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    I ordered my MG HS from Arnold Clark today in Glasgow to be told the waiting list is 6months and only available in black, pearl white and solid white

    Choices are getting bad.

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    Seems very strange that there should be such limited paint choice. Is there now a world shortage of coloured pigment? Are we heading for a monochrome world?

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    Which Mobility Car

    Seems very strange that there should be such limited paint choice. Is there now a world shortage of coloured pigment? Are we heading for a monochrome world?

    Post of the day. Congratulations.

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    It’s all there in Black and White!

    In life, it's not who you know that's important, it's how your wife found out.

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    Darren Tyler

    ordered our HS in August from Nathaniel MG in Cardiff. Spoke to them today 11/10/21. Still no update but they’ll keep us informed. Not too bothered for now as we still have our kadjarĀ 

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    if so VW group have already nailed it šŸ˜ƒ

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    Ordered my HS in black at end of July. Was told October at the time. Iā€™m now being told I can expect January 2022!

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    Ordered mine from Fiat(MG) in Diss Norfolk. This was Mid-June. Just been on the phone to them and they have now said that its Feb 2022. It a HS Black. Understand the delays but more than likely going to cancel the order. 8 month wait and to be honest im not being kept in the loop im doing the chasing so nothing proactive happening on that side either. Shame

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    Iā€™ve just ordered my MG HS exclusive DCT and have been told March/April but could be sooner. And they also said Iā€™d be unlucky to be waiting longer than April but reading these I wonā€™t hold my breath lol

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    Just ordered an hs from chapelhouse in Southport only to be told retail sales are being given priority. I was originally told April then in less than a week I’ve been told possibly June/July or longer! Feels very much like they don’t want or need motabilitys custom.

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    David Forsyth

    <p style=”text-align: right;”>We ordered our mg hs exclusive auto in black back in June 21 on motobility was supposed to exchange 4 Oct when this came we were told it would be February 2022 at earliest that will be 9 months wait it is getting ridiculousĀ  now.</p>

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    Ordered a hs excite auto Sept 4th was told defiantly have it by Christmas – phones just before Christmas to be told and I quote “you’ll be lucky to have it by April 22”

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    The dealers/manufacturers are clearly lying about wait times.

    I only ordered in November but I think I’ll cancel and go for the newly re-added RAV4 instead

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    The online MG HS forums are full of similar stories – dealers ability differ as do their access to orders / stock – so

    aorth phoning around . But MG, like many manufacturers , seem to have lost the ability to perform their logistics. MG U.K. is dire as is their ā€˜customer serviceā€™ in essence itā€™s just a glorified import office tbh


    Despite some issues and niggles my MG HS is the most comfy / ideal for my access needs suv Iā€™ve had on the scheme and the most tech laden for the AP (even the increase. AP today, is a bargain compared to most mid size suv APā€™s on the scheme)

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    barry goddard

    I ordered my mg exciteĀ  August afterĀ  beingĀ  assuredĀ  will not have any problemsĀ  with my model had no responseĀ  fromĀ  dealerĀ  when I got intouchĀ  was told cancelĀ  and reorderĀ  in different colorĀ  and wouldĀ  be quickerĀ  still nothing and dealerĀ  will not give any answers

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    Chris M

    Finally, dealer emailed yesterday to say my wifes MG HS Exclusive should be with them toward the end of this month.

    Ordered end of June 21.

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    Martin B

    Hi all I ordered 12 th July 2021 was told at time no longer than end of October , but as of today 14th January still no news I ordered Exite in blue was told in September that MG were changing the blue to a new blue but it would only add delivery by 3 to 4 weeks should have been early November but still can’t any news from dealer . Had a message left end of December saying hopefully have news after 7th January but still waiting for that news , I have now given up calling dealer as they always busy to busy to take my call !!!!! And don’t return my calls , doe’s anyone know anyone to contact ? .I have found 3 ships that MG have used to deliver to UK and been using a ship tracker 2 ship’s nowhere near UK but the other one in docks in China,Ā  could it be loading cars for UK ????does anyone have anymore information,

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    just orded my mg hs exclusiveĀ  automatic told april but wont hold my breath after reading these comments

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    I was told the same April/May maybe theres a big shippy sailing this way from China full off them who knows, anyhow I am with you and wouldn’t be surprised if its later.

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    Been waiting 6months when I phone them they say that they don’t know when it will be delivered or we can cancel the order

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    My local dealer is Guaranteeing spring deliveries on all MG’s for private buyers.

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    Victor waghorn

    When is next hs exclusive delivery expected ordered Dec 2021

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    Chris M

    We picked my wifes up Last week.

    Ordered end of June 21, so pretty much 7 months to the day.

    Dealer was informed 2 weeks prior to the car arriving at the showroom, they were expecting delivery end of Feb

    They had over 30 HS’s in and all went out over 4 days.

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    Martin Shaw

    order my motability MG HS in November and was told delivery would be march. I changed my mind on the colour 6 weeks after I ordered as I didnā€™t like the pearl white and decided to change to black rang today for an update only to be told that it would be June because I made a colour change. I did check when I made the change that it wouldnā€™t affect anything and the sales guy said it wouldnā€™t. Very disappointed but nothing we can do about it I suppose. Sales teams need to stop using covid as an excuse because I can guarantee that covid has no impact on the production itā€™s more to do with the shortage of materials involved with micro chip manufacturing

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    Trouble is Martin when your sat at the showroom desk ordering a car (from any dealer) the sales folk will rattle off anything to you to give you the answer you want to hear and just expect you would not change your mind.

    Changing anything to a cars spec in the best of times can delay an order but in today’s market it can mean even longer delays.

    When I order my VW Tiguan back last October the sales woman, in an off hand way, said ā€œI think we got one out the back ready to goā€ and I knew already I would be lucky to see the car within 6 months at the least and that’s why I say to take what they say with a pinch of salt.

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