delivery if you order today for February / March 2023!

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    Johnny C

    Ordered my MG HS Exclusive DCT 1.5 in black with red and black leather interior and extras Dec 2021. Was told 6-8 moths for delivery, Chapelhouse Ainsdale. Staff helpful and were treating all clients equally.

    I Hope to get my car by July 2022?🤔🤔🤔🤔

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    I also ordered in December (though the dealer put my name next to a car that was ordered in October) and was initially told January! Then it was February, then April…. Now they’re saying June/July.


    Just a little bit more honesty and communication would be great. I ended up ordering with these guys because they told me January – and have had to travel way further than I was expecting and now it’s for nothing.

    Oh well, live and learn!

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    We ordered our MG HS in December and was told delivery would be April which has now been put back until July if we’re lucky.

    The pcp runs out on my current car in September not sure what happens if our new car isn’t ready by then.

    Our daughter ordered her ZS in December and she picked hers up mid March and my wife’s friend ordered her MG HS also in December and picked hers up last weekend.😡😡

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